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I refine: your luxury theme via avangate (wpcocktail bundle). In the Documentation by “olegnax” v1.2, you say “If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to visit our help forum”, but the code that i recieved in avangate email doesn’t work.

Hi Krozo,

Bundle always goes without support for many reasons, such as huge (80-90%) discounts and multiple authors.

Kind regards, Chris.

Just noticed this theme isn’t responsive… any reason why? It’s not a huge task to make it responsive and it would generate a lot more sales.

Hi locko69,

It is actually a huge task and this theme is not popular enough.

Hi, is this theme ever going to be html? I’ll definatly buy it if it’s a standalone html theme

Hi samoi,

We do not plan to release an html version of this theme.

Hi the theme is great .. one thing .. i was just about to order it and saw the website is not in responsive layout .. do u have any idea when do u wish to launch its responsive layout design ?

Hi mediamaksuk,

We do not plan to make this theme responsive.