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Hi ! I’ve just purchased this great theme but impossible to install it on Wordpress : “style.css” file is missing. Could you please fix this big issue ? Thanks a lot. regards

please extract the package first, then install chulan.theme.zip file :)

So simple ! Thanks !!

Truly an Awesome theme! How do I remove the “Show Skills” Popup Button?

Hi there,

Just need to customize a little of css code as following:

.show-skills-holder {
display: none; 

If you have any questions, please go to and submit it to our support forum.

Our forum: http://awethemes.com/forum/theme-support/chulan


Thank you so much, love the theme! :)

I checked “About” and “Resume” section, but it dose not show up on the page.

Hi there,

You can please submit your questions to our support forum and tell more detail about your requirement. Our developers will give the best way to solve this problem there.

Our forum: http://awethemes.com/forum

Cheers !

Hello, can you please see About and Resume section is not working in my website . www.the-finder.net. I have installed Chulan theme but these sections are not working.

Hi there,

I replied your topic on support forum, please check again .


I just purchased and not particularly thrilled with the fact that there is no visual editor of any kind. Your ‘custom theme’ is not working, changes are not updating and I cannot use this for my client. Can you please e-mail me as soon as possible as I would like to discuss a refund.

Thank you.


Hi there,

It’s really difficult for me iif you can’t access your site. So you can please submit your questions to our support forum and tell more detail about your requirement. Our developers will give the best way to solve this problem there.

Our forum: http://awethemes.com/forum

Cheers !

Hi! I have started receiving a lot of fake emails through my chula contact form – that never happened before. I have Akismet installed already. Anything else I can do about this? Thanks!

Let go to our support forum and give us your wp admin account. Our developers will be glad to help you.


Hi, Unfortunately I no longer have acces to the support forum. But thanks

Hello, can you please help me and tell me how can i access “Resume” section, i want to update my resume section. Thank you You can check my site here/ http://the-finder.net/

Hi there,

Please take a moment to read this document: http://awethemes.com/docs/chulan#pid-23

Let go our support forum if anything happen to you.


Hi there,

I’ve purchased the HTML version and now would like to purchase this WP Theme for the Blog management. Can you advise if the following can be modified with the WP Theme like I did on the HTML version?

1. Is it possible to add my logo on the split intro screen to the top left over the links and disable the preloader (scroll down) in the WP Theme? 2. Can the WP Theme have ‘my skills’ showing/open by default all the time until the user closes them with the icon? 3. In the contact section, can I remove the contact info on the left so I just have the Contact Form in this WP Theme? 4. Finally, is it possible to match the colour of the back to top link background with the contact section colour? Your demo shows the contact section as grey and the back to top link background as white!


Hi there,

1) Yes, you can change to your logo but don’t disable the preloader.

2) I don’t understand your mind, please explain

3) Yes,

4) Yes.

In addition, please read this document to know what this theme can do: http://awethemes.com/docs/chulan


That’s great, let me explain 02 again…..

I want the ‘show skills’ (Pie Charts) dropdown to be open by default in the ‘about’ section but still have the function to close it by clicking the diamond icon. It was possible in the HTML version by modifing the code in the scripts below.

Index.html -> show skills Style.css -> .piechart-holder scripts.js -> $(”.show-skills”).click( function(){}

Many thanks in advance.

Hi there,

Please put this questions to our support form. Our developer will give you the best solution to solve this.


Will this theme be updated? thank you

The theme will be updated if there are any bugs happen. So let go our forum if anything happen to you.


Hi, I Have just updated to Chulan 1.7 but now it seems to ignore the custom color I set in the theme customizer (-> chula Settings ->custom style color). It simply refers to the standard color. Is this a bug in the update or do I need to change the color somewhere else too? Thanks for letting me know!

Please submit your issue to our support forum Our developer will directly support you there for more convenience

Hi. I purchased this theme a few months ago and my support has expired, but I wanted to go ahead and report some bugs appearing in the latest Chulan theme release (V1.7). I understand your developers released this version to address some menu and navigation bugs that were present when using Chrome.

The newest release did not appear to completely address the menu issues.


1) The top navigation arrow is not functional [Issue when using Chrome (iPhone/ laptop), and Firefox (laptop). Functioning properly on Internet Explorer]

2) The ABOUT button on the main menu is still not reliably functioning either. On my first visit it worked, and now it isn’t. I confirmed that the URL is setup properly from the Menu settings. The newest release did not appear to completely address the menu issues.

Will your developers be addressing these navigation issues with a new theme release/update?

Please advise.

Thank you very much for your concern and your report. We have check our demo with Chrome on iphone and see no problem. If this happens to your own site, you can email us for more support

Hi, great theme!! Really happy with it! I have one question. How do i change the text on the button ‘Get in touch’ on the homepage? Can I also change the link? If not, how can i remove the button from the homepage? Thanks!!

Hello there
Thank you for your interest and your purchase. Please submit your question/issue to our forum for better and more convenient support