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Hi, I am looking for something to make my under construction plug in look better or if needs be replace it. Do I use a theme in conjunction with the plug in or does this become a stand alone page?

2. Do i need to buy / get any other plug ins to make this work.

3. Be patient please I am a newby.. :) So, can I work on the site and update it whilst this is active? What I mean is can I preview my changes to the site, whilst this is active?

Thanks for your reply in advance. D

Hi WebDesignPlanet,

I have a question. I setup Chronos using only the php version and NOT the wordpress version. I have wordpress running in the background, as I am building the website.

This is my problem;

I need to be able to view the pages I am creating and designing, but no matter what URL I go to, everything defaults back to the main domain and the count down page.

My Solution;

I am assuming there is a piece of code in one of the files that is forcing the re-direction of any page to the count down page. Could you direct me please to this piece of code and tell me what to do to stop this from happening? I need to be able to see pages so that I can develop the website.



Little slow in the response time, here and via email…


I’m still waiting on a response…


Ok, you need to check your support email more often, because 5 days ago I posted here and sent a support email request, and I haven’t heard a peep from you. That is by far some of the worse support I have ever experienced in my life… I’ll be making sure to state that in my review…

Hi WebDesignPlanet,

We’ve just bought your theme for a simple event website. It is up and running and it looks great. Thanks for creating it. It is a huge help – we would have had to create this from zero otherwise. :)

However, we would need to show a few pages about the event and the venue. Is it possible to add a menu and actually see the pages? Without being redirected to the countdown page? :)


Hi there, thank you for creating such great theme! I love it and have purchased it to be used for one scout event :) – academy.europak-online.net however we would like to add a top menu and I have been trying trough the code and with no real success as every link is redirecting to the home page. Would you know what is the reason for that?

Many thanks, Mihajlo

No reply? We will have to move to another theme if this does not work out today… :(

I would like to translate this in french, but I did not found where to go to translate it. Can you help me out? Thanks Dany

Hi! You will need to manually edit some .png files using Photoshop, or find someone who does that for you. Not all copy is in pure text format in this template. If you have any questions send an email to support@webdesignpla.net

Hi, outstanding theme.


This is a great count down timer. I would like to resize, I can see a previous post where you have helped someone do this, is this just a case of resizing the image and having to tediously go through the css to something like the following…

#countdown div.image0 {background-position: -0px 0px; width: 10px;} #countdown div.image1 {background-position: -11px 0px; width: 10px;}

Still seems be using the original image size even though I have decreased digits.png to about 20px height and 190px wide.

Am I missing a trick, an easy way to do this?

Help very much appreciated. :)

Thanks njmarkham

That should do it. You need to resize the digits and apply some changes to the CSS file. Don’t forget to refresh your browser with CTRL+F5.

Can I work on my wordpress site if this theme is active?

You need to have a separate WordPress install to develop your theme.

Hi, there is a major problem I’m sure you’re aware of that disables the Twitter Feed due to using the deprecated REST API. Twitter had warned about this for many months but now it is final. When can we download the updated version? It’s already live on my client’s page and causing a bit of embarrassment.

I don’t think this could be any worse. How can you change the logo position? where can you put email/phone contact information? not finding any of this?

Can you update for the new Twitter API PLEASE?

I’m having the same issue as adholics, I also emailed you. Not finding description function. Also, wonder how I edit another theme in the background if this theme is the only one that can be active.

I went through every comment and found the answers to my questions. This is a great theme once I got it up and running. Now I just need a) to get the twitter app working and b) to figure out where to go to find the place where the email address are stored for word press. Thanks in advance!

I still have not gotten a response here.

Hi there, struggling with mail subscription or better says with a localization of automated email answer in the WP – characters ?š??žýáíé (getting ěščřžýáíé). I have tried plugin CodeStyling Localization but didnt work for me because Chronos is not listed in the Tools -> Theme. Any ideas how to fix characters encoding?

So this is no good for Chrome and Firefox before purchasing?

Hello WebDesign Planet Team,

I just purchased the Chronos template from Theme Forest and it is very well done! I believe that I have almost everything setup properly, but my twitter feed is not working. I checked out all the comments on the Theme Forest site and tried the solutions that were posted but have not had any success. My twitter handle is @4StageMark and the URL is https://twitter.com/4stagemark. The actual website is www.fourstagemarketing.com. Any assistance that you could offer is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Nick

Nick Chehreh President & CEO Four Stage Marketing


Love it!