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Good luck with sales friend.

Top notch, as expected from one of Envato’s finest.

Absolutely brilliant. Good luck on the sales.

Beautiful theme :)

Is the forum under the forum tab part of the template? If not is it available for purchase separately?

The forum is powered by the bbpress plugin. The styling is part of the template and not available on its own, sorry…

This is great stuff bud!!!

Another excellent work! Very cool, Good luck with sales 8)

Could not deny myself not to buy this theme :sarcasm:

Good luck with other customers

Glad you guys like it! :)

loaded! Should be a $50 or $55+ theme. $45 is a bargain.

The 1 column portfolio is stunning.

Included landing page psd? And having the option of ajax on portfolio pages – WOW !

nice work.. I like the mouse hover jquery effect ;)

Congrats, very nice work :)

Hi Kriesi, nice new theme.

On the example homepage, near the bottom, across from the large 120% are 4 vertical tabs with icons that show dynamic content per tab. Is this a shortcode that can be implemented on any page?

I figured it was when I saw it. If it is, I’ll definitely buy it.


It is a shortcode, yes :) Forgot to add it to the shortcode page, thanks for noticing ;)

Nice Great Work, I like clean style look that you maintain in every theme :)

Good luck for sales.

Great job, bookmarked for future projects!

Great work, Kriesi.

Hi Kriesi, Any chance of a dual sidebar template like in Corona? Thanks, J

Hey! Probably with an update, currently the theme doesnt support that … Depends of the number of people requesting such a feature :)

I’ll request it lots of times if that helps :D

There he is again…

fresh work bro ;)

Nice Kreisi. Any chance of a woocommerce addition? Then it’s perfect. ;-)

Nice job Kriesi, woocomerce pleaaasseeee! ;)