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hello. i can’t find where to modify logo dimensions. my logo dimensions is 568px*100px. thanks.

let me explain the logo issue. i’ve uploaded a larger logo and it comes small. i’ve tried to edit it without success. i’ve managed to enlarge the div but the logo still small.

another problem- NO. 3 – i’ve set tagline in “setting” but it doesn’t show next to site title in browser tab. also- No 4- slider caption is not aligned properly in chrome. do you know this problem? please advice me with those problems. i can give url and admin access if needed.

Hey! For support requests please open up a thread in our support forum, my support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you have made any recent changes (modified code, activated new plugins etc)

Hi Kriesi,

I love the theme, but im having trouble with the contact page, basically when I set it up it seemed like it was working (I did a test email). I haven’t touched it for ages but became concerned when I didn’t receive any emails for 2 weeks, I then tried a test email and nothing came through, I’ve now tried it with 2 different email hotmail & godaddy but nothing. What could be the problem?

Cheers, Jason.

Hey! usually a server setting problem. First I would recommend to ask your provider if php sendmail is enabled and if not if they can activate it.

If that doesnt work you can try to set up smtp sending with this plugin:

If both doesnt work feel free to create a thread in our support forum and we will further investigate the issue :)

Hi, Would this theme work well with Woocommerce ?

Nope sorry, we didn’t optimize choices for woothemes. Can recommend either replete or enfold if you need a woocommerce compatible theme:

This is my absolute favorite WordPress theme I’ve ever used. It’s become my go-to theme when building sites for clients because it’s SO versatile. The option to turn off the “Responsive” theme alone is soooo helpful! Overall it’s a really easy to use and customize theme. I’ve made sites with it that look like exact opposites. This product was DEFINITELY worth the purchase! Love love love it! :)

Thanks a lot for the great testimonial :)

Hi, i love the theme. Have never had any trouble with it, apart from i want to remove the sidebar from the blog page. It lists down the side all the pages categories and archives. Is it possible. I have tried everything.(or maybe not!)

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently busy updating the theme and my support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site so the team can create the appropriate css rules for you ;)

Is this theme compatible with WP 3.7 ?


I tranlated this theme to RTL support, with who can i speak to upgrade the theme to RTL support for all?

regards, Ilan

Hey, thats great, thank you! could you post a thread in our support forum with a link to your site and to the necessary RTL css file so we can take a look at it? :)

Is there a way to have thumbnails of the images in the individual portfolio slideshows instead of the small dots? Thank you

Hey! No sorry, this feature is not supported by the slideshow and would require quite a few modifications, that are unfortunately out of the support we can provide.

If you really want that you can always ask our customization partner:


wordpress 3.8 has been released, its ok if we upgrade?

Hey! We are currently testing and gathering reports from our users. It seems to work fine but I would recommend to wait for the weekend to pass before you update :)

Hello, Kriesi!

Great and interesting theme! One question: Can you add the MEGA Menu in this theme like in your for your customers?

Thank you!!!

Hey! There are currently no plans to do that, sorry. I usually recommend to use our enfold theme to customers who want to use a mega menu, since its by far our most flexible theme yet and offers the mega menu option:

How can I download the update to Choices?

Also, if I wanted to change to Enfold, would the templates and existing settings carry over since you are the same developer?

Hey! you can download the theme from the account you have purchased it with at

Switching to enfold will unfortunately cause some work, since we have completely changed the template builder in enfold. its much more flexiblae and powerful than the one in choices but unfortunately not compatible :/

If you have problems with any of the theme settings please open a thread in our support forum at with a link to your site and a description of the problem :)

Thank you so much! I tried to open a thread in the support forum re the widget not translating… but it keeps redirecting me to the log in page…

Whats your account name in the forum? did you try to log out and in again?

Hi Kriesi,

I am considering this theme for an artist who makes high and narrow statues and have a pre-purchase question:

In your demo the portfolio overview has landscape size images. Can the images in the portfolio of this theme also be set to different (portrait) size?

