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I have a question about being able to add “projects” or “Causes” that can allow people to donate towards a specific project?

Thank you for your interest in Church and Event! There is indeed an easy way to go using PayPal.

Have a look at this page:

You can create as many as you need and each will contain a PayPal button. You can even use different PayPal accounts if you wish.

Actually you can use any of the Portfolio or Event pages for that purpose.

Best Regards: Nikolay

Very good looking work. I’m sure it is going to be a success! I purchased Do.Biz while ago and I must say you guys rock the page builder functionality.

:) Thank you for the testimonial!

First, great theme!

I wanted to know.: is there a way to make the logo bigger?

Thank you for your interest.

You can change the height of the header from the theme option panel, thus having space for bigger logo.

We have also several header layout to choose from:

Regards: Nikolay

The best church theme then I ever see. Congrats =]

So, can u post some dummy content for us?


Sorry… now I find the xml :S

:) I am glad you figure it out.

Hi mate, is it possible to switch off the parallax scrolling and the dynamic effects?

Thank you for your interest in Church an Event! The parallax effect is not a global or a page option. You enable it only for a certain section of the site. If you don’t need it, don’t activate it :).

Here is a guide how you use it:

Best Regards: Nikolay

Does the calendar plugin have recurring events capabilities?

Thank you for your interest in Church and Event!

Event Calendar Pro has recurring events, it is the paid version of Event Calendar! Actually what you see on the demo is Event Calendar free + most of the Pro version.

Check out the link below to find out the features you get with the Pro version:

Regards: Nikolay

Church and Event 2

Release date 11.03. 2014

How to update to Church and Event 2

New Features
Splash screen for pages with parallax effect or video backgrounds
Recent Sermons Widget
Sermon Speakers Widget
Sermon Series (categories) Widget
Adaptive height for featured galleries

Scrolling improvements for the Vamtam Push Menu
Improve the transparent sticky header
IE9 fixes
Various small fixes


Changelog Church and Event 2

Very impressive item. Good job! :-)

You may wish to correct the typo “Teck” in “Teck-Savvy” to “Tech” (short for Tech-nology) on your item’s sales / description page. ;-)

Thank you so much for your kind words! Thank you for pointing out the “typo” :). I’ll correct it in a minute.

Regards: Nikolay

Dear vamtam,

I loved your theme very much, especially the up and coming events.

Which part of the home preview doesn’t work if I only use the free version of Event Calendar?

Thank you

Thank you for your appreciation! Upcoming events and countdown to the next events are our own modules and they will work with the free edition.

In the link below you will find details about the functionality that comes with the paid edition:

Regards: Nikolay

I wonder if the them comes with sample data ???

Thank you for your interest in Church an Event!

Absolutely. The demo date is imported with a few clicks from the theme option panel.

Regards: Nikolay

i’ll buy it soon

Another pre-purchase question :D

I have several post categories, and would like to display several latest post from each categories in the home page, similar to what’s new in your current example. Do you have any shortcode for this?

Do you have alternative layout as the what’s new section is quite big, and might be to cluttered if I want to show several categories.

Thank you for your response.

Thank you for your interest in Church and Event! Yes you are right you can sort them by categories and show only certain categories. There is no other layout for blog posts in columns but you can hide the images easily.

Regards: Nikolay

Thank you for the respond… purchased :D

Thank you for purchasing!

Do you know if your theme will work with page security features? In other words certain groups have access to editing content on certain pages…or there is a staff login option that allows access to certain areas? Just wondering I have used different security plugins and was wondering if you have had success with this particular theme…

Thank you for your interest in Church and Event!

We haven’t tried it, but I don’t see any reason for it not to work. If you have any issues, please open a ticket at and we’ll help you out.

Regards: Nikolay

Simply fantastic!

Very complete theme, no detail was overlooked, congratulations to the entire team.

Support very fast and functional.

Thank you, more and more success!

Thank you so much for your kind words!

Hey guys! I have a “problem” :/

I’m from Brazil, and the events time not seem to work correctly. Look this:

Now is 13h and the event ends at 2 o’clock, but is “on” yet Oo

I’ve changed the native timezone wordpress.

Something else to do?



Thank you for choosing our theme!

We would be happy to help you determine the cause for this issue.

Please kindly submit your question as a ticket on our secure Help Desk so that our dedicated support team can further assist you.

Vamtam  Help Desk | | Solutions

Thanks so much!

Nikolay Totev

Why the page header tittle of a event appears if I am in Month view? I suppose to the see all events in the calendar but not that the tittle of the Calendar now have a tittle of a event. That is crazy ;)

Hi Javier,

Would you mind opening a ticket? As you may be know the support staff don’t have access to the Themeforest comment board.

