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When having a map on a page and showing on an iPhone or smaller screen side, the map takes the users scroll, so it does not allow to scroll below it.

I’ve set the map to be draggable:false – but that still takes the scroll. Any other suggestions for the map I could use so that the user can’t scroll around the map, instead if moved up and down, it moves down the whole page?


Hi KaiserBuns

I will forward it to developer and if this problem wiil be found, it will be fixed.

Hello there. Great theme. Kindly give offer some assitance on the following:

  1. I would like to change the background color of the homepage slider area.
  2. Fix the height of the homepage slider div
  3. Adjust the background color of the footer menu link area (not the footer widget area, rather the div section with the copyright text)
Shall appreciate your speedy response.

Hi emugre,

1. You can change it in Theme Options -> Header Check our faq, if you want to have menu and slideshow bg to be different:

2. You can adjust slideshow page in slideshow settings block below the editor when you edit page.

3. Add following code in Theme Options -> Custom Styles:
#copyright {background-color: red;}

Thank you for the code. I realize I can add anything in the header, but the spacing between widgets was very wide. I will try this and see how it goes. thank you again!

One other quick question. Is there a way to have the slideshow OFF by default, instead of having to turn it off on every page or post I create?

Hi jamesxavier,

If you have slideshow on every page and post it means that you turned on Global slideshow in Theme Options->Slideshow.

But when I turn that off, the home page slideshow disappears too. How do I just use it on one page?

Well same as you turned off it on every page… but turn on.

Display Alphabetically.

Hello, I am using the gallery posts feature to display a list of venues. In the main menu the user can click on the venues tab which displays all the venues no problem. I would like to display these alphabetically and have been trying to use $posts = query_posts($query_string . '&orderby=title&order=asc&posts_per_page=-1'); to do this in the loop-galleries.php file. I cant get this working, could you help at all. I understand it is no theme specific but would appreciate any help!

Hi there,

Your theme is brilliant, thank you very much for the hard work.

Is there any way to have the a certain blog display the full post rather than having to click the post name to see the full article.

I would like this for just one specific category of posts rather than all of them.

Thanks a lot,


Hi Alex,

Theme have option only switch excerpts to full content for all blog listings. Check option at Dashboard->Theme options->Blog

We can do function to switch it separately for each category as paid customization.

Kind regards.

Can you contact me ASAP privately for cost of customisation please, to consider – please bear in mind when quoting the site is for charity to raise money for neuroblastoma and not for profit.


Hi Dee-uk,

We can’t contact you, because you didn’t enable contact form on your profile.

You can send us private message via contact form on our profile or website.

Our customization rate is 50 usd per hour.

Kind regards.

Hi! I’d like to order the event listing for the event_date. I’d try to add order criterion in loop-events.php file, but doesn’t work. Where I need to change?


Hi Stregatto,

Events are already ordered by event time for event date listing.

Or I didn’t understand your question.


thanks for reply. You understand the right thing. I have the events ordered like this: 20 sept 2012 next 30 october 2012. I’d like to view the list in the reverse order. First the 30 october post, next the 20 september post. And when I’ll add the 20 november 2012 post it must be the first. Now it’s depending to the “date of the post” not the “date of the event”. I hope I’d explain my doubt.


Hi Stregatto,

Yes, we this problem for events categories. We’ll try to fix it at next update.

Kind regards.

Hello. I love the theme, is fantastic and my client is very happy. I have 2 question1:

1. How can I avow the navigation arrow to disappear? I want the there all the time, and

2. how can I change the position of the arrows?

Hi Olave73,

You need edit /js/script.js

Search for jQuery('#color_header') and delete comment whole hover function.

Search for jQuery("#slide_next, #slide_prev") and adjust arrows top position.

Also you need add next custom css rule:

#jcyclemain_navigation {display: block !important;}


Whenever I upgrade this theme all my widgets disappear. The sidebars remain, but they become empty and all the widgets move the ‘Inactive widgets’ area in the WP > Appearance > Widgets section.

What am I doing wrong?

It will be great if you could provide with a step-by-step guide on to how to upgrade to the latest version of your theme without causing disruption to the widgets.

Many thanks!

Hi cioman2,

You need upload new files via ftp to same old version directory and just overwrite all files. At this way you wouldn’t lost widget settings.

When you switch themes all widgets going to inactive. It’s how WordPress works.

Kind regards.



It is possible to add images to the content in Toggles? Whenever I have tried to do so, it breaks all of the toggles. If it is possible to insert an image into a toggle, can you reply with an example of how I need to format it?


Hi NBates41,

Simply add an image:

[toggle type="white" title="some title" active=""]<img src="" />[/toggle] 

I would like to see how other churches have used this theme. Do you have some samples of how this theme has been used?

I’m having trouble installing Dummy Content. I left it installing overnight and still no good. Any ideas?

Hi Rrinkel,

Could you send admin login and we’ll check your issue?

Also, try increase php memory limit:


Hi, I’m also trying to change this code: if ((!is_front_page() && (!$slider || $slider 'Disable') && !is_single() && !$usemap) || get_query_var('pagename') ‘customeventslist’). I need to show in singular events page the “category” and not the title or nothing. I removed the maps but now I’m not able to understand how do you define the singular event page without modify all others. I’d like to show for all the singular pages the first category, nothing in front_page e in page the title as it does.

I hope to explain the matter.


Hi Stregatto,

We did similar customization at past.

You need add next code at title.php on line 205:
<?php if (is_singular() && isset($post->ID) && $post->post_type == Custom_Posts_Type_Event::POST_TYPE && !get_post_meta($post->ID, Locate_Api_Map::getMetaKey(), true)):?>    
        <div id="pagetitle" class="clearfix row">
        <div class="container_12">
            <div class="grid_12">
                $terms = get_the_terms( $post->ID, Custom_Posts_Type_Event::TAXONOMY );
                if ($terms) {
                    $term = array_pop($terms);
                    echo '<h1>'.$term->name.'</h1>';

<?php endif;?>


When sharing using Facebook (using the share shortcode) for an Event, it is not grabbing the content, but rather the title, time, location, etc. I’ve tried various Open Graph meta tags plugins to no avail.

Bottom line, when I share an event on FB, it looks bad…

Hi Mattmaes,

Thanks for reporting us this problem.

We’ll try to fix it at next update.

Kind regards.

Hello, may you tell me which font did you used for logo? thanks

Hi Batagliao,

It’s Myriad Pro.

Kind regards.

Is there a way to use a different google font for different sections of the site? example, I’m using LATO for my nav and headlines, but I’d like to use a different one for sub heads, etc.

It’s not possible from the box.

Can be done as paid customization.


Also, is there a way to change the color of the social icons found in footer section2?

Hi Jonmcquitty,

It’s image sprite, so you need edit image to change icons color.

Kind regards.

Where is the image located? I could change the image color easily if I knew where it was pulling from…

You need edit next image: /images/sprite_social.png



I would like to change the color of the buttons on the teaser. I kow that I can change the general color for content links to change the color of all links and the buttons, but I want to use separate colors for the links and for the buttons on the teaser…

Thanks in advance…

Hi Sharkster,

You can try next custom CSS rule:
.teaser_title {background:green;color:yellow}
.teaser_more {background:blue;color:cyan}