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I also need to know where in the style sheet I can change so that all the headings are not all CAPS. The font I want to use is Alex Brush and it does not read in all caps. Thanks.

To remove all caps in the headings, open “style.css” and remove line172: h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 { text-transform: uppercase; }

Hi Dan, Thanks for the reply. Just wondering whether I have setup he child theme correctly. In the WP admin view it shows at the bottom as installed but missing template? will it work regardless? I am also unable to installing demo content. I have tried many times now, it just stays stuck on the “upload” on the import page. I also get an error on line 77 when trying to go to plugins. I have to upload plugins using ftp. Id love to get the demo content up so I can continue working on this.

...with the editor I can only see the main style.css file. I can access the child theme style.css using ftp, should I be changing it there?

...the link shadow on the footer, also drops below the actual text.

lots of questions: For some reason the contact form page with [col:”33”] – trying to use 3 columns (address, phone, email) it always places the last one below in the middle – suggestions? Also how to disable comments on all pages and just keep them active for posts?

Something strange also with Our Team layout. The order # does not work.

Hi leelou,

It might be better if you could provide me with some login details on your site so I could try and fix these problems?


[e-mail removed]

Had a problem with installing the Short Codes plugin. I used FTP to upload the unzipped file since the connection timed out with the automatic wordpress upload feature. After activating the theme, the short codes plugin failed during install. Please help.

Nevermind, saw Leelou’s post about the same problem. Read the documentation, I know.

I Dan, can you email me at [e-mail removed] I’ll send you the signin credentials. Greatly appreciated.

You can send me login details by emailing me through my profile page here on Themeforest. Thanks.

I am new to Word Press and this is the first template that I purchased. Can you provide some ‘how to’ links that might relate to this theme or themeforest in general. My first issue, is I would like to add Google Analytics to my code and need to try to find how to edit the html code. I am also finding it challenging to build pages that work and look like the examples for this. Any help and direction would be appreciated.

Hi MadeDesigns,

Thanks for the purchase :)

Many of these answers are found in the theme’s documentation which is included in the zip file. Look in the “documentation” folder.

Google analytics code can be configured in the theme options panel. If you would like to have the demo content, you’ll need to import it using the included XML file. Again, all this is explained in the documentation ;)

Cheers, Dan.

Hello, I want to use “[latest num=”99”] two times on one page, but with a different category.

What do I have to change?

Kind regards,


Hi Klaus,

This shortcode only displays the latest post from the blog, however you could open “chimera-shortcodes.php” and modify WP_Query to include different categories. There’s more information in the WordPress codex on this:

I have a quick question. I am testing how the shortcode column grid but the content seems to be placed odd.

Here is the test page

As you can see the 4 columns are side by side, but each one seems to be a little bit lower than the other one. How do I go about placing these here without having the next column be slightly lower?


Hi cliston,

Looking through the source I noticed several empty <p> tags with a no braking space symbol between them. When editing the post, try clicking on the “text” view and see if there are any extra no-braking-space symbols, if so remove them and update the post.

I need more than 9 portfolio items to show up on the page (any new ones I add are getting pushed off the page) Where do I go to update this?—i’m looking through code now as their doesn’t seem to be a setting in the portfolio plugin? I read that changing how many blog posts per page were allowed might be a temporary fix but the amount of items doesn’t budge when I try that…

ah hey I found it!

.$args = array( ‘post_type’ => ‘portfolio_item’, ‘posts_per_page’ => 9 );

in the template-portfolio-columns-three.php

Next question.. is there a way to paginate? Right now we have it set to 21 – if my boss wants to add more pics I’ll have to go in and increase that..

Hi RobertCroak,

There’s no pagination for the Portfolio yet because it uses a filtering plugin. I’ll work on an update to have a regular Portfolio with paginated navigation.

Hi SubatomicThemes, I bought your theme its really cool , I already done the pages but for home page I can’t make same as your theme look like. you have gallery grid on home page, and footer have different coloum and links . please guide me how can I add more thing on home page I already have slide and text only .

In functions.php, line 616. You can remove this line, thats the part that has the link icon and a permalink to the post.

Thanks :) . Another question . I set up contact us form but its too wide . how can I make it a standard size (small in size) I try to find in contact form but where should I edit. Please guide for same. Thanks


You can use the css column classes when creating a new contact form with contact Form 7 (I assume thats what you are using?), for example:

<div class=”grid-50”> [name* Your Name] </div>

This will put the name field in a column 50% wide. You could do this with the other fields too.


I have a problem with thumbnail in page and post. I can delete the thumbnail but when I choose an other one, it does not appear in the page (edit, admin side) and it’s not saved. I never had this problem before with WP so it may come from Chimera. Could you look it up?


Sure, I can take a look. Can you e-mail me login details? Send via my profile page.


Hi Dan - this is a gorgeous theme. I’ve great plans for it!

I downloaded and installed the theme, but I’m getting a page not found when I click the links for the documentation…weird, huh?

Thanks, —-Susan

Hi Susan :)

It sure does sound weird. Is there a specific link that causes this?

