Discussion on Chisfis - Online Booking React Template

Discussion on Chisfis - Online Booking React Template

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Please share the figma design file to mail id stepondigital@gmail.com.

Thank you.

Hi, thank you. Yes, I have shared Figma file with you via your email, please check your email. Hope the Figma file can will help you. Thanks and regards


myvoiaj Purchased

Hi, When can we expect the next js version and also please share the figma or UI design file to mail id license@myvoiaj.com and hariharan@myvoiaj.com

Yes, I have shared Figma file with you via your email, please check your email.
Hope the Figma file can will help you.
Thanks and regards

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hi, sorry for the bad experience, yes, if you can’t use the form please open a refund ticket here – https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new
Thanks and regards

Hi, i want bo buy but my project requires next.js so i am waiting good news from you. Can you say something about nextjs version, how long does it takes ?

Hi, thank you for your interest.
Yes, according to our plan, Nextjs version will be released before January 15th

So Sorry to keep you waiting, the project is still under development, and I’ll let you know as soon as it’s finished. Thanks

Can I ask for figma? adrian@remotion.pl

And also I vote for adding some nextjs support in the near future, as somebody mentioned it is only few hours of work.

Hi, I have shared the Figma file via your email, please check again. Yes Nextjs version is in progress, structure and many things are under construction and improvement so need more time. Thanks

Hi! Doesn’t work for me… I’ve sent 2 tickets with 2 types errors, please give me feedback for fixing it. Thank you!

Hi, sorry for the late reply.
Yes I have received the ticket and have responded, please check again

Is possible for wordpress?

Sorry, the template is not available for this at the moment. I will update it soon. Regards

Are html files available in this theme?

Sorry, the template is not available for this at the moment. Regards

Hi, Does this product work out of the box or do we need to develop the backend code ?

Hi, thank you for your interest. Chisfis is just a React template with all static data, it’s just a template and it only helps you in frontend development in your project. Regards

I have installed it to step 5, error cannot find router/index module, shared footer module and others ,I use windows 11 operating system,what should I do ????

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. I have received your email and I have replied, please check your email. Thank you!

CRA is dead, convert to NextJS@13 for your own good. Development server is too slow, build is not production ready due using CRA, codebase is complicated, could be simplier. You can convert this codebase to NextJS@13 easily. Except those cons; design is good, script does the job.

Hi, Thanks for your suggestion
yes this is exactly one of my plans I am working on and I will update the template with Nextjs soon. Best regards

After I bought this product, in 1 and half day I converted whole template to NextJS 13 with using new app directory. I simplified layouts, moved all containers to app directory and routed them with folder names, moved components directory, converted all react-router imports and components usage to next/router and next/link, switched all react-helmet with next/head and thats it. Its worked out pretty well.

I need this in WordPress!! I hope you build this for WordPress :)

Thank you for your interest. Near future… Thanks

Hello, Can you send a Figma file for this template to mustafa@soho.dev

Hi, I have shared the Figma file via email to you. Hope it’s useful. Thanks and regards

Hi, how can I edit components, for the frontend developer, I need to determine the areas that will change from the figma

Have anybody integrated it with Next.js? I am dealing with some errors, so any knowledge exchange would be appreciated


On the docs you say, that you use redux. Is redux used everywhere or is it limited? Do you use redux only for data loading or in which way do you use redux? In the plugins list you do not mention it either, so I am confused as to the extent. Thanks!

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. In the first version redux was used in some small parts, but then redux was no longer used in the template, all data in the current template is static data with json files. Maybe I’ve missed out and haven’t updated in the docs page, I’ll double check and update them soon. Best regards!

Thank you! I see, so now this version does not contain redux at all. Great!

Hello my friend, what a great design, good work. Can you answer the following for me. 1. I read in your comments that you were planning to launch a wordpress version of this theme, is this still being planned ? 2. If answer to one is no, what backend technology do you suggest I use ? Would an experienced back end developer be able to do this for me ? and could you suggest anyone ? Thats all for now. I look forward to your reply.

Hi, thank you for your interest.
Regarding your questions:
1, Yes that’s right, I had an idea to build a WordPress version for Chisfis, but now the idea is frozen.
2, Chisfis is just a simple React template, with all the static data and no backend structure built for it yet. So feel free to choose the backend system you want, you will need both backend and frontend developers to work for you. Unfortunately, I don’t have anyone to recommend.
And please note, Chisfis is just a React template and nothing else, it only saves time on building the UI, and you need to have a plan for everything else.
Thanks and good luck!

Tôi thấy thích mẫu này nhưng không biết nó chạy trên nền tảng nào. Tôi chỉ biết dùng Wordpress. Xin hỏi tác giả mẫu này sử dụng trên nền tảng nào ạ

Hi, thank you for liking the Chisfis template. Chisfis is a React template (https://reactjs.org/), not a WordPress them… Thanks and regards!

Great template which is more easy to update and develop

Thank you so much!

Hello @ChisNghiax, i just purchased this product, it is so wonderful, It will be great if you send me the Figma file to venushiphop@gmail.com , thanks.

Hi, Thank you for liking and purchasing the Chisfis template. Yes, I have shared the Figma file via your email, please check again. Thanks and Good luck

Does this nice template support RTL??

Hi, unfortunately, there is currently no RTL version available for the template. But if you are a Frontend developer, just install the cssjanus package to automatically switch to RTL. Regards.


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