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Hey there.

Loving the theme. Dead easy to customise.

I was wondering if you could offer any support or advice in how to get the shopping cart up and running? There’s nothing in the help file, I don’t know if it’s just a blank template/idea, but where I would go to get the cart working?

Cheers, tastytreats.org.uk

Wow this looks so good! I recommended it to a client, we might buy it if he likes.


Thank you for the great template. I purchased it and have been enjoying since.

One quick question, could you kindly let me know how to create a “sub-menu” at the navigation bar? I know how to write the code in HTML but not sure about the CSS file located in the CSS folder under the name “styles”.

I will really appreciate if you could help me with that request.

Thank you, Vadim

Co-founder of Exclusive Party Rentals www.ExclusivePartyRentals.ca

There is a submenu under “products”. You can simply copy that.

Hi Dtbaker,

Thank you for the reply. Here is an example of what I meant:

Home Page

About Us

Product 1
Product 1.1
Product 1.1.1
Product 1.1.2
Product 1.1.3
Product 1.2
Product 1.3

Product 2 Product 2.1 Product 2.2

Product 3

Contact Us

Ah a sub sub menu. Sorry this theme does not support sub menus of sub menus. Only a single level of drop down.

There may be a plugin that can handle your multi-level drop down requirements: http://www.google.com.au/search?q=wordpress+drop+down+menu+plugin

Such as this one: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/dropdown-menu-widget/

Thanks, dtbaker

I purchased this theme and have been working on it for a little while now. I can honestly say that its excellent! Neatly written, with very clear and simple to understand instructions.

This is my first purchase from themeforest and what a purchase it has been!

Cannot recommend this theme highly enough.

Would love to know how to go about getting the search to work?

Thank you dtbaker!!

Glad you like the theme. Be sure to leave a star rating.

If you need assistance with the search you can send FTP details along with your request as a support ticket to http://support.dtbaker.com.au

Thanks, dtbaker

Currently turning the pink theme into an online shop for my girlfriend who wants to sell her (beautiful) hand-made cupcakes.

This is very nicely made, thanks :-)

Awe dang! This was soooo close to exactly what I was looking for….the problem I have is that the individual items for sale don’t seem to have details page.

acabo de comprar el tema chocolate & coffee , pero no pude instalarlo porque me indica que falta la hoja de estilo style.css ¿que es lo debo hacer?

Hey I have the same issue as the last guy. Not properly formatted, the style.css is missing. What’s up with that?

And yes I have purchased the theme, only from my work partner’s account.

I’m sorry this is not a Wordpress theme. It is a static HTML website template, it is not compatible with Wordpress. Please check the Wordpress category if you would like a Wordpress theme.

What is the fonts used in this template? Will be a wordpress template to it?

The fonts are ChocolateBox and Dauphin. Wordpress might become available in the next 4 months. Please check back here.

Hi! This theme looks SO NICE , I love it! I hope you bring out the wordpress theme soon. Is there a way to be notified when you launch it?

Thanks Sylvia

Hello everyone,

I’m josh aka sweetdragon (I write behalf my client account to let you know that was the theme has purchased).

Just a lil note to thank dtbaker for his template “cakes candy shop”. A really nice theme.

Only regret is that for over four months no wordpress version has emerged. (I have yet asked on twiter)


So for my professional needs, I have completely adapted this theme for WP. I just wanted to share with you my work and to make a Dedica to dtbaker.

I put in my css that you were the author’s original theme html and a link to this page in case some are interested to buy it. and the promot it to twitter : https://twitter.com/_sweetdragon/status/209664738026729472

As soon as you release your wordpress posteras, I would add the link to it also.


Sweetdragon since the customer’s account Again, dtbaker you did a really nice theme, thank you.

you can watch it here http://www.maboiteagateau.com

I bought this theme for my daughter. But it doesn’t work. Only the message: no installation possible no style.css stylesheet. And I have tried what was told in the help. I don’t have a wp-content/themes folder because I have Wordpress by my host. Is it really a wordpress theme? Why it’s so difficult?

Sorry this is not a WordPress Theme, please purchase a theme that specifies it is compatible with WordPress. WordPress themes can be found in the WordPress category here: http://themeforest.net/category/wordpress/

This theme seems to be a really good value for money!

HTML template is great, but for eCommerce you need more pages, such as cart, checkout, category listing, product details page. You see what I mean? Else it involves the buyer to ask a designer to create the page from your design, not hard but time-consuming and costly. If you add the pages, it will be easy to use with E2C eCommerce (www.e2cserver.com/hosted) which can use any HTML template. BR Fabrice