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Hi everyone!

I would like to know how does Choices theme get on well with woocommerce plugin. Are they compatible? Do I have to edit some code to meake them work properly?

Thanks in advance!!

Hi! I need to reset my password for the forum. I tried to do it through the website but I never got the link.

I am having trouble uploading it onto my wordpress site. What is going on??? My web designer can’t figure it out either. I purchased and downloaded the theme. Please email more at

I’m developing a site for my client who purchased your Choices theme. Very nice, well designed admin and theme. I can not find where we can activate the feedback tab for the side of the pages as you have on the demo. Please advise how to turn that on.

when i put a portfolio entry in a single page, i have this problem…

Warning: simplexml_load_string() []: Entity: line 1: parser error : Space required after the Public Identifier in /home/u677089880/public_html/wp-content/themes/choices/includes/helper-social-media.php on line 336!prettyPhoto

thanks for help!


How can I make phone number and font larger at top right corner of header (above search).

Thank you.


I am considering purchasing this theme. Will it be 3.5 compatible soon?

Thank you

Is there a way to disable the grayscale effect? it’s only showing up on a couple of posts on my site and I’d rather have them all in full color.

Love the theme and so does our clients that we’ve used it for, great work!

I figured out what my problem was, I had gray scale enabled on that one category and turned off site wide making a couple of them still show the gray for whatever reason. And again: Excellent theme!

Hi, I bought and am using this theme for a client of mine. He’d like to use comment forms on page. In WP I can enable it, but it doesn’t appear. Is it somehow possible to switch it one without having to modify the theme code?


The old 1.5 theme is not updating to the new 1.6 theme. It wont let me upload it to my site either. It just says failed because the directory already exists.

How to I update it?

Installing Kriesi Theme Updates Without Overwriting Any Customizations

I’m having problems with viewing the output of the categories: On the Frontpage have “Lastes portfolio entries” for several categories and it does not show anything. On the portfolio overview page again, clicking on the categories should select itens by category. But unfortunally most of them do not work. What can I do to solve the problem?

Thank you, PN


How do i turn the Blog area to show just excerpts? It’s showing the whole posts.

Also, is there a way to turn off the number of comments and tweets/likes when it is turned to excerpt mode



Great item, but I faced an issue…

When I attach a custom menu to the footer widget it mess up the formatting…

I looked the CSS with firebug and I saw that the custom footer widget menu inherits properties from ”#top .widget_nav_menu”

Thats the top menu?

I think there is some error in the code – I cant get custom menu in footer to show properly.

How to solve this?

Regards Nick

Hello, nice theme !

I would like to :

- Open Twitter widget messages on a _blank window

- Open “logo list” image links on _blank too

Please indicate me how and where should I modify this.

Thanks in advance !


Hello, is there a way to list the portfolio items in the portfolio by time stamp instead of ID’s, which it seems is how they are being listed. I need to move the portfolio items in a different order then how they were entered and since editiing the published dates didnt work, I looked at the loop-portfolio.php and it seems it is being ordered by ID which is not changable without editing the database or reentering all the items, which we are not going to do. Thanks in advance for your help.

Nevermind.. we used the “Post Types Order” Plugin

Nice theme! Thanks!

Hi, where i can download russian language?