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Great light style theme! GLWS!:)

Thanks matchthemes :)

Elegant work. It’s great to see some shadow effects.
Kind Regards,

Thank you Bedros :)

Probably the most stand out unique, clean, theme I’ve seen since Retro Wordpress Theme came out last year on here. I’ll be purchasing this soon, good luck with sales. Woocommerce on this theme would make it perfect.

Thanks mriexinger, that means a lot. I may integrate WooCommerce in a future update if sales go well and if there’s demand for it :)

if not can you at least just do it for me lol

Great job!Best of luck :)

Thanks ThemeRox :)

Nice light design. Well done man ;)


So, I’ve never built a website before. My question is, how easy is this to use? I’ve seem some advertised as ‘drag and drop’ builder – is this akin to that, a little more complicated, a lot more complicated?

Also, I need to integrate a video into the slider, can I do that with any theme, or does the theme need certain functionality? If so, does this theme have it?



Hi wifinity,

I guess it depends on how familiar you are with WordPress. If you’re not, I would suggest that you get to know your way around the WordPress admin and its features with a basic theme before you jump into more complicated themes.

If you’re talking about the main homepage slider, then it’s currently not possible to have videos here.

Thanks for your interest,


Thanks for the fast response!

Great looking theme! Nice job!

Cheers ThemeREX :)

Hi, really love the theme – so clean, minimal and very stylish. Will definitely be purchasing for a project that starts soon. Before I do, it’s be great to have social media icon widget for header and footer styled by you to fit in nicely with the theme. Great work and all the best.

Ha! Just seen the social media icons in the footer, silly me. Still would like to see them in the header for more impact.

Thanks for the comments. I could implement that in a future update.

Cheers :)

Thx for this one! Its finaly out, and I’m happy to be able to buy it :) Hope all works well :)

Thanks shumakher79,

And thanks for your patience :)

Error on installation

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_style_add_data() in /data/20/3/87/94/3413909/user/3806322/htdocs/chimera1/wp-content/themes/chimera/functions.php on line 260

Error on installation

What version of WordPress are you using?

It was 2012. I was using network solutions. Started using blue host with 2014 and everything was fine.

Hi there, theme is great thanks! One issue so far….when I add an image to the slider….no matter if its in first slide, second slide etc. there is a one inch gap to the left of the image. (i.e the image doesn’t go all the way to the edge of the screen. Please assist.

Hi carsie82,

Could you provide me with a link and your login details, and I could take a look. Email me through my profile page.


hi is there a boxed version ?

There is no boxed version currently.


great theme.

But where can I change the text “OUR BLOG” in the header?

Kind regards,


Hi ayssono,

Thanks for the purchase :)

You can find this text in the “inner-page-intro.php” file.


Thank you :)

Hello, where can I add or change a youtube channel (instead of twitter for example)?




social icons

There is no option for this. I’ll be updating the social icons with extra icons and links. I’ll keep you posted


Ok, thank you!

Hi pre-sale question: Is is possible to have pricing boxes? The About us: the personnel boxes, is the text amount pre-determined? Or can you add as much text as you want? Any way of moving social icons from footer to header?


Pricing boxes you can find on the “services” page in the demo. They are also available as a shortcode.

The text amount is set, but is easily changed by editing a line in the shortcodes plugin.

Currenly, there are only social icons in the footer.

Thanks for your interest :)

Also: Any way to insert schedule now button or similar at the header, as well as a phone #? About color: Are there any options to insert custom colors into rollovers or buttons? anywhere else?

These are currently not possible, but the button colours can be easily edited in the “style.css” file.

Great but I have a problem with the header picture, when I set to random it’s working properly but if I select one particular picture, it works at first, but, maybe 5min later (without doing anything else) the picture does not appear on the website. I took a look at the css and the url and the domain is wrong, I have http://site_url/pathToMyFile instead of my real domain.

Does it happen randomly, or when you change or update any options or settings? I’ll look into this further, see if I can get to the bottom of it.


It happen randomly, without me updating anything. If you can’t reproduce the bug on your side I can give you a temporary access to the website.

I did manage to reproduce the bug on a local installation, but mysteriously went away when I put it on a live server… If you can message me through my profile page with some login details, I’d be happy to take a look.



Absolutely love this theme (I bought it on behalf of my boss) I have a quick question – is there a way to set the “blog” widget to display based on post id or category.. i want to use that “blog” display (pic with title, etc) but replace it with a pic of a website and a link—ie Recent Websites

Thank you so much – this is a fantastic theme!

Hi RobertCroak, thanks for the comments!

At the moment, the widget only displays the latest blog posts. I plan to implement more options similar to the original WordPress “latest posts” widget and an option to display a set of posts by ID. In the meantime, perhaps there are plugins at that might have what you’re after.

Thanks, Dan.

I figured it out..thank you anyway!

Hi, I just purchased the theme. It installed everything fine except for the chimera short codes. I am unable to install them Ive tried over and over again. It says it can’t find them although they are clearly included in the zipped package. Please help asap. I am also looking to find which lines in the style.css I’d have to adjust to change the a. rollover color in the menu buttons and drop down menus b. the footer color c.and the very bottom strip with the copyright & social icons d. the search button at top

Also when you provide updates to the theme, but I have made changes to the style.css file, how do I proceed to install the updates? Do I have to re-upload my stylesheet with the changes?


...the link shadow on the footer, also drops below the actual text.

sorry lots of questions: For some reason the contact form page with [col:”33”] – trying to use 3 columns always places the last one below in the middle – suggestions? Also how to disable comments on all pages and just keep them active for posts?

Hi leelou,

When setting up a child theme, you’ll need one extra line in the header:

Template: chimera

“chimera” is the name of the folder for the parent theme. This is all explained in both the documentation, and the link I gave you a few replies ago ;)

For the contatc form shortcode, I don’t recongnize the [col: “33”] shortcode, is that from another plugin?