By the way It is not clear to me which title are you talking about? Do you see this kind of behavior on our demo website?

Best Regards: Nikolay

When I am in /events/month/ I don’t want to see that the Page header Tittle have the tittle of a event.


It is crazy indeed. It is a bug and the fix will be included in the next update. In the meantime you can open a ticket and we can send you the fix or alternatively we can upload it if you provide ftp access.

Thank you for pointing this out. Nikolay

Hello, can you work with a child theme because I have not seen in the archive

thank you

Thanks so much for choosing Church and Event. You can grab a child theme here:

Regards: Nikolay

Thank you for your reply so fast. I have 2 questions for you: 1 I want to remove the donation button in the menu. 2nd I did not find the forum inside the archive.

thank you in advance


1. Theme options-layout-header – header text area. 2. Simply install bbPress and you will see it :). It doesn’t come with the demo content, because is not used very often.

By the way you’d be better off opening a ticket at our Help Desk. The support staff don’t have access to the TF comment board and I am not here around the clock. :)

Regards: Nikolay

I like the general look and feel of this theme, especially since it has nive presentation of events. Would this theme be usable as a theme for a personal development and therapy practice offering all sorts of workshops and trainings? (Like family constellations or non-violent communication training, etc.) Or is its structure specific for churches, and would this kind of content not really fit? Is the event functionality included, and is it possible to have multiple prices en deduction for low incomes depending on type of participation? Can it be used as a general theme? I’m new in wordpress, always used Joomla. Is this faster and more seo friendly than a comparable functionality in Joomla? I’m still a bit hesitant. Thanks in advance. Hans

p.s. There seem to be a small error in the demo… in a blog item view the image is to large and overlaps the right column (I use the latest version of IE on windows 7)

Hi Hans,

Thank you for your interest in Church and Event!

1. The theme is build for churches and events but it is also suitable for any kind of website – conference, environmental, charity, law, agency, hosting, nonprofit, gym, medical, parallax, political, activist, cause, one page, business, spa and shop. We’ve shown most of the functionality on the demo website and since you know your needs best you’d better go through all demo pages and make sure you’ve got everything you need.

2.I think WordPress is far better than Joomla :). You only need some time to get familiar with WordPress.

3.Thank you for reporting that bug, it will be fixed in the next update.

4. The theme is ready to be translated in any language. All strings are placed in a .pot file – the standard WordPress way.

Regards: Nikolay

Thank you for your swift reply. What I’m still wondering is whether the theme is delivered with Event Calendar (Pro) or if I still next to this must by that plugin for it to work like the demo site? Are there additional costs for me to take into account when I want my site to work just like the demo site shows. As I read it now, I also have to buy Event Calendar Pro, but I’m not sure. Thank you and regards Hans


We have styled to the last details both Event Calendar and Event Calendar Pro plugins. On the demo you see both version working.

There s no additional cost if you stick with Event Calendar – it is free.

Some of the functionality you see on the demo website is only supported by the Event Calendar pro version. Here is detailed info what the Pro version includes in addition to the free Event Calendar version:

Regards: Nikolay

Is it possible to create an event directory with Church and Events similar to Appthemes:Vantage, DirectoryPress or Templatic:Directory? The focus needs to be on event-entries as opposed to “just” business listings. The main features we need are that of: back-end: creating events, front-end: displaying a list of events (thumbnail, title, start-end-date, location…) and an event-page where more details will be displayed. The question is whether I could customize Church and Events in a way to make this possible. Thanks! Simon

Hi Simon,

Vintage and Event Calendar are quite different I don’t think you can easily do something similar to vintage with Church and Event. The easy approach is to get familiar with Event Calendar/Event Calendar Pro and try to fit your need into what is offered by the plugins.

Regards: Nikolay


Very nice theme!

Is it hard to implement the WPML? I mean on the demo site I don’t really see how it will look. Where is the language switcher position?

My other question is that I have to make a website where you can log in and to reach particular contents. I would use a plugin for this purpose for example UserPro. What do you think does it require a tons of work to do that?


Thank you for your interest in Church and Event!

1. The theme is compatible with WPML and the standard WMPL switcher locations are supported.

2 We’ve never tested that particular plugin but membership functionality will definitely need a lot of CSS work :). You’d rather choose a theme that supports BuddyPress or other membership plugin.

Regards: Nikolay

Good morning, Can you help me? I have a huge problem installing the theme! It says Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator to inform of the time the error occurred and of anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.


Thank you for choosing our theme!

We would be happy to help you determine the cause for this issue.

Please kindly submit your question as a ticket on our secure Help Desk,providing admin and ftp credentials so that our dedicated support team can further assist you.

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Thanks so much!