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We had the same problem as you did bartsdesigns but it looks like our browser settings were messed up…

Ojo – Web Design Bristol, Bath, South West

Good work imaginacionweb!


Is there any way on css where i can right align the nav menu?

of course! do next: add a “float:right” to the class sf-menu. And that’s it .sf-menu { margin: 0; float: right; }

Best Regards!

Real clean theme. Nice work!

Hello, Thanks!

is this a responsive template?

Yes is responsive.

i am trying to upload the template and i am getting this error:JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file

i am trying to upload the template and i am getting this error:JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file

Hello, sorry. but I think you’re wrong. This is an html template, not joomla. well you see the catagory in which you want to buy. and that for this reason no refunds are made.


Hi, The website work perfect in local host, but when i copy the files to my server (As Is) I incounter a problem.

On debug mode i see this – Cannot read property ‘setAttribute’ of null camera.js:863 Cannot read property ‘name’ of undefined jquery-1.8.3.min.js:2

can you please help me? Thanks.

Hello, thank you pro your purchase.

I wonder if the online demo, same thing happens to you?


If so, please write to support@iwthemes.com


No. But look at this website – http://pkedem.co.il/ This is my site and I just did “copy paste” AS IS and look what happend.

ok,please write to support@iwthemes.com


Hello: Nice theme! Congratulations, I would like to buy it, but before I have few questions… 1.- I noticed that the theme is not completely SEO optimized (PageSpeed Insights gave it a 41% on Mobile and 48% in Desktop) Is there any way to get this theme completely Page Speed ready (100% on Mobile and Desktop)? I have no problem to pay extra fee for it? 2.- Which is the advantage to have a wordpress version rather and html version? I appreciate your attention, Steve

I appreciate you posting questions send to support@iwthemes.com

Since that is the means by which we support.

Thanks. About the images, I didn’t receive them.. About my other questions, I am sending the email with more questions…

ok, in this email I send pictures.

thank you for you good job, however I have a problem when I run the site locally , where all the images are disabled and could not load

Where can I find this images?

Hi, thanks for your purchase.

The images are not included in the download file for license issues.


How big would you recommend the pictures be for the carousel in this template? Looking to have lossless image quality – but not sure how big of an image to get. Excellent template, by the way.

Hi, thanks for your purchase.

You Can such a minimum size of 1400px * 600px


Thanks very much!

Hi there,

Is there a way to fix the sponsor slider arrows? See here: http://i.imgur.com/IgLWKp3.jpg

Where in the code are the height attributes to center those with the faded bar?


Hi, this is when you add your logos fixed.


Hello all i will need your help

I have disable the option Allow comments. end Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on my webpage. on Edit Post field and i get this msg

Fatal error: Call to undefined function colors() in D:\inetpub\vhosts\bnc.gr\httpdocs\wp-content\themes\chester\comments.php on line 39

Any help ?

Hi, thanks for your purchase.

We will respond to your email.


Hi, awesome theme, i love it :D

The color picker when y try purple, caoba, pink and green, shows me the blue skin, it’s something to fix in the css files? or can you send me these skins. Thanks.

Hi, thanks for your purchase.

You’re right, please write to support@iwthemes.com and we will gladly help.