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Hello Sara, this is my website

I am struggling since months about the issue with featured products widget after the latest update.

Thanks to the comment of awesome kungkan on this site I have been able to replace the code and now I can see that the products are updated and it’s working..

but when I click on the featured stars to decide wich product to show it gives me an

“error 403 Forbidden You don’t have permission to access the requested resource. Please contact the web site owner for further assistance.”

Another issue after the update is that the ” Login/Register” on the top right of the Header is disappeared, I don’t have the knowledge to fix this.

Please could you help me to solve these issues?

Thank you very much Paola

Hi! Works with latest WordPress 4.8.2

Hi, yes, Cheope theme works with the latest WordPress version ;)

I posted this issue a month ago and was told that it was a theme issue and that you were fixing it, but I have yet to have feedback as to whether it is fixed or if you have a patch for the issue?

Please can you respond as I am having daily complaints from users when trying to view the product images.

This is the question I posted:

I did the recent theme update but now the lightbox functionality is no longer working on the product images. If you click on the product images it just opens up huge and you have to click the browser back button to remove the image.


This problem was fixed in latest theme update. You replaced the entire folder to update it or simply changed files one by one?

Hi Sarah

The issue started after the last update and I have had not notification of any subsequent updates. Just to check, I downloaded the latest files from theme forest yesterday and uploaded to the site, but the issue still is there.

Please can you send me the the file that needs to be updated or direct to me the correct file so I can check why it is not working yet.


I bought the theme in 2013 but I had not activated it until today, when I try to download the .gz file for the demo I can not do it because the support time is over. When I bought it did not specify this problem, can you help me?Thanks

Thank you. I have already downloaded and installed the file but the images are not visible. This the link of the web so that you see it:

Try to download the “upload” folder from this url:

Hi, I just downloaded the theme from my account here (for theme update purposes) and it’s 2.6.0 version, not 2.6.1. Where can I find 2.6.1?

Hi, can you try to download the complete package (with documentation) and let me know if the version is right? Thank you.

After updating to the newest 2.6.2 via FTP [as how we have updated all Cheope’s previous versions], this one has caused the background to disappear, “Featured Products” became mis-aligned, Gallery was completely off [beyond recognizable], etc. Thankfully we generated a backup to revert it back to keep our site running; so we are back to 2.6.1 now. Please review the latest 2.6.2 again and fix any bugs that might be causing issues? We will look forward to 2.6.3 instead. Thanks.

Ok, can you send me the url of your website for a rapid check? Thank you.

Nevermind, when I cloned a staging site and re-uploaded Cheope 2.6.2 there, it works this time without breaking the site. The only thing is – the Contact form ( looks different now. ???

Hi there, what is the problem with the contact form? Best regards.


Adstix Purchased

Is Cheope compatible with either WooCommerce Distance Delivery plugins ( or I have the former but it’s not automatically calculating the shipping, unless I refresh or click the “Ship to different address” option on the checkout page.

I’m not sure if this is a theme or plugin issue and since the support has expired for both I don’t want to extend support on theme AND plugin (typical that I take out extended support with no requests for 12 months and find an issue a month after expirey).

Any help greatly appreciated.