Discussion on Chow - Recipe & Food WordPress Theme

Discussion on Chow - Recipe & Food WordPress Theme

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purethemes does not currently provide support for this item.

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Will this theme be updated? It has been over a year and one half since the last update.

This theme is not supported anymore

Then why are you still selling this theme? In the description you have “Future Updates” listed.

Hi purethemes. First I would like to say that I’ve spent a lot of time looking for a great submission food theme and I found this to be best design. I chose it and bought it and I love it. Thank you for designing it. I have several questions.

1) I noticed you used CSS Floats. Do you plan on updating it to use flexbox grid systems? 2) I have seen that your theme is not Gutenburg optimized, is that a concern, and if so, will you be updating this theme? 3) I noticed that you are using foodie press with a disclaimer that you don’t support all of the features but will in the future. Is that still happening and when? One of the foodie press features includes the automatic population of nutrition facts when we enter ingredients. Is that one of those missing features? Do you plan to add that? That’s about it. I’d greatly appreciate your responses.

Thank you in advance.

Gilbert Chamaa

I really like this theme, and I would like to buy it. Please tell me, you completely stop supporting this theme. You will not update it sometimes? Because I would love to use your theme

Hi, We are currently using the CookingPress theme and need to update. Will Chow require much work to update from cookingpress? Thank you!

In terms of recipes content it’s the same plugin that is used in both of them, but unfortunately both themes are not supported anymore

Hi, I am trying to evaluate your theme recipe submit before buying, but the demo login does not work.


this theme is not supported anymore

Home page becomes too heavy, mainly because of thousands of categories and ingredients. The theme must use ajax for loading heavy elements afterward, in order to lower page loading time.

A month old question and no response so far!

Hello, congratulations on your work, I think it’s a great topic. Before buying I would like to know if it is what I need.

I am creating an app with a React Native theme (BeoNews Pro – React Native mobile app for Wordpress from the creators InspireUI)

This app connects to WordPress themes through REST API.

1 – Would your theme be compatible with this application? I don’t see in the description if you can use multiple languages

2 – Can you add Recipes from the Frontend without being an administrator?

3 – Is your subject multilanguage?

4 – Do you have a child theme or should I create it myself?

Thanks for your attention, I hope you can help me. a greeting


for the record this theme is not supported anymore

ad1. I have no idea

ad2. Yes

ad3. No

ad4. There is sample child theme included

Thanks again. Can I put the Recipe categories in the navigation bar? Once we have clicked, all the categories appear on the screen.

For example: Asian, Chicken, Cakes, Food, Salads, etc.


If this theme is not supported anymore, I don’t understand why it’s still for sale. I think it’s a lovely theme, but I’m reluctant to purchase something which is no longer supported.

Hello, I would like to install your Theme that I bought a long time ago without having installed it I am doing a test installation on my PC and I cannot download two plugins Begin installing plugins | Dismiss this notice I am having trouble installing your Demo theme Fot https://temps-de-cuisson.fr Thank you

all required plugins are also in chow/plugins/ and you can install them manually in your Plugins -> Add new -> Upload


enryweb Purchased

I have a problem with FOODIEPRESS, if the plugin is ABLE the ADD MEDIA button not work… have you some tips to resolve the problem ?


srmajid Purchased

HI Dear Where is file json to import in elementor?

I want to change some pages like Recipe Style but it does not fit inside the elementor

There’s no Elementor support in this theme