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Hi there,

Pre-Sales questions. I’m a creative producing a site for my own portfolio

A) can I make the icons larger? B) will the slider go full width and if not can it easily support sliders like Revolution. I say this as I just had to bail on another theme as Revolution broke the theme and even the developer hasn’t fixed it yet. C) Does the drop down at the very top “welcome” with X which slides it up again. Does it come with the theme D) can the Nav position be moved at all (I suspect not without a lot of work) to the right of the logo if I turn of social buttons and search? Would that ruin the responsiveness and be a lot of work to a relative newbie like me E) I’m also looking for a Skills widget which shows the % bar I’d a skill. Most portfolio sites that aim at creatives has them so is that something you could help with? Maybe you have it in another theme

Cheers. Oh and I love this theme too

Does this theme come with a testimonials slider?


I’m having trouble getting the portfolio items to link to the portfolio categories on the admin side. I know that it seems simple enough but the portfolio categories page show that my category has no items associated with it. Although when I click on the portfolio items page – the items clearly display that they are apart of the category.

I’ve also went through the steps of creating a page for the portfolio to reside on as well as create a new template for this page to be set to that has the “portfolio” element added to it – with the settings adjusted accordingly.

I can’t seem to figure out where in the process I’ve messed up.

Can you assist me in something that I might have overlooked and couldn’t find in your documentation that was provided? Thanks.

Love this theme so far! I’ve imported an existing site with hundreds of posts and have been able to fix most of the little nuances. Support from Kriesi’s forums is fantastic, as they’ve assisted in resolving multiple problems for me. I also have another theme from them with identical results. I highly recommend their themes because they use frameworks and not poorly executed patches.

A couple small recommendations: the ability to add the Slideshow bar at the top of a page even without the slideshow (it looks nice to keep the site consistent – my workaround was to add a 1000px wide x 1px tall spacer.gif and that did the trick with a little CSS editing), have the ability to automatically create excerpts for the post listings (support walked be through it, but I don’t want my code to be lost in an update), and the ability to crop images for the featured sliders so they don’t become super tall if the image needs to be stretched.

As you can see, my gripes are minimal and I highly recommend their themes. Cheers and thanks Kriesi!!

hi there ! how about the RTL in this Theme ? it will switch automatically if i’ll install it on RTL langue wordpress ? dose it support Rtl?

Hi can anyone help me work out how to disable the enarge image option?


I’d like to see a screenshot of the styling of WPML plugin integrated in your theme before deciding to buy it. Could it be possible?


I am trying to customize the homepage slider by adding a video link and there is no button for it.

Never mind I found the file in some obscure thread on your support forum .. seriously 2 hours of digging .. why not just update the theme :-/

Hi!, as a massive Kriesi theme fan :-) I would like to ask a few pre-sales questions please…

1 – is there anyway you can centre the top navigation and logo, moving the search bar and social media above this or removing it altogether?

2 – Can you add an image into the background when the site is set to boxed view?

Basically, my client wants an image in the background, a black site, white text, centred logo and top navigation.

Thanks in advance Chris

I just purchased this theme and when I tried to install it says that it could not be installed because the style.css was missing. Did this happen to anyone else?


I would like to ask if it is possible to change the text of “Home” link in breadcrumbs and how.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, this project has an own forum or is it just your forum to support the theme?

Hey. The theme is compatible with the bbpress forum plugin, so if you need to host your own forum the theme works fine.

My support forum is actually here, in case you need help:

I can put several languages ??together on this project?

Yes that works. the theme is optimized for the wpml multi language plugin

hi kriesi! Super template. Brauche dringend ein MENU links, welches immer eingeblendet ist. Auch mit Untermenüs (max 3) geht das mit diesem Template?

danke für deine Antwort!



here in english ;-) hi kriesi, wonderful template! What I need is a left Navigation, also with undermenu’s (max 3 under menus) / on this preview there is a left NAV: Is it possible to build all content with this Navigation? I need it for a complex information website. is it also possible to diyplay the menu less wide? thanx for your info! regards! Tobee

I am getting a Fatal Error when I try to customize this theme through your panels:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 41943040 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 122880 bytes) in /data/17/2/79/27/2568516/user/2815911/htdocs/WordPress/wp-admin/includes/menu.php on line 126

Checked with host and I have plenty of space. Please advise.

Hi this is real nice eccomerce site before i buy this thinking , is this a wordpress theme, if so do u have it in webiste format, im not very good \with wordpress. if not i would need some help with this on wordpress.


Yes this is a wordpress theme and only available for wordpress. ALso please note that this theme doesnt support any ecommerce plugins out of the box. If you need a theme that does that you would need something like enfold:


I have few queries regarding the Choice theme that I purchased: 1) How do i change the menu color for link that is currently active, and on hover. 2) How do i remove the footer line that says “Wordpress Premium Theme by Kriesi”

Thanks in advance.

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently busy updating the theme and my support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you have made any recent changes (modified code, activated new plugins etc)


Is it compatible with WOO COMMERCE?


Unfortunately no sorry. But I can highly recommend our latest theme enfold if you need something compatible with woocommerce: