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Good work brother! ;)

Looks cool, good luck!

Great Theme! Good luck, dude! ;)

Cheers everyone! :bigsmile:

Nice work! Good luck with sales ;)

Just bought the theme to use on my new personal blog… Do you have plans to update this for Ghost 0.5? They added multiple users, as described here:

Also it doesn’t look like there’s any support for Featured posts, which has been in Ghost for a while now.

I can modify the theme myself, I was just wondering if there’s an update coming along…


I’ve just finished adding support for author pages to the theme, you can see what that looks like here –

I’m going to hold off on uploading it to Themeforest until they release Ghost 0.5 but if you’d like to get your hands on it earlier just send me an email on my profile page –

Looks great! I can wait, considering I don’t even use multiple authors right now.

“Then why’d you ask about them?” – You, possibly

I was just curious, and I thought it might be a question that someone else might be interested in the answer to!

No worries! I wanted to have it ready for 0.5 regardless :)


I’m very interested into this theme but I would like to see more examples with images and code highlighting. Do you know somebody who’s actively using it to see how it is in real?


Hi eexit,

This is a pretty good example of what’s possible with the theme –

The code highlighting in the theme is very basic but you could use something like if you wanted more advanced highlighting.

Thank you very much!

I bought this theme and customized it a bit more to add syntax highlighting and more colors + randomization (as my blog title :))

See for yourself:

Thank you guys!

Awesome! I love the additional colors, thanks for sharing!

You are welcome :)

Are there any plans for the theme to support {{navigation}}? Thanks.

I looked at adding navigation before but couldn’t come up with a good way to present the menu items. Looking at it again though I’m thinking an offcanvas sidebar menu like the following might work well – – Is that the kind of thing you’d like to see?

Hi, Amazingly clean theme! Great work! I really consider getting this theme for my blog. It would be great to see the kind of navigation you suggested previously in a next release.

I see that the last update on the theme was about a year ago. Are you working on something?

Also you do mention that there is support for featured imaged, author pages and so on, but the preview site includes no examples to see it in action. I did visit eexit’s url above to see how he uses it but since he has implemented more things I’m not sure which part is included in the theme by default.

Thanks! I’m going to look at adding navigation in the next week or two and I’ll also update the demo with examples for featured images.


eexit Purchased


Any update on the previous theme release? Also, Ghost has released 0.8.0 so maybe it’s worth the update now since there are BC breaks template-wise :)

Thanks a lot!


I’ve just released an update to the theme that includes a navigation menu similar to what was mentioned in an earlier comment. The demo hasn’t been updated yet but will be soon!

As far as I can tell it all seems to be working well in Ghost 0.8.0 but let me know if you spot any problems.

Hi, there. I’d like to have a look at the theme, but the demo’s down at the moment. Could you put it back up again?

Hi, Sorry about that! The demo’s back up.