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I second the request to have the ChurcHope responsive iPad version appear as normal…not drop down menu.

Thanks :)

Hi Magicmermaid,

We’ll change it in next theme update, because a lot of people ask about it.


FYI – Alignment of Image issues! Inserting image on new page or post (using any Template—Default, RightSidebar or LeftSidebar), and adjusting the Alignment of the image to Right, Center or Left does not work. (Image remains as though “None” is selected). Tried several variations.

After doing more research on the Image Alignment, the problem arises only when “Caption” text is not used. If I insert a Caption text, then the image aligns correctly.

We have different alignments used all over the preview I.E.: class="alignright size-full imgborder" for small image.

Caption text doesn’t affect it at all.

Could you please show your website?

Hello themoholics, how can I have 2 different set of menus for the users who log in and who do not. Thank you very much for your help.

Hi bigrice,

It is not possible by default. We can make it as paid customization.

themoholics, Thank you for your response. How does the paid customization work? mind explaining it a bit more? thank you

Hi again,

You will send us detailed brief of changes. We’ll reply with a price and timeframes. If you agree, you will pay via PayPal or Skrill and send us access details to your site. We’ll do changes and message you when all done.


WOW ! Great theme! One short question: Is there a slideshow shortcode for slideshows available which I can use in the pages?

thanks in advance mike

Hi Xepono,

There are no slideshow shortcode, but you can set slideshow in header for any page/post or taxonomies.

Thanks for quick answer

Regards Mike

I too am having difficulty getting the events to work. New to WP, and I don’t know how to re-install the latest version of the theme. Help? Thanks in advance.

Hi brotsky,

You just need to install our theme again, same as you already did.

Note, that if you installed dummy data, then you need to reinstall WordPress also.

So installing again will create another theme with the same name, yes? Or will it overwrite? I do not wish to install further dummy data since I’ve made changes since installing the theme. I just want the events to work properly now.

Hi Brotsky,

You can just upload via ftp new theme version to same folder. Just overwrite existing files. After that you need click “Save” button on any Theme options page to regenerate dynamic styles.

At this way you don’t lost any content.

Kind regards.


I have problem with the option how many slide, it doesn’t work it’s blocked on 4 slides whatever i config 2, 6, 12 … it’s stay at 4 slides …

thanks in advance :)

Hi extatis,

Make sure that you edit it in correct place. This option can be set global in Theme options -> Slideshows and local for each page.

FYI , the “Custom CSS rules” doesn’t seem to work. Perhaps this is already in the updated version. I inserted custom css, and it did not override. I even inserted important!. I could edit main.css, but I know you built this feature so users don’t need to do that.

Hi kmbold,

It does work, I just checked. Make sure that your css is correct and you type important like this: !important

Is it possible to add a search box so you can search the blog?


Yes, you can check it on this page at sidebar:


When you purchase does it come with the PSD ’s? Cheers

Yes, PSD ’s included at package.

does the countdown widget allow multiple recurring events? for example, we stream saturday night 5pm, sunday morning 9am and sunday night 5pm… we would prefer not to have to change the widget 4 times every weekend

Hi Mholtrlc,

Next event countdown widget can be set to “Next future event” (this is exactly what you need for recurring events) or can be set for specific event.


Is there an HTML version available of this template?


Hi Agoddard,

No, it’s available only as WordPress theme. We haven’t any plans to make HTML version of this theme.

Kind regards.

I cant figure out how to change the url to the ribbon at the top of the page without doing it manually. Where will I be able to do it? How do I change the download the sermon and the footer with the when and where, follow us, list shortcode and unlimited flexibility? Thanks.

Hi Jeremiah3835,

You can change URL for header ribbon at Dashboard->Theme options->Header->Call to action header ribbon URL . You can set this option at blank to hide ribbon.

To change others things you need edit widgets at Dashboard->Appearance->Widgets.

Download sermons – look for “front” sidebar.

Follow us and etc. – footer sidebars.


good night

my template is not working, I installed using wordpress but the main part and the thin bar is not showing anything, the only thing that appears is the header. I wonder if you have a vertão in Portuguese (Brazil) I look forward to a return of settlement failures

the pages are not being met do not see anything

Hi Petmulder,

After theme install you will get clean WordPress with default content. You need to setup all your content as you need. Check provided documentation to learn how to use this theme.

Also we included “Dummy content installer” at our theme, you can get same content as we used for preview site. You can go to Dashboard->Theme options->Dummy content and press install button. DO NOT INSTALL dummy data on your live website. It can corrupt your existing data.

Kind regards.

I have a few questions..

1. if you go to the demo here:

you see the sortable feature.. I would like that feature on my pricing page.. how can i setup sortable for regular pages to match the look of the above link?

2. You have uploaded a new version with fluid slideshow images fixed I would think for mobile devices.. .how do I upgrade this without losing all of my hard work on this template? There must be an easy way…

3. When with the fix come for the ipad full menu instead of the drop own menu..

Thanks !

Hi Wellis,

1. This theme have sortable feature only for galleries shortcode. It’s not possible from the box to make sortable feature for pages.

2. It was a bug with content align for fluid slideshow layout. What’s wrong with slideshow for mobile devices now? This theme responsive and can be viewed on mobile devices.

If you didn’t modify theme files you can simply re-upload new version to your host. You can’t loose any content with upgrading files.

3. We’ll include this change at update on next week.


Hello themoholics, any chance you know why the teaser and col short codes direct me to the same web page instead of 3 different teaser web pages which I wanted (I want different teaser links to different page)? thank you

Please see my short code below. thank you for your help very much in advance [one_third] [teaser url="" title="Why to Participant?" post="3298" ]learn more...[/teaser][/one_third] [one_third] [teaser url="" title="How to Participant? " post="3315" ]learn more...[/teaser][/one_third] [one_third] [teaser url="" title="Program Features" post="3319" ]learn more...[/teaser] [one_third last=last]

Hi Bigrice,

You’ve messed up shortcodes a bit. Try to use next code:

[one_third] [teaser url="" title="Why to Participant?" post="3298" ]learn more...[/teaser][/one_third] [one_third] [teaser url="" title="How to Participant? " post="3315" ]learn more...[/teaser][/one_third] [one_third last=last] [teaser url="" title="Program Features" post="3319" ]learn more...[/teaser] [/one_third]


Thank you themoholics. It works perfect

sorry I’m doing the procedure in the past documentation. I’m not able to use the same model structure. when I load the theme is missing a lot. Example. Events, videos, gallery. etc.. I’m using wordpress clean. I activate the theme and it still does not work.

I thank you for your attention

thank you

Hi Petmulder,

Can you send us your WordPress login via contact form on our profile or website? We’ll check your issue!


How do I delete the event counter on the right top?

Sorry found out it was just a simple widget. My bad.

having issues with the teasers. you can see on my demo site the image appears and the teaser is way below it mixed in with a blog…

Hi Pcameron,

Sorry, but it’s a bug when teaser inserted at 1/4 column.

You can add custom CSS rule at Dashboard->Theme Options->Custom styles:
.one_fourth .teaser_title {top: 30px !important;font-size: 14px !important;}

Will add this fix at next update.