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The translation to spanish its not working, where do I need to upload the .mo files??

I cannot register to use the forums.

Thanks for your help.

Hey! the files need to be placed in the /lang/ folder of your theme

Now it´s working.

Thanks you


How can I remove the home page title?


How do i create a new template? (Not using the template builder).

I want to call it default 2 and set it as a full width page while having the default template as is, with a right side bar.

hey bud , I just updated to wordpress 3.6 and homepage slider is now broken, any ideas. website : . I dont really have time to debug I might just revert back to 3.5 . Please let me know if you find a solution, thanks!

yep thats what i figured i just updated the JS folder – Im noticing the text of the slider being off centered, were there any css changes for the slider? If not no worries ill fix myself. thanks again , keep up the great work !

Hm none that I can remember. mind sharing a link to your site? : “Mobile Websites” was more to the right. its not a biggie , was just wondering because I only updated the JS folder so if you had made any updates to css then I would not have got them.

The slideshow is not working at all after I updated my site to 3.6, How can I fix that?

Please update to the latest version, the slider should work fine again ;)

WordPress 3.6 Update

Hey Guys! We just released an update for WordPress 3.6 which fixes a Slider issue and some other smaller problems.

If you have any issues please update to the latest theme version :) In case you run into problems feel free to open a support thread:

How do I get the update for this theme?

Simply download the latest version here: ;)

What is the name of the portfolio you are using that lets the information be open in same window?

Hey! Thats a so called AJAX-Portfolio, which we use in most our modern themes ;)

hi. how does ur theme support footer in Multi language.. i mean if i use my theme in English. and second language is German. does it support it?

cool. thank you. i will ask them before buy your theme :)

hi. WPML side is ok.. before i buy ur theme.. can you tell me does your theme’s color supports every Language.. like default color is blue in English.. and i change the language to German is theme still blue or white?

You can set the color for each language individually. If you want the same color for german and english: no problem. If you want a different color for both: also no problem ;)

hello. I have just inherited a client with your theme but its outdated. (Version 1.2) Before i sell it to him to purchase the new version you have i want to make sure this one request will be taken care of because of the new version.

On the Video page and Photo page, the pictures are old to new rather than new to old. I would like to correct this if possible.

the site link is

Hey! Not sure if we already fixed the issue or if its something specific to your installation but I just checked my theme demo and it shows the portfolio new to old.

If your client updates the theme and it is not fixed let me know, and we will investigate and fix the problem ;)

I’m embarrassed to have to ask this, but here it goes…

On your blog page, you have a post named “This is a standard post format with preview Picture” which displays only a portion of the image, which is 246px high. I just can’t figure out what settings in the “slideshow options” and/or the “Featured media” area to reproduce that. Help!

Hi Kriesi! “simply set the first slideshow image for a blog entry” Could you please explain how todo that? :)

I’ll open a ticket if the above doesn’t work, no problem.

when editing the post you will notice this extra field:

thats were you need to add a new image :)

Thank you for the reply, yup, I got that part of it just fine – I’ll have to open a ticket.


ftz Purchased

hi.. i couldnt work your theme.. what i meant is in my language i dont have welcome message but in English i do.. and i dont want to have it.. what is worng w that?


ftz Purchased

hi.. i need urgent help.. did you see my message?

How can I use Shortcodes in ( Header textarea above Social media icons ) area?

Right now I try but the shortcode code show up only.

Thanks for your help!

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? My support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site and also tell us how exactly you have modified the theme code :)

Can you tell us what testimonial plugin you can recommend for your theme?

Also it is possible to integrate on woocommerce?

Hey! Unfortunately I have never udes a testimonial plugin so I cant really recommend one. This theme is not ready for woocommerce. If you need a woocommerce enabled theme I would recommend replete or enfold:

Dear Kriesi,

does the Portfolio Sliders support also Video to be included or linked to in popup?

Thank You!

Hello Kriesi, this theme is very nice, but i have a pre-sale question. ¿It’s possible to show the portfolio items in color?, we don’t like too much black-white items on the home page…


Hey! yes you can simply disable the grayscale option in your backend when setting up the portfolio ;)


I’m looking to change the height of the header. what’s the best file to do this?

thank you.

add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Choices->Styling:
#header .container{

Hi, Is there somewhere I can download a previous version? The previous developer for my client customized version 1.6, and I would like to see what the differences were so I can update the theme to the latest version. Thank you

Hey! I am sorry but I no longer have a copy of a version that old :(

hello, i’ve purchased this template about a year ago. i want to download it now with updates. how do i do it? thank you.

go to to download the latest version. delete the version you are using now from your server and upload the new one then. Pages, posts and backend options wont be affected by this ;)

There is a big problem in the way of work portfolio. I want the first items of the portfolio are the items that I put in the past and does not happen like that. How can I solve this programming?

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently busy updating the theme and my support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you have made any recent changes (modified code, activated new plugins etc)