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Hi, If someone can reply my messages in forum, seems like my enquires are being skipped, many thanks great theme


What are you trying to change in the footer? Are you trying to get the link out of the footer?

Go to footer.php and do a control+F or command+F, search out the text that you’re trying to remove and it will highlight it and show you words that and remove it that way. You can also add your own text in the place of what’s currently there.

I hope it helps!

HI, sent other questions too, the footer i worked out thanks, still no reply to my post in forum

1.even though i have selected grey hover the items do not show as grey. 2.sometimes portfolio items do not display its just the text box and i have to refresh screen, then another 2 items may not display 3.How do i put the portfolio in most recent order. do i make the portfolio thumbnail the same size?

On my website, how can I arrage the portfolio items according to my desire. Like pizzeria, french, and steak house first on the top row?

Probably a very stupid question ;-) How do I update the theme with a new version?

Can anyone help me guys, I want to embed an external javascript such as these: – can anyone please tell me how to do this with this theme, cause ctrl c – ctrl v didn’t work out.

Thanks in advance

Question Before I BUY …

Can I use multiple Custom Backgrounds with this theme?????

Kriesi – can you help me with one problem: In Theme Options -> Contact -> Your email address when I try to update email address to new email control panel saves new email however contact form still send email to the old email address. I try updating email address few times, I refresh my contact page but it still goes to old email address. Please help! Thank you

How do I make a video portfolio item have a designated thumbnail along with the play button appearing? This is a much better way to post videos versus just having the youtube mini player present.

Hi, my site is getting redirect automatically to the following URL

This happens everytime I go to the homepage. Anyone else has this happening to them? Would appreciate a fix for this. Thanks.

its looking great i will test it and rating :) thanks a look keep going bro

Hello, can I design and ad my own opt-in forms to the sidebar?

Hi, I have a problem with adding plugins to this template. Namely, the point is facebook likebox plugins. A few that I tested does not display correctly. The main point is that the iframe does not display correctly with the other what use iframe- f.e. with a Google map (added as a html code not widget). In addition, I need to the likebox plugin display on the left or right side, but this is blocking the slideshow, i mean that is no longer edit images + rotating arrows disappear (perhaps using the same jquery script?) Please give me some solution to this problem, I wont to display correctly slideshow and my facebook like box plugin display correctly too. One more thing about Google map widget-> it is displaying only in one side of my site, for example when I add this widget in footer and in contact side one of them disappears, why? How can i fix it?

Please give me quick reply, thanks!

Pre-Sales Question : is it possible to have the header menu to be placed inline with the logo, just as the Eunoia theme?

Actually love both themes :) but my current design has unboxed layout, which isn’t supported in Eunoia.


Hi Kriesi,

How can i change the size of Gallery thumbnails and show the Title and description field?

Pre-Sales Question.

Great theme! Can I upload a custom image to any of the homepage sections? Can be header or middle section etc. I just need one area that I can upload a custom graphic for my client. Thanks in advance for the help and thank you for all the hard work!


Hi, recently bought the template “Choices”. Can I change the color of individual “iconbox_top”? ie not taking reference style it has. Thanks, regards.

Great theme! I use it here

But your theme always make every YouTube’s URL to popup as lightbox, especially for shortcode [ilink] and [button].

Anyway to disable lightbox for specific YouTube link?

Purchased this theme and cannot get the bbPress forums to become fullwidth. Even if I setup a page with shortcodes and set that page to fullwidth nothing works. It always shows the sidebar. How can I get rid of this sidebar on my forums? Thank you.

I just realized the author hasn’t posted in here for a month.. I wonder if he even supports this theme anymore.