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thank you very much Manuel!

Hi there, cracking bit of work here, would it be easy enough change all colours in css? Would be great with a small news section too.

Great work anyway

Hello, if you only replace the color you want in style.css, we will consider the suggestion.

Thank you.

Hi, thanks I’m sure I can change css appreciated

Nice template, but it would be nice to see a elements page with tabs, accordions, and other elements. Does the contact form work and does it have message notification and form validation?


Hello, we are planning to add a section of elements. the contact form is validated with html5, and send emails via php.

Blogs on non-cms website templates are useless.

I would probably buy this if it included a nice Portfolio page rather than a useless blog page.

The idea is to have our users at ease, is why we are considering adding a section of elements, portfolio and News (blog).

Thank you.

Great job. I just wish there would be more color options (except elements, portfolio etc pages).

@BrandenGaphics; I truly find blog pages are extremely useful. Because when I purchase HTML template, I have the blog in my own CMS so I use it. I wouldn’t purchase any HTML template without it.

Hi thanks for your comment, we are working on some improvements, among those the blog.

thank you!

Check out the animation in the third slide. It runs off the screen. I am using 1920 resolution maybe that has something to do with it. I am thinking about grabbing this just making sure there is a fix for that.

Hello, we have reviewed in this resolution and no porblema, if you are viewing in mozilla firefox, is provable that if you appear, it is wrong that we are correct in a nearby update.


Hi all, please note that already made improvements and bug fixes, thanks.

Hi, Its awesome Design. I have a question? Do I need to pay every month? Or its a one time payment?

I am a student looking to start my own company.

Hello Kathuria, we glad you like our design. only one time payment.

Hi, great design!

One small problem – There is a javascript error.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘setAttribute’ of null camera.js:863

This affects any javascript that run after the error occurs. You should be able to find this error when you Inspect in chrome on your demo.


Hi, thanks for letting us know, we will review the error and will gladly give solution.

Is there a solution yet for the error?

Yes. I’m surprised I didn’t notice this earlier. But, as expected with any JavaScript error… JS execution stops so I can’t run any JS on the page after the error. :-( Breaks pretty much everything I need to do with the template.

It looks like the problem is in jquery_func.js. The last call to $(’#slide_portfolio’).camera(...). #slide_portfolio doesn’t exist thus it’s giving the error when calling camera.

Hello, you’re very reason and we appreciate it. The theme is that this function is called:


The solution would remove $ (’# slide_portfolio’). Camera (...). and execute only: single_project.html

and in:


Thank you for your valuable input.

Thanks for your contribution @edmenendez. I have tried this code and it seems to work.

if ($('#slide_portfolio') > 0) {
        height: '50%'

I have also done it for this entry:

if ($('#slide').length > 0) {
        height: '36%'

Hope this helps. Let me know if there are any issues with this.


The first example should have been

if ($('#slide_portfolio').length > 0) {
        height: '50%'

@imaginacionweb Once again a great template. I would like to make a suggestion and a usability bug resolution suggestion.

1. Breadcrumb needed 2. When adding a lot of sponsors it would be good if there was some automatic rotation of the icons. At the moment the design just falls a apart.

Let me know what you think?

Thanks for the response. I will email to you the website I have worked on with your template. It also has a breadcrumb and some slight css media queries to adjust for more sponsors icons. The latter would be replace by rotating icons when that gets done.

Hi, I saw your website and this great, congratulations. hope to have the update in one or two weeks maximum.


Great Thanks

Hi there, i need to know if i can use this to work in ASP.NET 4 with Visual Studio, and be able to create a masterpage- content page?

thanks, Alex

Hi alex, the subject is very well coded and documented. No problem if you work with any server side language: asp, php, ruby or python.


Can’t figure out how to get pictures to show up in the slider. It is a beautiful template, plenty of options.

Where and what are the dimensions?

Any time I put an image in the formatting is thrown off. Also, the picture never occupies the whole space of the slider.

Hi, you can write to jdrendon@imaginacionweb.net , All support is through that.

Thank you.

Hi, that’s a pretty cool theme !

I’ve got a question though, do you have an easy way to align the menu on the center of the page ? Thanks.

of course you can do it, if you need some help write us to jdrendon@imaginacionweb.net thank you so much!

Anyone having problem with IE and home page?

Hi Guys

It looks like there is something wrong with IE10. Do you experience the same problem?

Hello, the design works perfect of ie8 , ie9 and IE10.

I responded to the email.

yes, thanks it was my browser!