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WHat the heck is the base 64 in the layout.css for?

Is it possible to show the colour on the thumbnails? – Get rid of the grey overlay . . ?

Hi, quick question – Is any ecommerce plugin supported?

Are you still supporting your theme? Last time you were here was a couple of weeks ago. :)

Just a couple of pre-purchasing questions if its ok:

1. Would I be able to use full/wide images in slider? If yes, what would be best width?

2. Is it possible to have the Google map on contact page as wide as the slider?

Nice theme.

Hi Kriesi, quick question: how can I place 4 (iconbox_top) with different content have the same height? html code height=”” does not work.

Hi, could you add a skype icon for the social media links?


Please ignore my last comment, I was just being blind!

hi, does “Choices” comes with notification bar feature which like Angular and Eunoia have?

Hi, Could you or anyone please tell me how to add the “our partners” sections. Is there any plugin for it?

Any chance of an email icon adding to the social icons?

hi is it possible to turn off the layout change when you open on mobile, i thought by turning off responsive it would fix that but it still stays the same thanks

There is full support offered direct on the designer’s website.


I love your theme but I would need also html files. Could you provide html files also if I buy this Wordpress theme? Thanks

Hi! I need to use a google font, Montserrat, for all the “h” tags (h1 to h6) How can I do that?

Just a quick question, is this theme WP 3.5 ready?

Please let me know, I would like to update wordpress for our client!

Hello Kriesi, I’m interested in the left Sidebar Menu (the one here that has the categories “Colors & Fonts”; “SEO” etc…)

could it be possible for me to buy this template and you send me a ZIP file of just this code (with the necessary JS files/ CSS) but just for this menu? please let me know, thanks!

Hi,i’m using the ‘choices’ . it will create more then one <select> when i resized the window like ‘' Help me;

Hi,i’m using the ‘choices’ . it will create more then one <select> when i resized the window like Help me;

Hi, does this theme support wp 3.5


Awesome theme, just bought it. One question, how do you change the Portfolio Meta Information titles? E.g. “Skills needed” “Client” ... I want those to say something else..

Thanks again!