If you’re having trouble finding the docs, you can find them in the documentation folder that came in the download package. Open the index.html file in a browser :)

Cheers, Dan.

I was able to open it locally from the theme download. The specific links were on the “Theme Options” page.

Thanks, I’ll look into that for the next update.

I’ve opened the psd files and I can’t seem to locate the editable image for the “Main Label” in the slider. (The one that drops down in the middle and says “The road ahead is your destination”.) Could you tell me where I might find it?

Thanks, —-Susan

Hi Susan,

Have you tried editing slicing the ones on the PSD for the web page? That might be easier.

Hmmmmm…ok. Will give it a try and let you know.

Worked fine. Thanks.

I’d like to have a static background image on the slider with three “sets” of animation that roll by. Is there a way to set the slider so that the background image is there all the time without a transition between each set of animation? I’ve tried doing three slide elements, with the same background image but the background image disappears after each slide element runs, then the bg image slides in from the right, even with the animation box set to “n”...


Thanks, —-Susan

Hi Susan,

At line 720 of style.css you could hold a static image here. Change:

background: #f9f9f9;
background: url(your/image/url.jpg) no-repeat 50% 50%;

Untested but should work. Let me know.

Cheers :)

Works just fine, Dan. Thank you.

Like the black background above.


How wide is the container for the slider?

I'm trying to determine how to figure data-position from the left in pixels.  I thought I read the bg image for the slider should be 1920 pixels wide.  Based on that, center is at 960 pixels.  An image 800 pixels wide would be need to be positioned at 560 pixels from the left to be centered.  That math isn't working in this slider.

I’m doing my best to eyeball it, but it would be nice to get things centered.

Thanks for any help. —-Susan

Hi Susan,

I’ve just looked at the site and the images seem to be centered, at least they were when I viewed it. I’m using Firefox.

The dimensions set on the slider are 1180px by 520px according to the jQuery source. You can find it in js > jquery.fractionslider.min.js and play about with the settings there if you need.


1180 px x 520 px (dimensions for the slider) seems like a crucial piece of information to me. I would have found it helpful if that tidbit had been included in the documentation. It certainly would have saved me some time trying to eyeball everything and guessing.

NOW my elements ARE centered and it was much easier knowing how many pixels to work with when figuring “pixels from the left” and “pixels from the top”. Thanks Dan. I’m loving your theme!

Thanks Susan,

I’ll add some info in the support tab on this page to clarify that a bit more.

Cheers :)

Hi, I have just installed the demo and cannot get the slider running. I have checked all setups, they look ok. I am running wordpress 3.9. Could i get some help please.

Thank you.

Hi pierreaz,

Here’s a few things you could check: 1. Are you using the correct page template (the home page)? This is the page that displays the slider. 2. Have you imported the theme options data? This will add demo content to the slider.


Ignore my private post, everything is ok now. You should explain a little bit more :-)

Great. Glad you got it sorted :)

This may seem like a very obvious thing, but I can’t figure out how to edit the “page divider”. I’ve got the main background image set, but in the demo content there is another png that shows up in the middle center of the background image. You have a greyish brown rectangle (placeholder) with dimensions in pixels on the template pages.

For example:

Should see “About Us” image on left, rectangle with 260 X 143. How do I get that image in there?

Thanks, —-Susan

Your best bet is to add the image into the actual post by clicking on “add media”, or by simply dragging the image into the post, which is supported as of WordPress 3.9.

Yes, I’ve done that, but how do I get the border and drop shadow around it? I see I can add it in CSS style, but WHICH style is it? Thanks.

When editing the post, switch to the “Text” view (You’ll see it in the tab on the right”. This lets you edit the HTML.

Find the image you want. It usually starts with a <a href="">. Try adding this class to it, it should look something like this:
<a href="" class="post-thumbnail-container">

Hi There, loving the template. Just having a couple small issues.

1. I need to remove the header with the text OUR BLOG. I have found the css to change the name…but I want to remove the text and the background all together.

2. Im having some trouble with the column alignment….I can’t seem to get the columns to centre their respective content…

3. I have lost the drop down box with the short codes in my page editor….weird…but id sure like it back!

Thanks in advance for your assistance,

Best Regards,


Hi Adam,

Thanks for the purchase :)

1. You’ll need to edit the “header.php” file and remove the markup for this, or, you could add a “display: none;” to the inner page intro css class.

2. Can you show me an example of this? Then maybe I could help.

3. Thats a theme issue and is currently being updated (with a better one too ;)) I’ll keep you posted on this.


I bought this some time ago when it first appeared on TF because it was so stunnung.
Now I have an opportunity to use it. Can you tell me please if this is WP 3.9 ready or not?
I can of course install an earlier WP version from the start if I know I should and block WP Updates in it. It would be very helpful to know what to do ahead of time.


It works fine on 3.9 except for the Shortcode generator due to the TinyMCE update. Currently working on an update for this.

Cheers :)

Thanks likes WP 3.8.3 better anyway, does not really care for WP 3.9

Really….no really, I dislike 3.9 very very much