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I’m having trouble with the install. I’m getting a error reading: “are you sure you want to do this please try again:


Hi Vidaudio,

Did you extract all files from downloaded archive? Also, read included documentation.



When using a gallery inside column shortcodes ([one_half]), I no longer am able to have my gallery appear as columns [gallery columns=”2” orderby=”title”]

The gallery only appears with one column.

How can I fix this?


Hi Grunze,

It will be fixed at next update.

Kind regards.

How can I get tabs or toggles in my sidebars like you have them here:

Thank you in advance

.... Just figured it out: Copy and paste short codes into a “Text” widget.

Awesome theme! I love it!

Tabs not working in IE but working in chrome, help!!!

Hi Chonafree,

You need send more details to get some help. We haven’t same problem.

Kind regards.

Hi guys,

in your demo site, you use sidebar called “front” for the “DOWNLOAD LATEST SERMON ” stuff on the frontpage. I’m trying to use a similiar sidebar at the exact same place, but I’m having an issue with it:

When I use normal text, the text gets alligned to the top of the text box, but when I use a headline style (like e.g. H2), the text gets vertically centered.

It gets even worse, when the text in that box becomes longer (2 or more lines), as the first line still remains centered vertically, the next lines expand below the first line.

This looks strange, as the “DOWNLOAD LATES SERMON ” button remains vertically alligned to the top.

You can see what I’m talking about here:

So, my hopefully simple question is: How do I make the headline text alligned to the top, instead of having the first line vertically centered?

Hi Sharkster,

It’s just have top margin, not vertically centered. You can try next custom CSS rule:
#title_sidebar .textwidget h2 {margin-top:0;}


Yup, that worked! :) Thanks again for your awesome support…

How can I make normal page sortable full width page? Like this page ( which shows tags All, App Game, Game Movie, Online Game above the gallery posts, I can’t do this on the page ( Even if I made gallery categories and made some gallery posts with its category setting, but I can’t see any tags. Plz, respond me as soon as possible. Thank you for your concern…

Hi Joshuafound,

You need to use gallery shortcode and set main gallery category (that have all your subcategories for filters) as source.

Check shortcode for already created page, also.

Kind regards.

how do we change the color of the nav bar??????????? thats a basic function… not in admin… O yeah you can change it but it changes the whole header color??????????

Hi mkguyver222,

Yes, it’s linked to whole color area at header. You can try add next custom CSS rule:
.mainmenu {background-color: green;}


Hi there!

I didn’t manage to get the German translation to working. Its inside the theme main directory and the wp_lang is set to German. Could you give me any advice what i should do to get the translation on?

Best regards

Hi Jeremyzahner,

Maybe you need WordPress language pack, also? Check instructions how to upload only language directory.


Can’t be about that, got all language files in my wp-content/languages folder. My Backend is in German as well, as it should be. Only the plugins elements are in English. Also my “Define WP_LANG” is set to German. What else can i do?

Hi jeremyzahner,

Please check if calendar monthes or buttons in contact form are translated, it means that you translate was accepted. Germany translation was shared by one of our customers so it may be not full. If you can please translated missed elements and send it back to us to we can share it with others.


although I can see them in my visual editor, line breaks and pragraphs keep disappearing in my blockquotes. Is there any code in the theme that strips

from blockquotes?


Hi Themanwhoknows,

No, theme doesn’t strips any formating.

Kind regards.

Hi. I cannot make comments display on Pages, only on Posts. How can I fix this? I have ticked on all the options above in the ‘Screen Options’ tab. Thanks.

Hi, where is the contact form builder situated? can’t see it!


Hi Dee-uk,

Check editor buttons at visual mode.


Not sure if this has been answered before, but I would like to change the form button text. How can i change it to say “Submit” instead. Also, is there a way to have a confirmation message appear after the form is submitted rather than just showing the form again? Thanks!

Hi Parkerumcweb,

You can change this text at file /lib/shortcode/contact-form.php We’ll add feature to change button text from shortcode at next update.

Confirmation message always appear on form submit and after few seconds changed back to clear form.

Kind regards.

When this theme get boxed layout?? :(

Hi FoxterPL,

We haven’t any plans to make boxed layout. It can be done as paid customization.

Kind regards.

Hi. I’m trying to create a page template that spans the width of the entire page. Can you offer any help?

Hi Benwayj,

It’s possible as paid customization. Our rate is 50 usd per hour.

Kind regards.


Please visit my site and hover over “Night Life”—> “Photo Gallery”

Hovering over photo gallery it is like a black transparent color….how do I get this back to default?

Hi Mateenager,

You did modify some css styles. You can try add custom css style or just revert changes for same rule:
.sf-menu ul a:hover, .sf-menu ul li.sfHover>a { color:#e8e8e8 !important; }


Is there anyway to increase the number of fields that I can put on a form? Once I get to 9 items it stops giving me the option to add more fields. I need to get around 15 fields for a particular contact form. Please let me know.

Hi Bwmartinkc,

Thanks for report for this bug. We’ll make a fix asap.

You can send us your admin login and we’ll install this fix for you, before it available on themeforest.


Hey themoholics,

Love the theme. It’s worth every penny and more.

I do have a feature request though. The sortable gallery feature is awesome, but would it be possible to build out the same chunk of code to handle and sort just regular blog posts by category? We would love to see that and I’m sure it’d be another selling point. For a larger church like ours (multiple locations), sorting news into categories is a huge factor.


Hi 12Stone,

We’ll think about creating new blog layout with sortable function.

Kind regards.

Hi. Since installation the slideshow has not worked correctly. When making changes to slideshow settings: Next/Prev navigation does not show; Slideshow fixed height makes no difference and top and bottom paddings does not work.

This was a clean installation with 1.8. There is no jcycle slider option within slideshow posts to set Next/Prev navigation either?

Your demo works fine but mine with dummy content does not.

Please help.

Hi Lisasky,

You changed options at wrong place. At our dummy content slideshow used for page only, so you need got to check slideshow options on page edit screen instead global theme options.

Read documentation, also.

Kind regards.

Thank you for the quick reply.

Do you mean ‘options for jcycle slider’ on slideshow post page? These options: Next/Prev navigation; paddings; Slideshow fixed height are not there.

No, I’ve mean options for page where slideshow appear.

Check “FrontPage” page from dummy content.


1. Is there any code I can add or edit to make the logo centered on the head instead of left allign?

2. Can I change the padding around the logo so I can make it larger?

3. How do I get ride of the call to action ribbon?


Hi Lifewordmedia,

1. It can be done as paid customization, because it’s require changes at templates, not only styles. Our rate is 50 usd per hour.

2. You can use next custom CSS rule:
.logo span, .logo img {padding:50px 0 !important}

3. Just leave blank option for ribbon url.


Hi i wanted to add the Gallery shortcode like here: but im not sure how to do it.

Hi Benjaminrecinos,

Check shortcode buttons in editor in visual mode.

Kind regards.