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Yes… really… You “must” make it a WordPress version. Im thinking to buy it and developer it by myself but im not so good, and of course i prefer to buy it ready :D

Nice work, beautiful work, congratulations!

Please, tell me when you release the WordPress version.

Hello, we don’t have any immediate plans, so realistically a few months until we can get wordpress up for sale.

Ohh, a shame but thanks anyway!

Good news aldeacms this template is now available as a wordpress theme: http://themeforest.net/item/child-care-creative-wordpress-shop-newsletter/158011 enjoy!

really good news!.... but i recently buy your other theme: kids toys, its really good too! thanks for the advice.. maybe i’ll purchase it for another future client. ;)

I haven’t seen any requests for Joomla. I take it you don’t do Joomla?

Joomla isn’t on the cards right now sorry. Although if you are familiar with building joomla themes you should be able to use this static html template to build a joomla template.

Yes, I can convert. But less time consuming if it’s set up already :) Do fonts come with this set? It didn’t say.

Links to the fonts come in documentation, yes.

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Hi – Great template. However, I cannot get accents to work on the fonts. I need to use the word Crèche and cannot get the little line above the e to work! Please help!

Hi… love the template, however this does not show up in IE: (it does in FF and all other browsers)

this is the line item in the footer…


Do you plan to update this theme? To apply the changes in the WordPress theme (including page and blog posts, etc …).


Yes the WordPress version of this theme is available here:

WordPress Child Shop Template

Are the pictures included in the template for use? Or do I have to purchase the pictures else where? thanks.

Hi, i have a problem with contact form, which does not send the message to the designated email address. Please advise.

I have a problem uploading any jpeg image at all in the slider. I choose the file but cannot press ‘upload’. When I try to click ‘save changes’ instead it still won’t regognise that I have actually chosen a file (even with the exact measurements given). Please, can you help me? It really does annoy me that I cannot complete the website.

Also, even though I chose the font Cufon in the General Settings the font would not show in the menu (only in the clouds and as the headlines above text) – it looks as if Arial is used there which doesn’t look too pretty. Is there a way to make it look the same way as shown in your preview?

Please help.

Hello, It has been 2 months since I posted my question. I have also sent you an email without a response. Could you please answer my question.

Thank You


If you adjust the #footer padding bottom to 30px it should resolve the issue in IE.

css/styles.css line 292 change padding:10px 20px 0 20px; to padding:10px 20px 30px 20px;

Thank you, that fixed it….

If anyone is interested in seeing a finished website using this template, check out www.skyvalleykids.com. I am a complete novice and this is the first website I have ever done and it was super easy thanks to DTBaker and this template!!

Hi. I have an old Photoshop - version 6. Will the PSD files work with this? Thanks! (PS - love the template!)

Hmm… didn’t mean the strikeout above. Wondering if the PSDs will work with Photoshop 6. Thanks!

I’m not 100% sure sorry, it should work to some degree. If it doesn’t work fully you can download the latest PhotoShop as a 30 day demo, then re-save the PSD file as an older version, and continue working on the file in PS 6 .

Thanks, dtbaker

I can’t figure out at all how to get the wordpress template to look at all like the demo.

  • 1. How do you get text on the main page/home page? Whatever text I create in pages or posts only shows up like a blog stream on the main page.
  • 2. How do I create a products page? I don’t see how this can be done. I can add products fine but putting them on a products page that is in the menu I can’t seem to figure out.

These are my main issues right now. There are others like the shortcodes not working (ticklist) but I’d be happy to just get text to appear on the main page or change the template layout on the main page from template 1 to template 2 and a product page up.

outbackmedicine.com is my site. Feel free to send help.

zac(AT)wetinkpro.com is my email.

Sorry this is not a WordPress template? Do you have the correct item?

Thanks! Good idea.

Hi. Wondering: are you able to designate how many times to rotate the slide show on the home page? Like it will go through 3 cycles, then stop? Or is it only possible to do as an endless loop? Thanks.

Hi, i have video section on my website. Yet, it shows in safari everything except the videos loaded on this page. Any plans/ideas to make it work also as html5, in order to be visible for iphone/ipad?

Kind reminder

Hi, i have video section on my website. Yet, it shows in safari everything except the videos loaded on this page. Any plans/ideas to make it work also as html5, in order to be visible for iphone/ipad?

Best to search for a html5 video player and then replace the existing video play with a brand new one that supports iphone/ipad devices. There are a HTML5 Video Players on CodeCanyon, or you can search through Google for some example code.