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I should have been more specific in my last post. I have no idea how to edit the teaser images on the static home page of the dummy version of the site. The ones that say, “lifegroups”, “new here”, “every penny helps”. Where do I edit this section of the site?

never mind. I see now that is in the page called frontpage. thanks

Is there the ability to share single page portfolio items (facebook, pinterest , twitter)? If not, would you consider this? I would like to use for graphic design portfolio. Awesome work!

Hi Cherndon79,

Yes, we made shortcode for share buttons like facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest. You can insert them at any post.

Hello, I can’t seem to get the events to work. They don’t show up it the categories or calender. Also the clock countdown not working

Hi Bruce1,

I assume that you’ve installed dummy content.

Dummy content is a bit bugged, the id’s messed up. You need to update id’s for events categories and shortcodes.

We already fixed this and our update is currently in queue for review and will be available for download soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

New version of our theme, with some fixes, is now available for download.


I am interested in your theme and just have a quick question.

Can I disable the slider and put an image and a contact form on the home age in that area or does the Slider Text Area support putting a form there by shortcode or other method?

For example a Contact Form 7 simple Name, Email, Phone contact form.

Thank you.


Yes, you can make a single slide and put contact from shortcode or other custom content in slide.

Great.. then I will buy the theme now.

Thanks for the quick response.

I made a test blog post after installing the theme. I can see my featured image on the blog listing page but not when i view the single post. Is there anything I need to do to make the featured image appear on the single post pages?

I am also trying to figure out how I can have a tall image proportionally re-sized for my single post pages so that the width is 912 but the height is proportionally re-sized. I looked in functions.php but I am not sure exactly what to change

Hi Kemrich,

Posts feature image displaying only on posts listings not on single post. From our experience people don’t need it on single post.

You can insert your big images directly in a post via media library and they will be scaled to content width, you don’t need modify any code :)


How can I actulize the theme? calendar and events are not working….

Hi Cirom9,

If you are using version 1.0 of this theme and made dummy install you need insert new shortcodes for events.

Or you need download latest version of theme, where dummy installer fixed and make dummy install again.

I didn’t made dummy install ¿should I?

HI great work

is it possible to have the top area boxed rather the the full length – I mean the header with the logo the navigation and background to the slider

Hi Johnlalor,

It’s possible to add custom CSS rule to theme option for boxed header and slideshow area. It’s just one line of CSS , very simple customization.


May i embed Youtube videos? Or only VImeo? Thanks.

Hi multimediapastorale,

You can embed Youtube videos too.


Is the widget for the newsletter already Mailchimp-friendly ie. just put in a code and its done? :)

Hi Ivanbrezakbrkan,

No it’s Feedburner form widget.

Kind regards.

Downloaded the latest update and no Events showing on front page. I deleted previous download and reapplied Dummy content. The front page events area is empty. Thoughts?

Also, I cannot find ability to change the “Latest Sermon”. I looked through documentation and the Frontpage.

BTW , overall excellent theme. Keep up the great work. Highly recommended!

Hi Kmbold,

We found some issue with our events when webserver using MySQL version below 5.1 . We already made update and upload it to themeforest on approval.

You can send us email and we’ll send you update, if you need it urgent.

“Latest sermon” text is in widget on sidebar with name “front”


Thanks for your reply and support!!! Keep up the great work!

Also having some trouble with your event countdown front page widget. Is there something special I need to do in order to get this thing to work. Please let me know asap.

Hi Ephibian,

We found some issue with our events when webserver using MySQL version below 5.1 . We already made update and upload it to themeforest on approval. You can send us email and we’ll send you update, if you need it urgent.


Hi. When i try to post an event , doesnt appear in the events section in front page and doesn’t work the count down on the header, please help

Hi JavierSifuentes,

We found some issue with our events when webserver using MySQL version below 5.1 . We already made update and upload it to themeforest on approval. You can send us email and we’ll send you update, if you need it urgent.


Hi, I’ve sent you email 11 hours ago with no reply, I need the short-codes for “Calender / Testimonials” to show it in the frontpage, nothing more!

Hi Morsiiii,

Calendar shortcode is:

[event category="1" from="" to="" layout="full"]

You need to change category value to your category actual id.

Also you can find button for this shortcode at editor when you are using visual mode.

We haven’t shortcode for Testimonials. Only available as Widget, Testimonial post or Testimonials category. I think we’ll add this shortcode at future.


I have purchased this theme… thanks

I have 2 quesitons;

1. how do I get the image on the slider to resize with mobile devices? I have responsiveness turned on, but the slide picture even though I have fluid chosen in the settings it does not get smaller with mobile devices? What am I Missing? It keeps the same set width and height of the uploaded image even in mobile devices.

2. for the responsive menu I want the drop down for mobile phones but and ipad should keep the original menu type.. how do we make that happen? The ipad is big enough that it should not go to a drop down menu…. in the main menu area…


Hi Wellis,

Thanks for purchase.

1) It looks like you are using feature images as background of slide, at this way it can’t be responsive. You need images at slide content and the will be scale on devices.

2) We’ll change it in next theme update, because a lot of people ask about it. If you don’t want wait update, I can you sen a short guide how to edit css to switch menu for iPad.


I just bought this theme, and it is really nice.

One thing is I can’t get the Color area background color to change it stays the default red even when I change the color settings settings.

Hi HLJ1234 ,

Maybe you have a browser cache?

I’ve tested this option and it works fine.

If you have a problem with it you can send WP login via contact form on our profile page or website. I’ll check your issue.

Kind regards.

Why did you answer everyone but me?

I have messaged you with more issues… plugins are not working for me… in middle of screen it is all blank… the responsive pricing table and the whmcs bridge plugins do not work with this template… please help!

Hi again,

Please send URL of your WordPress and we’ll check what is wrong with your plugins.

Kind regards.

Got your email with urls. Will reply you asap.

Ok please let me know your findings..