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Are you able to create Masonry style pages for custom post types?

Thank you for choosing Church and Event! The theme has masonry layout for blog posts and portfolio posts:

Regards: Nikolay


I like the this Theme.

i have some questions here—>

1. can we use/customize this theme for a event based portal, where user ll register for a event/opportunity. and then the recruiter ll able to see those registered user of a particular event/opportunity.

2. we want to use the userpro wp plugin with this theme, is that ll conflict ?

3. can we show featured users on a page.

4. Can we manage a recruiter profile

Thank you for your interest in Church an Event!

1. Yes you can but there is plenty of coding involved :)

2. We’ve never tested it but even if there is no conflict the plugin won’t come with the theme styles,

3. I am afraid no.

4. No, I think It will be tough to turn this theme into recruiter website.

Best Regards: Nikolay

Church and Events 3

Release date 23.02. 2014

How to update to Church and Events 3

New Features
Event Calendar – time zone improvements.

Post image width fix for IE
Event Calendar – fix tribe title
Minor fixes and improvements


Changelog Church and Events 3

just got this theme and activated the demo version, now i’m trying to disable the demo version but i cant figure out how…can you help please. thanks

Hi, we have decided to simplify things for our customer and we only require you to upload a HiDPI (Retina) logo at twice the size of the normal logo. We then resize it to half its width/height in the backend. This way we don’t make you upload the same logo at different sizes.

Regards: Nikolay

whats the size of the normal logo according to this theme? thanks

Here is the image we use for the demo – 300*120px.

What a beautiful theme!! We have started implementing this theme and your documentation is so complete. I also appreciate the regular updates. Thank you for your support and for fulfilling all the needs I had for our church website. :D

Thank you so much for your kind words! They mean a lot to us!

I want to notify that this theme miss css using the lastest italian wp version (3.8.1 IT) I tryed to install also via ftp but it doesn’t work. I tryed to install this theme also with version 3.6.1 and it works correctly. This theme is wonderfull! Please help me if I wrong something.


Thank you for choosing our theme!

We would be happy to help you determine the cause for this issue. Please provide admin and ftp credentials.

Please kindly submit your question as a ticket on our secure Help Desk so that our dedicated support team can further assist you.

Vamtam  Help Desk | | Solutions

Thanks so much!


I solved the problem installing theme with wp 3.6.1 and after updating wp at the latest version 3.8.1 IT

Great! I am glad you figure it out.

On the Default Home page, there is a section, i think its a sermon or an event that goes into the slider, i remember you put a code in “Class (Optional)” that made the column go into the slider, what is that code again? i deleted the column without being able to get the code.

can you do a box like that and have it NOT be a sermon? just a box in the middle with content?

NVM! you can, i figure it out, thank you for your prompt answer before, GREAT THEME!

Thank you for your kind words!

Hi! Very cool template. Is PSD available? would be very convinient to have it..

Thank you We have only .sketch. They will do if you are on a MAC :)

Regards: Nikolay

Church and Events 4

Release date 28.03. 2014

How to update to Church and Events 4

New Features
Event Calendar – 3.5 compatibility.

Mobile menu fix for Android


Changelog Church and Events 4

Hello. Great Theme ! Is this WPML Ready ?

Thank you for your interest in Church and Event! Yes it is WPML ready. Regards: Nikolay


I love the theme, but am encountering some problems. I just sent an email to your support email with an admin log-in credentials. Please take a look for me and let me know the solutions. Many thanks. (My email starting with console….)

Thank you for choosing Church and Event! What is your ticket number, I will look into it asap.

Regards: Nikolay

Thank you. I received your 1st reply but am waiting for the 2nd reply. I sent the questions to your support email. Thank you.

sorry i’m sure this has been answered before . Purchased and downloaded the template . Just looking for the demo file that I need to upload ? didn’t see it under documentation which there was to folder for ? so just need to locate the file ?

Thank you for choosing Church and Event! Go to theme options – quick import in your admin panel.

Regards: Nikolay

Hi guys,

I LOVE the theme. It’s perfect for one of my clients. However, I just encountered a problem. There seems to be a problem with this page (only with safari…the website is fine with Chrome and Firefox). Could you please help me out? Thanks

Here is the page : [link removed] (i just can’t see the content in SAFARI.


Thank you for choosing Church and Event Yanick! I think I replied to your ticket. Thank you for using the Help Desk :)

Regards: Nikolay

Hello! I really like this theme, however there is no mention of the localization possibilities. I need to use it in another language (Bulgarian) meaning Cyrillic alphabet. I must know whether it’s easy to change different labels through this theme (Read More, Donate, Join, Upcoming Events, etc.). The last time I worked with Wordpress was 2 years ago and I’m not sure how things are now, but it was a real pain back then (editing .po files and so on). Took me forever. Thanks and congratulations for your great work!

Thank you for your interest in Church and Event! The things hasn’t changed a lot since then :) when it comes to translation.

Have a look at this guide:

Regards: Nikolay

Hey mate can u please tell me how can i create a page like this reply asap…

Hi, This is the link of the theme bar :) Please open a ticket in our Help Desk. The Support staff don’t have access to this comment board.

Regards: Nikolay

Hello when I add media to the sight unlike all of my other sides it takes a long time to load and then does not produce a thumbnail picture . further more when I use the link given ( url for the picture) and input it to the code it does not show any images . I have not loaded anything other than the site the and suggested widgets let me know what you recommend .


would you mined providing admin credentials to investigate the issue? Does it happen on each page? The Help Desk is secure channel so you can open a ticket.

Thanks NIkolay

Hi, this is a great theme. Just want to ask about the setting page ( on the purchase tab. Is it possible to remove that? As it is meant for my client and I don’t wish him to see the purchase tab.

Thank you for your interest in Church an Event! There is no options to hide it but if you open a ticket we’ll give you directions how this can be achieved.

Regards: Nikolay

Thanks for the reply. May I know what is the purpose for that Purchase tab?

Hi, the information from this tab (purchase code, etc) is used for the automatic updates of the theme and the bundled plugins. It is also integrated with our CRM and support system.

Hi I sent you an email asking how to change the image of the bible in the events pages. I need to replace with a more appropriate image of my own.

Please respond asap

Thank you for choosing Church and Event! You can change the image from – theme options – styles – body – single event featured area.

Regards: Nikolay

Thanks, I’ll try that

Hi, first great theme!!! I’ve a little trouble with event, how to change month translation to italian? Now I see “April” in the day box (home page) instead of “Aprile”.


Thanks, now I’ve a little bug in single event view, how to traslate label for Organizer? I’ll try to modify po file, but nothing.

The label is Organizer:

<div class="wpv-tribe-events-meta"> <div class="tribe-events-meta-group tribe-events-meta-group-details"> <div class="tribe-events-meta-group tribe-events-meta-group-organizer vcard"> <h3 class="tribe-events-single-section-title">Pippo</h3> <dl> <dt>Organizer</dt> <dd class="fn org">Zio Giulio</dd> </dl> </div> </div> </div>



Can you please open a ticket at our Help Desk: The support staff don’t have access to the TF comment board.

Thank you! Nikolay



Is there a way to disable the splash screen when using video background or parallax theme? If not, how do I modify the splash screen?

Thank you.

Thank you for choosing Church and Event! You can change the logo of the splash screen from – theme options – general settings. The background color is attached to accent color 1 in theme options – styles – general colors and backgrounds.

Please use the Help Desk for support queries. The support staff don’t have access to this comment board and this slows down the time for a reply.

Regards: Nikolay