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Having difficulty with the countdown timer on this.

It only seems to work properly after a visitor has submitted their email.


Thanks in advance for any help.

Hello, thank you for making a purchase! Please send me a PM via my profile page if you’re still having this issue.

anyway to add widgets to sidebar?

Chronos theme does not have any sidebars defined, thus it’s not possible to add widgets to it.

Sorry..I’m still waiting. My page doesn’t start! Clock stands still!


Hello, thank you for purchasing the template! Please send me a private message via my profile page with your email address. I’ll help you if you’re still having this issue.

Does this theme allow you to work behind the scenes on another theme when logged in as admin?

Or do you have to disable it in order to work the real theme you plan to launch?

Nice Work.

Does this template send me an email when someone signs up to be notified or contacts me through the contact form?

And does it collect the email addresses in a text file or database?


Oh man, really looks great but missing a double opt-in feature on all your templates. Really required.

Hello, thanks for your suggestion. It’s the first time someone requested this feature, but i will definitely think about adding it.

Hi, Love the page,bought it a couple of days ago, everything was working fine, but now I’m getting a strange error message showing up on my latest Tweets, my email is nickkroker@comcast.net can you send me yours and I will send you a screen shot of the problem?

Thanks in Advance!  Nick K

Hello, thanks for purchasing Chronos! I’ve sent you an email, please reply with the screenshot and we’ll solve this problem.

Thank you ! one call to my Host to turn on a feature, Problem Solved Fast Response! Fast Solution! Excellent Product equals 5 Stars!

Just one question – how / where do I access the XML data that stores the emails?

I also agree with another comment that you should strongly consider adding double opt-ins for the email capture form.

Hello. Thanks you for making the purchase. You will find the XML file inside the template’s root directory (it’s called emails.xml).

I have uploaded the word press theme to my website…all seems fine but i get an odd landing page? www.greattraveldeals.com.au ??

Hello. Thank you for purchasing the template! I can see that something is definitely wrong with the site. Can you send me a private message using my profile page? I’d appreciate if you could provide the access details to your WordPress installation. Thanks! :)

Hi, Theme looks good but not only does Twitter feed not work but if I click Twitter icon it will not link to our Twitter page. We have used other templates and tweet frequency has never been a factor, please advise, you can contact me via contact email at www.var2cloud.com/wordpress Thank you.

Hello. Thank you for buying the template. I can see that twitter feed and link are both working now. If you need any more support, please send me a message using my profile page.

I have purchased this template and it works great

but I would like have the theme activated but I would like to hav ethe option to allow visitors to see certain pages that are already completed ~

were do I recode so that all pages do not redirect back to the chonos homepage

Thanks in adavance

Hi REEP , thank you for buying the template. The customization you’re talking about would require coding in a top menu for example, and then filling it with necessary elements. I can do something like that for you – if you’re interested, please send me a private message using my profile page.

how can i have the simple signup, where user sign up and i get the email forwarded to my email address

This template offers storing email addresses in XML file or MySQL database only.

I am thinking about buying this template, however, the text at the bottom of the page is very close to the end of the browser window. Is it possible to add a blank gap?

Could you please send me a screenshot of your browser window to support@webdesignpla.net?

Hi mate,

First off – great design :-D !

Just one general question:

1. Is it possible to make a index.html version of the non-wordpress file so that it links to the files within a folder?

I’m just thinking that it may make it easier for some to use the file and without having to manually delete the files after use. For example, I would like to use the non-wordpress version within a wordpress folder. It would potentially make it easier to just drag one folder (with the files) and a index.html file within the wordpress folder.

This way, other than changing the name of index.html file to eg. index2.html so that it is ignored, the files can all remain in place for future use when the site has to undergo maintenance.

Hope that makes sense :-D !

Many thanks in advance and again great great design!


Hi there,

Where can I change the font type for the countdown in HTML version?


The font type in this template is fixed (Bebas Neue). The countdown uses a PNG graphic file with rendered digits rather than pure text. It’s because of the JS countdown script type that was used to create this item.

I am thinking about buying this template but i needed to know whether I could do this with your template : - Customize the background inserting an image - Use it for a countup starting from a certain date. Thanks

Hello! While customizing the background image wouldn’t be a problem, reversing the countdown would require some bespoke porgramming. Please send me a private message if you’re interested in ordering such service.

is there a way to have this display while working on the site with a different theme? i like the under construction page but I am using a custom theme but need this to stay in place for the time being that i am working on the site?? I found a plugin that you can stick the HTML in and then if logged in it will allow you to work on your site. I read you can add this as a theme but if i do that it won’t let me work on a different theme.. can i do this??

Please go through the comments section for this item. I believe you will find an answer to your question there.

I get this error message when I uploaded the theme. Can you help me out

Warning: require_once(/home/tmatti/illagraphics.com/wp-content/themes/chronos_wordpress_theme/option-tree/functions/functions.load.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/tmatti/illagraphics.com/wp-content/plugins/option-tree/index.php on line 26

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ’/home/tmatti/illagraphics.com/wp-content/themes/chronos_wordpress_theme/option-tree/functions/functions.load.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/local/lib/php:/usr/local/php5/lib/pear’) in /home/tmatti/illagraphics.com/wp-content/plugins/option-tree/index.php on line 26

Hey WebDesignPlanet,

Ignore my comment I just figured it out!