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Unfortunately I don’t have any development skills. Can anyone who would be interested to turn this design into a working template please contact me?

@ awarness, please contact me, i have one who can do that! http://themeforest.net/user/johannes1000

@johannes 1000 Same question as user awareness. Just send you an email.

Sweet and very trendy. If this can be converted to a Wordpress I’m sure it will have the potential to achieve a decent sale.

Good luck with the PSD ’s

Thank you for positive feedback

Looks fantastic. Wish I had the time to code this for myself. I’d definitely buy but time is limited nowadays. Best of luck in your sales!


Looking great!

Thank you!

Looks good! Who wants to have this theme coded? The author or a customer?

Nice work dude, good luck with sales.

Great theme…..!

I am definitely interested in the WP version.

Please let me know when/if this becomes available.

Thanks for feedback. About WP, cannot tell exactly. We have plans to release WP wersion in 2 weeks. May be, little sooner. Have pack of cool things to do and lack of time… as allways:)

Releasing the WP version in 2 weeks sounds good to me…. ;-)

Definite buyer here for the WP version. Have been looking for a theme like this for ages! Can’t wait to start playing around with it :)

Can’t wait to start playing around with it

Me to! LOL :)

Will it use the ‘isotope’ jquery coolness for selecting categories and such? If not I’m affraid I still will have to build it myself you see ;)

Hi! Originally we were going to use jQuery Masonry for this purpose. But isotope appeared to be very decent layout engine. Though it seems to have some issues in Opera. I will study it today and decide wich engine to use. Thanks for the tip.


I’m trying to make a html template out of this, could You provide the patterns used for backgrounds, either as .pat file or individual images? Thanks

Write me PM, I will sent back some files.

Never mind, i managed to make it without them :)

This theme have huge potential and if you find some way to turn it into wordpress would be great :)

Congrats for the Concept, is very stylish and elegant, perfect for blogging, collection some stuff or portfolio/photography and so on..

Good Luck on Sells! Bookmarked :)

Thanks! WP is coming in some time.

I already purchased Black Sakura WP version, but this one is awesome too !! If WP version is released I would sure buy it :)

Wow! I’m impressed! Any news about the Wordpress version? :)

No news? No WP-version yet? :)

we’re taking little more time. we have plans to release HTML version on this weekend. and belive me, you will be blown away by precision and quality of it: all gradients, shadows, little accents… gallery and portfolio pages, their animation are just stunning. WP version will bring twice more awesomeness… not all page templates were included to PSD – we have something to amaze our future buyers with ;)

we preffer to take little more time and release super-quality product, then make something ordinary but do it fast… like some of our colleagues did when saw a trend. I think, you know what I mean :)

I am realy sorry for tone of my comment, but I’m very excited about product that we working on! And if 1/100 part of my excitement will be transfered to our buyers, than our work will be not vain.

Judging on your previous templates, I’m sure it will be perfect. Take your time, I’d rather have a perfect theme in a few weeks than a less than perfect one tomorrow. :)

Thank YOU !

This really looks like a Tumblr theme ! Do you have any plans to code one for a Tumblr site ?

Yes, it is 70% ready.

Alrighty! Thanks for letting me know :)

this was the only reason i just bought the birthday bundle

then i discovered it was only psd’s. not the actual template in the bundle

if i go ahead and buy this from the page, will I be buying an actual template, or is this too just the psd?


WP version is available here: http://themeforest.net/item/chocolate-wp-responsive-photography-theme/299901

(I’ve just posted this information on item description page)