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Does anyone eles think the theme guidelaine could be more detailed?

For example I do not want the slider linking to any page – how do i turn off the link?

Also, I cant find any way to set up the theme like it is on the demo version. Any ideas?

I really want to use this theme but Im not 100% happy. Or at least, confused as to how to set it up properly.

Could do with some help here.

Hello. I would like to know before I buy if it is possible to add a category selector to the portfolio items on the home page in order for the user to select which ones are displayed. (Like seen here where you can choose from All/ CSS / HTML / etc. and the other items disappear :

Thank you for your response.

Hello, The Choices is a great theme, but I’m having two problems with it. 1). Videos do not play at all on mobile devices (iPhone and iPad). They play fine on my desktop, however. 2). The initial slider screen seems to load rather slowly when the website is accessed. Is there a setting to make it load faster? (not the timed delay between slider screens).

Feature request in the avia_newsbox widget: The ability to pick an offset number to start the list from the 2nd article.

Hi Krisei, love this template. Specially the The sidebar tabs and Big Numbers and partners. Very usefull to explain thing in the website. The problem is that I need a shop in the website. I check your template Propulsion. That is woocomerce powered. It’s a cool theme too but don’t have the sidebar tabs, Big numbers or partners. I’m sure I want to purchase one of these themes Choices or Propulsion. I want to know if I can choose Choices and then purchase an e-commerce plugin to have the shop or choose Propulsion and then buy ad-ons to have more design elements. If you can give your opinion, it will be wonderful. Kind Regards, Ula

Is there an e-commerce plugin that will work well with this theme? Thank you.

Hi there Currently there is an issue with our site whereby that when there is a vimeo video that is part of the main slideshow, the site will redirect to the actual vimeo video link page. Can you please look at this and find a solution to our problem?

Hello! Is there any neat way to make the main menu evenly spread over the page? I tryed to add this but I don’t get it to work on this theme.

I’m having an issue every time that I share a post on Facebook. This image, or the last image it’s in my sidebar that are related to my post shows up:

It’s on my blog page located:

I’m not sure why this occurs.

I have another question,

Is there any way you can implement the tables shortcodes into this Choices theme at a later update?

Thanks :))


Hi! I have noticed that the theme options doesn’t change the homepage colors or the menu item (when active). Did you fix these in later versions?


Hy dear Kriesi, i would like buy your theme but before i would like to know if is it possible to have a sub menu.

Thanks M

what is the recomended background size for a full image?

Theme Update

Hey Guys! We have just released a new patch for the theme with a lot of improvements and bugfixes.

If you are having any troubles with your current version please re-download the latest set of files from your “Downlaods” page and replace the files mentioned in the version.txt file that comes with the download

As always if you have any further questions please use our theme support forum at

Cheers! Kriesi

Hi, can i get translation for chinese, vietnam etc??


Hi guys,

Under Wordpress’s common settings you set the website ‘Title’ and ‘Subtitle’.

What would result as ‘Title’ | ‘Subtitle’ in the header of the browser, but with Choices I only see ‘Title’ | without the ‘Subtitle’.

Is there a solution, thanks.


/EDIT Arghhh in Wordpress Read settings, chosing ‘latest messages’ solves it :)

Client site is:

How do I remove the colored rounded thing at the back of the social media icons every time I hover it. The client just want it plain icons, no hovers.


Fantastic theme, and the best support I’ve experienced with any theme EVER . All responses to my many annoying questions were answered within hours!

Hi! I left a previous message but didn’t hear back. Can you help me understand why alternative colors don’t change universally? For example, body content changes but h1s, etc, don’t. I have checked the code, and it isn’t taking my color codes. Can you help?

Does this theme have mega menu? If not, is there an easy way to add this?