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Thank you! Feel free to contact me if you need any help with installing the template.

great typography :)


before i will buy the template a little question. i have just watched the code.

is it possible to calculate the progressbar automatically instead of hard coding with the classes .pos0 – pos100???

thanks a lot for information.


This template gives you a possibility to manually control progress indicator’s position by setting $percent variable value in config.php file or inside Wordpress theme admin panel. Because the progress indicator itself is a graphical element (a PNG sprite to be exact), classes .pos0 to .pos100 are used to control its position on screen. The whole progress bar is 450px wide, indicator is 50px wide, which gives a 4px incrementation for each position from zero to one hundred per cent.

It is possible to modify existing PHP code and control $percent variable from an external script, so a level of customization and automatization is achievable. However, it is potentially realizable but not advised to modify the method of how progress bar is rendered on screen (i.e. CSS + PNG sprite). Hope that helps.

yes thanks a lot.

May I ask what font you are using for the “Chronos” title?

The font is called Bebas Neue and can be downloaded from http://dharmatype.com/dharma-type/bebas-neue.html

Great design!

I just installed it at http://greenideasagency.com.

I’m having one problem. The Twitter integration is not working. I tried entering different my different Twitter accounts in the admin page. But none of them worked. It only displays random twitter feeds (NOT mine).

I currently have this function turned off in Admin.

Please advise.



Please send me an email to chronos@zeglin.co.uk – i will do my best to solve the issue.

Awesome. Thanks for the quick response. I just sent you an email describing problem.


Nice one, a breath of fresh air sort of speak, good luck!

Please tell me what the difference is between the livepreview.zip and chronos_template.zip files besides one being coded in HTML and other in PHP . It seems like I can use either. I prefer to use the HTML -coded one.

Let me know if livepreview.zip is not supposed to be used (I noticed you only have documentation for PHP and Wordpress).

Files inside livepreview.zip file are only for preview purposes required by ThemeForest. Please use PHP version or WordPress Theme instead. HTML version will not give you full control over functionality.

Great template. We have installed the Chronos as a WordPress theme but have some isssues.

1) The logo is not showing. 2) The Sign up form is not working 3) Twitter feed not working

Please checkout http://wallstickers.se


Hi again, Found the problem, another WP plugin created that the sign up form not working.

Only one thing in the WP theme. The path in the index file shows image path


Hello Brelle,

I can see that the problem with logo image has been solved. The template is displaying your custom image now. Please contact me if you have any further issues. I will be happy to help.

Regards, Wojtek

Hello, congratulations for your work, I have a question, how can I change the countdown in Italian? You can suggest the procedure? Thanks. Roberto


In situations like this .PSD file comes handy. It is included in the ZIP archive. You will need to manually edit all graphics that you want to change, by using Photoshop or another similar application.

The files that you will want to modify are: cd_desc.png, prog_leg.png, prog_desc.png, twitter_desc.png, signup_desc.png and social_desc.png. Remember to save them all as 24-bit PNG files and set the opacity (transparency) to 50%.

Good luck with editing. Feel free to send me a private message if you need any additional help.

We’re launching a WP site, and this looks great. But if we install it as a WP theme, how can we do all the real theme adjustments we need? Is there some way to show everyone but those signed in your under construction, but still let us see the production theme?

You will need two separate Wordpress installations, in two separate folders or under different domain names. One (called the live site) will host Chronos theme, and the other one (so called development version) will serve as your testing ground. Once you’re happy with the final result on dev server, you can simply copy the theme across to your live site and activate it. This is the most widely accepted solution and best practice for creating websites.

Dear Author,

at my blog, the twitter feed isn’t working. Also, I wish to replace your sign-up form with a form from my email service provider (Imnica). How can this be done?

The site in question is at successfulyoubook.com

Please make sure that you have entered a right username in either config file or Wordpress Chronos admin panel. Also, your twitter feed should be updated at least once every 24 hours to make sure that messages are being displayed.

Replacing the signup form will require some custom coding and is a significat change of the template. You will need to do it on your own (PHP and HTML /CSS knowledge is required) or outsource it.

If you need any further help, please email me at chronos@zeglin.co.uk

Hi, I need help with the twitter feed. It’s not displaying as per my username? It’s some random feed. Please advise.

Please make sure that your Twitter feed has been updated recently (within last 24 hours). If you are using PHP version of the template, remember to edit $twitter_account variable inside config.php file and upload it to the server.


I just bought Chronos, but I don’t know how to make sure the email capture box is working.

Do I need to set the mySQL settings?

Where will I find the table or list of emails that are entered?


- E

Please make sure that your hosting provider offers MySQL databases. Be sure to enter correct database details in either WordPress theme admin panel or config.php file, depending on which version of Chronos you are using. Enable MySQL usage too. For more information on how to access the database itself, please refer to your hosting provider’s FAQs and manuals. There are several various ways of doing that and i am not able to give you any more advice unfortunately.

If you are not sure how to interact with MySQL, you can always choose an option to store emails in XML file. This is more “user friendly” way of collecting the data.

Hope that helps. If you need any more support, send me a private message please.

Hi there my twitter feeds are not working plz help

Please go carefully through the the above messages and see if you can find an answer to your problem there. If not, please send me a private message.


I bought your template yesterday and I love it ;)

I made a couple of changes to the graphics etc, but like previous posts, I have problem with my twitter feeds.

I read the documentation and the posts but still cant figure out how to solve this.

Can you help me with this please? (Im sending you and email too)


Jose Miguel

The rest of correspondence took place via email, but it is worth describing this case for future reference. It appeared that Jose’s server was somehow blocking incoming data when using PHP commands like file_get_contents($url), CURL method or explode(string, $url). If you can’t get the twitter feed to work even after going through documentation and above messages, please test the above commands and make sure they process URLs correctly. An example content of the test PHP file could be:

<?php echo file_get_contents(‘http://themeforest.com’);


If an empty page shows up after accessing this file, it means that it is a server issue and you need to contact your server administrator. If you see ThemeForest website, your server setup is fine.

Cool splash page, thank you. Can you tell me where would I put my google analytics tracking code?

If you are using PHP template, you need to edit index.php file and paste your Analytics code directly before tag. If you are using WordPress Theme, edit header.php file and also paste the code before tag. Then, save the file and upload it to the server overwriting existing file.