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Looks great! Ever thought about making a similar landing page for when it’s not christmas? :)

Thanx. Yes, not only for Christmas, but I think it is always available. Of course, after making small changes. :)

Very nice indeed! Idea for a responsive site template without counter (instead musicbutton for MP3 Xmas song) ???

Thanx, Not visible Mp3 button for page the cleaning of.

I send you an email :-))

Congrats and good luck with sales :)

Thanx :)

very very nice work.

Thank you.

in the upper text does not load the letter i. Please tell me what’s wrong with the code to fix it.

I do not understand exactly. But running the code in custom.js file for this area.

There is a problem with the letter i, please check the code and tell me what needs to be fixed to work the letter i


Currently supports only the alphabet American and large letters. Support will be provided with the next update. (To night)


kidding me? the letter: I Please try to put a text containing the letter “i”, for example “provided”, will not see the letter “i”, looks like the word “provded”

I understand now?

You do not understand me. Write in this way to work : “PROVIDED”

Currently supports only the large letters. But support will be provided with the next update..


Please leave me your email to show what happens with some screenshots. Thanks

Thanks for the correction file “custom.js” now appear correctly the letter “i” :)

:) Thanx.

What a nice job! Wish you have a good sales.

Thank you.

is it possible to make this as landing page for a wordpress website? thanks

Yes, possible. Contact your server administrator for this.

Issues in google chrome, js and sounds not working. Please advise thanks.

I not see problem in the google chrome. You click the live preview button. You can see there is.

Music doesn’t play in firefox. not a huge deal but if you know how to fix that would be nice. Nice template~!

Make sure that the “1.ogg” file in the folder “mix”. Firefox only “ogg” file sees. If you still have your problem, send mail to for your issues.

Thank you.

One other quick question… Is it possible to make the slides autoplay?

Yes, you can. You change code in custom.js line : 25 “delay” for slider animation speed.

$(’#images’).refineSlide({ transition: ‘cubeV’, controls: ‘arrows’, autoPlay: true, delay: 1000, });

Very nice design, great idea :). Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Thanx for comment :)

There is a bug in IE 8.0

How you to do this? You can send mail for issues.

Sorry for bug.

This bug resolved in next update.

This bug is resolved.


Congrats. Great work!

One question (sorry for my bad English):

Where must I insert the link ( here?: <map id=”visitLink” name=”visitLink”> <area href=”javascript:;” coords=”165,190,300,215” alt=”” /> </map>

Here ist my site (still in work):

Good luck with your sales!

You can replace <area href=”javascript:;” to <area href=””


Hi I’ve a wordpress website and the home page is So i put your template with and the href of visit site to php as you can see here but if i have in the root both index.html and index.php the server point alwasy to html one. can you help me?


You can set landing page the index.html file. For this contact your server administrator.

Hello, great work, but the music doesnt work on chrome and ie, only work on firefox!

Can you help me? Thanks


Thank you. Make sure that you have .ogg file in the ‘mix’ folder. Because, good working the music. :)

Questions: Is the mix folder suppose to go in the root of the site? Still having a problem with music in Firefox.

Is it possible to make the refineslide not loop?


I do not understand your problem. You can download again source code and try it in the firefox. You may have made ??a mistake when changing codes.