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How can I adjust letter spacing (kerning) ?


Thank you! That solves the problem for the body text, how do I change it for the Main Nav & Slider Headers?

Hi jonmcquitty,

Here is the code for menu and slideshow title:
 .cycle_content h3.entry-title, .sf-menu>li>a {letter-spacing:10px !important}
Here is the code to change letter spacing for all elements:
body, #pagetitle h1, .cycle_content h3.entry-title, .teaser_title, .teaser_more, .logo a, .sf-menu>li>a, #main h1, #main h2, #main h3, .widget-title, .widget-title a, .widget_calendar caption, .postdate, .postdate strong.month, footer .widget-title, footer .widget-title a, footer .widget_calendar caption, input, textarea, keygen, select, button, isindex   {letter-spacing:10px !important}

You guys are the best. Thank You!

OK thanks, couldn’t see it for looking to hard. Is the contact form supposed to display my username and email address? because I don’t want it to.


Hi dee-uk,

You see it because you are logged in. Users won’t see it.

A little question re: your full width slideshow. What are the image dimensions of the man in a coat on your demo site? Any pictures I upload for the slideshow only fit 800px wide.

Hi limavadyhigh,

You need to set “Use feature image as background of slide”

Hi guys…

How can I set the slideshow on the frontpage to a fixed height? I read somewhere that it is is possible, but right now its adopting to the vertical size of each image (I guess that’s the default setting) and I didn’t find a place where I can change it to a fixed height.

Thanks for your help in advance…

Hi Sharkster,

We have unique slideshow settings for each page/post. So to set fixed height for front page you need to edit your front page, scroll down below the editor and you’ll see slideshow settings. Note: this option was added in version 1.4 of our theme.

Hi There! Still amazed at this theme, thank you so much. Can you tell me how to adjust the spacing of the widget area so that I can add an image under the search bar in my hearder? OR, to center the widget so the search bar is vertically centered. Thank you! —Jim

Hi 1daytokyo,

Please write from account used for purchase.

I got this Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in /home/peterv/public_html/charity/wp-content/themes/churchope/classes/Admin/Theme/class.php on line 1

Hi petervandever,

Please write from account used for purchase. We don’t have “class.php” in our theme.

Hi guys. What CSS code would I need to add to make the logo area the full width of the homepage (constrained to 960px obviously)? I was planning to add the logo with some nice background images. Thanks

Hi limavadyhigh,

You will need to change html markup, it is not that easy.

Thanks. It’s something we want to do unfortunately, have some pictures behind out logo etc. I looked at the HTML markup and notice there are two grids linked to the logo section. One grid holds the logo, the other holds the count down timer. Out of curiosity where could I change the dimensions of these grids? Would the attributes be in the stylesheets somewhere. Alternatively would you be aware of a way I could make the whole top of the page just for our logo? Thanks in advance! C

Hi limavadyhigh,

You don’t need to change dimentions.

You need to change two grid_6 containers to a single grid_12 in html markup.

Feature Image

I noticed you added the option to remove feature image thumbnail, but I wanted to remove feature images from the actual post not the thumbnail. I know I can comment this out in the editor but have no been able to find it. Here is the link to my gallery page and u will see why I want the top image (featured Image) gone. Thanks, Great Theme BTW !

Hi bbolinger,

Please check options for gallery post carefully. “Hide feature image” option was in our theme from the firdt version.

The time on our event countdown seems to be out. Is there a way to adjust that? Please see our site:

The next event is on Nov 23 at 7 pm. The days are right but the hours are short.

Thanks! Stacy

Hi smoroz,

Please check time zone in Settings -> General.

Why won’t my images scale down to fit within the container? It works in Chrome and Safari, but Firefox and IE won’t support this, it makes the image appear at its actual size. Any reason why?

Hi kurtcunningham,

First off all please provide a link so we can take a look. Also use add media to insert images instead of typing it manually, if you do.

Ah, that’s great thank you ;-)


Is there a way to make the small gallery even smaller? small is quite large and could do with being 1/2 or 2/3rd the current size.


Hi dee-uk,

It can be done but only as paid customization.


I have emailed a couple of times, and have now figured out how to do the sortable classic gallery. However I have two other questions:

- sometimes when I click on a filter item, it takes me to a another page with images related to this? How do I stop it doing this? - also if I want to reorganise the images, is there a way to organise the images by name or manually, or rearrange the filters/categories etc?

Thanks, Melanie

Hi mel_kaw,

If filter doesn’t work sometimes it means you have some js errors. It can be because of some plugins.

Other sortable options can be done only as paid customization.

Also I have one other question,

Where do I specify for the social follow us widget to link to a new window instead of the same one?


Hi mel_kaw,

It is not possible for social widget, only for social shortcodes.

Also, the pagination on the gallery isn’t working – have I done something, no matter how many I display I get a 404 error page when I try to click page 2 or 3 o4 etc ?

gallerypage/2/ or gallerypage/3/ etc

Hi dee-uk,

It is because you removed trailing slash ”/” in permalinks. Settings->Permalinks


Is it possible to let the header image(s) load first, before the other content of the page ? I have very long pages with loads of images and it is a pity that the header image only loads at the end of the sequence.

Regards, Jorick

Hi jorickmichiels,

It is not possible, it would break the slideshow.

Sorry for such a simple question, where do i locate the download tab in order to update my theme, churchope. Also will I lose any data when I update????

Sorry to be a pain, however I am logged into my account and still do not see the download tab, is it hidden somewhere???? Thanks for the assistance

Also, where can I find the version of churchope on my system, so can always check to see if I am using the latest one or not. Thanks,

Hi lwiemers,

You can got to this link when you logged:

To check installed theme version you need go to WordPress Dashboard->Appearance->Themes and look for Version number at top of page under the current theme name.


I bought this theme and let me tell you that it’s simple awesome.

I am also using bbpress on the same site I am using this theme. does this theme includes bbpress theme or is there a way I can get it ?

Hi bharattekwani,

Our theme does not support bbpress.


rm4 Purchased


How could I change the name of Events to something else like Classes? So the countdown will say “Next Class In 4 Days”


Hi rm4,

You can change this text in next event widget settings.

Simply go to Appearance->Widgets and edit “Next Event” widget in “Header Sidebar”

I downloaded from jamesxavier account. Thank you!

Hi 1daytokyo, Please write from account used for purchase.

Hi again,

You can add any widget to header sidebar under your search.

Also, you can add custom CSS rule to adjust paddings of this area:
header .widget {padding: 80px 0 15px;}