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I really like this theme, however if my client wants to remove the tree, is it possible with the css files.

The tree can be removed or replaced using photoshop, then the new image can be uploaded over the top of the old image.

This is the image: http://tf.dtbaker.com.au/template/child_care/images/header_bg.jpg

Like jcdesigns, I too love this team. Am working with a client to customize it a bit more, but we are having the hardest time finding out where in the style.css you’ve placed the logo position. We found the reference to the logo’s location, but cannot determine where the position is located so we can expand it to fit the organization’s logo. Can you help?

Many thanks in advance….

Hi where can i find more cufon ?



How can I change the color from brown to another color where you see Enroll here and Find a Center on the buttons on the home page. I was able to change the Fill out the online form line to white but can’t figure out how to change the Enroll here to white. I realize thats the special font. Please advise. Thanks

How are you able to change the font in the main menu?? Where is it in the css? I searched for the font “sunshine poppy” but it’s not in the css to change it… Thank you !

I just want a regular font, nothing fancy.

Correction to your theme— The slider images are not saving properly

Once you try to customize the number of slider images BEYOND 3 images you’ll note that you cannot upload, save or display any more than 3 slider images.

In the dtbaker.theme_options1.php you properly reference the “dtbaker_slider_count” option to display an appropriate number of input areas for the number of sliders selected by the user.

However, in the dtbaker.theme_options.php file you reference “dtbaker_banner_count” which is NOT an option that has been saved and thus defaults to 3:

$banner_count = get_option('dtbaker_banner_count',3);

Which should be:

$banner_count = get_option('dtbaker_slider_count',3);


In addition, your loops are off from each other one loops 1 to count for displaying the input areas. When saving, dtbaker.theme_options.php loops through 0 to (well we just discussed the shortcomings above didn’t we?)

if you need any more help correcting this issue contact me.

Hi Can you tell me what version of Photoshop the PSDs were made in please? I’ve tried opening them in CS4 and Elements but neither works.

(CS4: file doesn’t open: ‘There was a problem reading the layer data’. Elements: opens but layers are not expandable)

I’m very keen to get to the layers – should they be accessible? thanks, Jenny

Yep send through a support ticket with the PSD file names you need to access and we can convert them to CS4 if needed. http://support.dtbaker.com.au/support-ticket.html

Hi nice job I need to change the special font to a regular font, i checked the css file i can´t find it.

Where is? Regards

hi…the theme looks great… I have a client who would like to buy the wordpress version but with the homepage layout of the HTML version…is it possible to get it through the options of the wordpress theme?



How can i change the font from sunshine_Poppy to something else?

thank you

Hello is there a way to change the font from sunshine_Poppy to something else? Thanks

Is there a WORDPRESS version?

Wordpress will be available again in a few days time.

Hello is there a way to change the font from sunshine_Poppy to something else? Thanks

I seem to be having 2 issues with the contact form

1. When someone puts in an email address into the email field the email received has the email details blanked out but not from all computers.

2. Whether or not the email field is blank or filled in the return/reply to address is our address.

Any ideas on what is wrong with the form?

thanks in advance

Hello, we need to change the way dates appears in date flags and also translate months at blog montlhly view . How can we do that?