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Hi There,

First off, let me say how great this theme is! But, i’ve run into a little problem with it. It’s probably an easy fix, but I’m still pretty new to css and wordpress, so do help me out..

Somehow all my mailto links are just opening new browser windows and not the email client. Is there something I can do to fix this? Do let me know, thanks in advance!

Awesome! So happy you’re enjoying the theme :) As for the email issue why don’t you hop over to our support desk and open up a ticket, we’ll be happy to check it out for you and see what’s going on –


Hi there, I can’t figure it why so slow, maybe you can help me out, check this link also, why there is 1px line on top of my blog, is there away to remove it Thank you so much for your help

Hi there that one px like is meant to separate your footer from the rest of your page, but you didn’t add any content to your page so it’s at the top right now. Once you actually post something that will be at the bottom where it should be. Your site seems to be loading normally to me. If you are having speed issues please check with your webhost.


I’m about ready to click “Buy” But I asked a high level CMS developer friend for input. We’re both impressed with this, so my ONLY remaining question is: how does the theme handle the different aspect ratios of images in the fullscreen modes relative to the different orientations of mobile devices? As a photographer, I want to crontrol cropping very specifically. I don’t want a wide image to be cropped oddly on a vertically oriented tablet, or vice versa. Can I specify the crop of alternate images? What happens when the user turns their device? Does a new image load, current one scale/crop, etc?

Is your theme SEO optimised or compatible with relative SEO optimisation plugin? Thank you! Petros

Hello, I have Chroma theme and all works fine until wordpress upgrade to 4.0.1, I open a new ticket 2 days ago and No response from your support…. what can I do, please help me, or upgrade your theme. RoulaHs

Hello, The latest version of the theme is on available for download on ThemeForest. Please download this and upgrade your theme. If you have any issues after that please open a ticket at our support desk.



I have just setup a blog, but I’m not sure how i add the sidebars to the page, can you assist please?


what I’m looking for is the tags and search and recent items etc.

sorted it, remembered how to do it

Hello Two2twelve,

10 days ago I opened a ticket Number 6804 related to WooCommerce. I haven’t heard from you since. You indicate that you only provide support for 6 months from the purchase of your product. When can I hope to see your reply? Many thanks Nadine

Is this theme still supported? Is fully compatible with WP 4.1 and WooCommerce 2.3 ?


Hi sorry for the delay. Yes it is.

I’m not satisfied with the theme and the support! I purchased the theme in december. I created a ticket on the support page because my albums are not shown on my website. That was more than 40 days ago. I never got a reply on my ticket!? I installed the latest version but the problem is not solved.

I created two tickets, 6751 and 6860.

Thanks. I have replied.

I also have replied two days ago. And still no answer. You are really testing my patience. I’ve bought the theme in December and it is still not working.

keen to see a live demo of this but it doesn’t work?

I don’t see any issues with the live demo. Are you still unable to see it?


I posted my question here and through your own support system 3 months ago and still no reply. :( :( :( You claim on your Support page that you ” will respond to buyers’ questions and provide limited support through our own system”...” within 6 months…. So I still have 3 months to wait for your reply?

Your Chroma theme that I purchased did not come with Woo Commerce pre-installed as promissed by you on your front Sales page.

Still hope for any reply regarding this question.

hello its possible change color schemes.? I need a site in black and white. thanks

Yes! Chroma is fully customizable. You can change the colors of all elements to anything you’d like

I’m having an issue where I’m getting 2 menus on top of each other on mobile (Chrome on Android). Menu style is set to horizontal but defaults to vertical sidebar. I don’t mind that, but the double menu thing is very annoying.

Is it possible to use both navigation styles together? (i.e. – top header with collapsible side header drawer)...


Hey, I’m a bit dissapointed here. Theme looks great, but generally user options are just a mess of things all over the place in the dashboard. Needs a lot of tweaking to create something as good as the demo. I can live with that though. However: There’s a bug where the menu shows twice on mobile. No response on a support ticket for 40 days!! There’s some more bugs like the Post Grid shortcode not being a true grid but turning into a broken mess, there’s a small bug some Album media attachment pages getting different or no titles. Also keep in mind that regular pages with no fancy slider on top will get this boring, ugly header image background (or solid color) that can hardly be customized or changed at all. Definitely the worst looking part of the theme, they never show that anywhere in the demo.

Really wish i’d known this before I paid up, I expected excellent support and updates as a paying customer…

I put in a support ticket 15 days ago, no answer, so I ask here:

Chroma seems to be conflicting with the plugin Essential Grid (same company as Revolution slider). It conflicts in particular with 2 plugins: 1) t2t toolkit 2) and also when only Simple Shortcodes is activated.

What can I do? Essential grid supports says its cause a jQuery conflict.


Hi there, unfortunately we cannot handle issues with third party plugins, please contact the plugin developer and they may be able to help.

23 days for this. Nice.

There is literally NO support from this seller. Be ware ,before buying

There’s a bug with displaying the list of galleries, testimonials and blog posts on the homepage layout. I created a ticket 6 days ago, but I have yet to hear from t2themes.

Umm, guys… are you waiting for the support to expire or what? Also, I just did an audit on my WP install. The mandatory T2 Toolkit plugin takes a huge portion of the memory. Any way to optimize?

Hope you guys want to update this a bit since its 2 years since last update. if you do I will buy it, much have happend with wordpress since 2014 so not buying as it is now.

Whoops sorry wrong theme.