Thanks for your advise!

Regards, Monique

(I may be asking the same kind of question for other themes as well.)

Hey! The Enfold Theme of ours does offer the option, unfortunately this theme doesnt :)

Ok, I’ll focuss on Enfold then. Thanks!

Is there any way change the order of the search results? I would like the pages to show first, then any posts/news stories. Is this possible?


Hey! I am afraid the search order is generated by wordpress itself, so there is no way within the theme to change that. But there might be plugins that allow you to change the order and priority. I hear is quite good :)

Thank you so much! Love the theme!

Hello Kriesi, some pre-buy questions, hope you can answer me, thanks in advance!

1) Can I put a very wide image background on the bar which is under the main menu? ( where show “You are here: Home » Template Files » Features”)

2) Can I put a different slider on different pages under the main menu?

3) I will use WPML in my website, so where will the countries’ flags locate on the website? I need to do a mockup to show to my client.

4) Can I open the portfolio pic directly in a lightbox, rather than open in ajax first ?

That’s all ! Thanks so much !

Thanks for the quick reply !!

Oh, Enfold supports social media icons on top header now! I will switch to Enfold then ~

Glad to hear that :D

A pre-buy question. this theme has multilanguage option? If yes, how it’s works?

Which the way to shopping online? Customer can pay with paypal?

Cheers, Simone

Tnx Kriesi, another last question: can I decide to activate or deactivate shop mode? So I can choice when sell the products or when shows theme only in my chart as catalogue.


Hey! I am sorry, thats not possible by default. There is however a woocommerce extension for this:

Ok, well… it works with your template I beleive. Cheers

Hi Kresi,

I hope you are keeping well.

I purchased the Choices theme. I realised that the Slider doesn’t work on Google Chrome, Firefox etc, but it is working on Internet Explorer browser.

How can this issue be resolved please?

I look forward to your feedback.

Thank you and have a great day!


Hey! The slider works fine for me so not sure why this is happening for you. are your running the latest version of the theme? if so mind opening up a thread in our support forum?

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you have made any recent changes (modified code, activated new plugins etc)

hello, when I create a contact page with the theme option, the form fields can be modified, but there is a title “Send us mail” and the “send” button that I can not be modified. I need to translate it in French.

Thank you. Antoine

Hey! If you create a french translation file these strings should show up. Or if you really just want to edit the form strings you can open the file includes/contact-form.php and change them directly :)

thank you

you are welcome :)

I’m having a problem using the short code generator. The first drop down in the editor works, but once I select a short code, it reloads a white screen? The options box never shows up. I am using WP3.8, Choices 2.0 and the issue occurs even with all plugins disabled. Can you please shed some light on this for me. Thanks

Hey! Would you mind opening a forum thread here:

Please add a link to your site along with the problem description, and if you want to speed up debugging then you can also attach your login details in a a private reply so we can check your backend and see what could cause the issue

Hi Excellent theme, and its match with my business. Just 1 pre purchase question can i will make like the page portfolio?

Which plugin use for the portfolio page? I know they purchase your choices theme. Thank you so much!


Yes the theme already comes with a portfolio feature included, no plugins needed. I dont know which plugin those guys used but its not really necessary since you can use the choices portfolio which looks quite similar:

Hi there,

I was working on my template builder from the Choices wordpress template and all of a sudden EVERYTHING from it disappeared, so all my 2 months website work is dead now.

Any explanation ? Or any way of getting my old stuff back. For instance getting my whole backoffice from yesterday ?

Thanks for your help.


The only explanation I could think of is if you changed the folder or name of the theme during that time. All the custom templates are stored based on the theme name so if that was changed they are still in the database but are no longer visible.

If tyou didnt change name feel free to create a thread in our support forum at with a link to your site and we will take a look at it. The forum also allows you to exchange private information like login details so we can take a look at the backend if necessary :)