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Tại sao cái file tao mua của chúng mày không có file demo vậy?

Tại sao tao hỏi chúng mày không trả lời… Chúng mày định lừa nhau à

Don’t have file demo for theme, please sent to me…


You can download sample data from this page:

Let me know, Thank you.

Don’t have file demo for theme, please sent to me…


You can download sample data from this page:

Let me know, Thank you.

I have domain 3, what is Regular License from Cheope Shop – Flexible e-Commerce Theme can I use for all website? thank you

Hi, you need activate a license for each domain. Is this your question?

hi i have owned cheope and other themes for some time now. i recently updated woocommerce and now the theme isnt working. i have the latest version of the theme installed but still having issues. do you have any recommendations? it says that templates are outdated. i tried updating the templates but still same problems. i dont have any special code in the theme or css files nor any changes to the templates. i just need the existing theme to work please

i just sent the login credentials. thanks for the help

hi the error is still showing on the page. i sent login credentials 2 days ago. i need help with this. its already been a week. please give me updates

Hi, we received the credentials, but we need also FTP data. Can you send us?

Are there plans for Wordpress 4.7 compatibility?

Hi, yes Cheope theme is already compatible with WordPress 4.7.x ;)

hi, i’m helping out a friend. it discovered new added products don’t show up on the page with shortcode: [show_products per_page=”-1” pagination=”yes” category=”buy-online” show=”all” orderby=”menu_order” order=”desc” layout=”default” ] switching to the twenty fifteen theme with standard shortcode : [product_category category=”buy-online”] does show them fine running cheope 2.5.1 Wordpress 4.8, woocommerce 3.1.0

also tried clearing caches etc: no result any idea?

another update: the products do show up in categorized pages like the probleem seems dto be within the use of the shortcode [show_products per_page=”-1” pagination=”yes” category=”buy-online” show=”all” orderby=”menu_order” order=”desc” layout=”default” ]. any help?

update again, since response unfortunately is taking me to long. maybe useful for others: changing “all” in “show=” to something like 100 solves the problem, so the code would be something like: [show_products per_page=”-1” pagination=”yes” category=”buy-online” show=”100” orderby=”menu_order” order=”desc” layout=”default” ]

Hi, thank you for the report, we will check it and I will let you know soon.

Hi again,

Can you advice on one matter. Earlier I used this code to add a quantity in the shop page. It worked like a charm, unitil now, when it suddenly got doubled.

You can see the result her:

WP/WC and the plugins are all updated (it happened before update) and we use the last version of Cheope (updated in april).

Do you know why this happen?

Scratch the question, when I removed the add to cart function in theme options it worked like a charm.

Ok :)

Hi, I bought these theme last year but would like to download the sample file now as i was not aware that it was not included in the download.

after update, I have problems..

the new product doesn’t display with any shortcode event orderby date or menu order.

you should fix it asap.

[show_products per_page=”6” pagination=”no” category=”category-name” show=”all” orderby=”date” order=”desc” layout=”with-hover” ]

please update now..

Thank you

Hi Sara_p, It is not ok that a download of “sample data” requires a new license. I bought the theme several years ago and now I have to pay for the demo data again? This is very unfortunate. Old sample data has nothing to do with support or licenses – in my opinion. Please give the download for all buyers free. Thank you

Hi, sorry but this is simply a false statement! I can not download the sample data. I receive the following message: “You haven’t any product with sample data & videotutorials available. If you have purchased a theme from ThemeForest, please be sure to have activated the product on Theme Activation page.” When I go to the activation page -> “This key is already activated. This license belongs to user: XXX, mail address:, activated on: 2013-02-04, expires on: 2016-03-01 for the product: Cheope. If you can’t use the login details you will have to buy the theme to have a new licence, as it is not possible to activate the licence with different usernames, sorry.” – I remember: I can´t get the sample data because the license expired! This this is not customer friendly! Please provide the sample data for the purchaser of the theme.Thanks!

Hi, write an email to, I will send you the sample data ;)

Hello, the changelog here and in the theme files are not updated. Can you please update it?

Hi, we have updated it ;)

I have a some issues.

I use a product filter plugin.
It works fine on widget area, but i can’t see it above products. (on product category pages)
But if i turn on a wordpress basic template (Twenty Thirten) then it works fine, i can see the product filter above the products.
For better understand you can see a screencast Here…
Can you help me how can i solve this bug?

There is the “shipping” area on the cart and checkout page.
I can’t translate the “shipping” word.
I have translated the all “shipping” words in the woocommerce plugin, and in the cheope theme but nothing succes.
Unfortunately i see it in english. :-(
You can try and check it on my site Here…
Only this word!
Please can you help me how can i translate this word?

Thanks, Attila

Is there anybody there?

Hi, what is the product filter you have installed in your website? About the “shipping” word problem, we will check it and let you know asap :)


Attika777 Purchased

The filter is this:

Is there any news about the “shipping” word problem?

Is it possible to answer me? I am waiting for ten days :-(

Answered :)


I have one question, where can I edit thank you page?

Thank you

Just downloaded 2.6.1, but when updating the site it still says 2.6.0. The changelog txt from the file downloaded from Themeforest says 2.6.0, not 2.6.1.


Try to download the complete package (with premium plugins and doc) and let me know if the version is right.

Thank you.

Yep, now it worked, thanks!

Ok :)

Where is the “back to top” button so I can translate it in French? It is not in the po file.


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Custom Login Screen not working, I try to change a logo on admin page but it still show wordpress logo.

Please help me how to fix this problem.

Thank you

Hi, can you send me the credentials of your installation to Thank you.

Dear Sara_p

There still issue with featured products widget, I can’t change the list event I remove it all. still there..

I need you to help me to fix it asap.

Thank you

Already Fixed by my self. please update your theme..

The code :

$query_args['tax_query'] = array();
$query_args'tax_query' = array(
    'taxonomy' => 'product_visibility',
    'field'    => 'name',
    'terms'    => 'featured',

The file : cheope\theme\widgets\yit_featured_products.php

Thank you