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Very clean and elegant theme. :)

Thanks Joefrey :)

Amazing! Very Nice Done! :) Is it possible to have the social icons appear more visibly a the top?


Thanks magicmermaid,

Is widget area at the top, so you can replace event counter with any other widget.

Thank you :)

Nice Work..! Good Luck with Sales..! :)

Thanks! GLWS to you too :)

Looks nice! Good luck with sales.

Thanks and GL to you too :P

There a bug with the menu drop downs in Firefox 14.0.1


We don’t see any bugs in latest FireFox.

Could you please send a screenshot at mail@themoholics.com ?

Thanks in advance

nice one, congrats :)

Thank you :)

when you the video plays in the slider, the slider keeps on sliding! so you don’t see the video anymore.

Hi frederictib,

You can set pause on hover for slideshow for example.

Could front page easily customized according to my needs?

Hi embroiderysecret,

There are no Frontpage actually. Frontpage on preview was made using 3 shortcodes: teaser shortcode, from blog and upcoming events.

You can make any frontpage, just use your imagination ;)

Thanks! Ver y Nice theme!

Sorry, my english it’s no good…

I already instaled it, but ¿what is “install dumy data only on clean WordPress setup”?

Thanks for your help!

Sorry, but I can’t make events work… and I don’t know how to actualize the theme… I downloaded again from themeforest, but WP don´t let me install it again because it’s alredy installed… please guide me…

Hi Cirom9,

You can send us your WP login info via contact form on our profile or our website. We’ll check your issue.


Ok thanks, I send it!

Is it possible to have just a featured video with the description on the homepage , without the rest of the slides or the slider’s buttons ?


Hi thempro,

I don’t really understand what you mean. But you can add your custom content in slideshow or content area. There are no templates for slides, only lots of options ;)

Check sample code for last slide at the bottom of this page http://churchope.themoholics.com/features/full-width-fluid-slideshow/

I want a video with description, no slider at all.

Just like the last slide at the bottom of the page link you sent, but without the rest of the slides, and without slider at all.


Hi again,

If you will use only one slide for slideshow it will like static header content as you ask (slideshow functionality will disable automatically and slides navigation will hide).


Beautiful theme.


A few questions:

1) any plans to create a “load more” button under gallery items to display more gallery items if you choose?

2) I didn’t see a button option for “big button” without the shadow behind it, is this an option I over looked?

3) Is there an option to take away the frame around items on gallery items to just display the item without any frame or shadow around each one?

4) Can video be played in the slider? I would like to create an intro video that plays automatically when site is loaded.

5) Is there an option to make the menu “fixed” so that when you scroll, it stays at the top?

6) Is there a “back to top” button option?

7) Are there any arrows for the slider? I didn’t see anything except the small circles to click to next slide, is it an option?

8) Any option to set you menu in different positions (center, left, right, etc)?



No to 1,2,3,5,6,7

Menu position can be set to left or ritgh.

You can make video to play automatically using the embed options, it’s not related to our theme.

I have no idea why Church needs Pricing tables :D but this theme is really great with so many awesome details :) Good luck with sales!

Thanks purethemes, GLWS to you too :)

Well just because it is called church it doesn’t mean that it should be used only for churches ;)

Beautiful theme

Is there any way to have the top menu displayed in portrait on the iPad?

On single blog post pages can the featured image be the same width you are using but different heights? Like auto cropped proportionally to fit

Hi kemrich,

Don’t really undestand what you mean about menu.

You can have different size for differnt posts, depends on what image you upload, but the width will be limited. Check post named “Different size for post thumbnails” at this page http://churchope.themoholics.com/news/

The video video on this page http://churchope.themoholics.com/post-with-right-sidebar-and-embeded-video/ does not resize on my iPad 3 and overlaps the sidebar

I tried the theme out with the theme forest top bar and it looked great with the top menu in portrait mode

Amazing theme, additionally i was really impressed by the presentation page, very nice indeed! GLWS

Thanks Anps, GLWS to you too :)

Great work , looks wonderful.
Wish you the best with sales :)

Thanks a lot Bedros, gl to you too :)

Nice work! Have a many sales :)

Thank you louiejie, same to you :P

Great. Maybe this is called a church theme but it is much more. Will buy it next month for myself.

SEO from Yoast is a good deal.

One question: is the header font ready for some special characters like ä and ö for german letters?

Yeah goldeneye, it is just called church, but it has lots of features and designed for almost any website.

Header font is google font, and can be easily changed to any of 400+ available fonts from admin panel.

The one used in theme preview is Open Sans and as I can see it has these symbols. You can test this font here: http://www.google.com/webfonts