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Awesome Theme!

I have some little problems:

I inserted blog posts on my frontpage with the “Insert Blog” button from visual editor. On every post there is a little arrow at the end of the title. In the browser Firefox this little arrow appears over the titel if the title is longer than one line. In other browser the arrow is correctly at the end of the line.

I made a screenshot to show you.

On the frontpage, the navigation shows always a hover effect. This happens in all browser. But only on the front page. On any subpage the navigation is correctly.


This is my site:

Sorry for bad english.

Hi Kunstschlosser,

Thanks for purchase!

1. We’ll fix it at next update.

2. Nothing wrong with highlighting, you did set url to homepage for some buttons. So when you are on frontpage all your menu with home urls highlighted as current page.

Kind regards.

How do I make the menu at the bottom right corner of the page (like you did in demo) to the right of the copyright text?

Thanks for your previous quick replies!

This theme rocks! And support is top notch!

Hi StephenKurkinen,

Go to Appearance-> Menus. There are “Footer menu” drop down in first box at the top of the page. Create new menu for footer and choose it in this drop down.

Thank you so much for your quick response. you guys are awesome!

I love this theme!

What do I need to do in order to show more than two or more events in the same day so that they will show up on the calendar?? What I am doing now sends me to a broken link when I click on “there are more than one event” Thanks, lori

Could you send admin login and we’ll check your issue?


Which email address can I send my admin information to. Don’t feel comfortable putting it up on the forum here. Thanks, Lori

You can send it via form on our profile or website.


Hello, i’m interested in your themes, if you don’t mind, could you email me or reply here for the screenshot of your main theme options and your editing home page in WordPress admin, thanks

Hi Hardian,

You can test our theme on TestDrive here:

just switch theme to ChurcHope and test it. You can install dummy content, also.

Kind regards.

Hi! Absolutely love the theme. However, I can’t seem to get the slider appear on my homepage at all. I know I have to be doing something wrong.

I’ve gone through all the settings and everything looks like it should be fine. Ideas?


Hi Jordanwiseman,

You need to check slideshow settings for page that you are using as frontpage. Also you need assign category for each slideshow post.

Kind regards.

AMAZING THEME ! LOVE it! 2 questions – 1. how can I change the calendar? I would like it to show Sunday through Saturday, it’s currently showing Monday-Sunday. 2. I have loaded mp3 sermons easily, but how can I make them downloadable?

Thank you so much for this rocking :sunglasses: Theme! Corib

Hi Corib,

Thanks for purchase!

1. Go to Dashboard->Settings->General and change “Week Starts On” option 2. It’s impossible from the box. Can be done as paid customization.


Ahahaha, sorry I thought the calendar setting was in the theme setting somewhere. Oops. 2. Could you email me a price for the download customization?

Thanks, Corib


Couldn’t send you message, because you didn’t activate form on your profile.

Our rate is 50 usd per hour.

Your customization will be above hour.

Kind regards.

Just reposting – any chance you could help me with this? Display Alphabetically. Hello, I am using the gallery posts feature to display a list of venues. In the main menu the user can click on the venues tab which displays all the venues no problem. I would like to display these alphabetically and have been trying to use $posts = query_posts($query_string . ‘&orderby=title&order=asc&posts_per_page=-1’); to do this in the loop-galleries.php file. I cant get this working, could you help at all. I understand it is no theme specific but would appreciate any help!


Hi Neilsimpson,

If you are using gallery shortcode for your listing, so you need modify query for this shortcode. Look at next file – /lib/shortcode/shortcode.php line 403 (at latest theme version).



Is it possible to move the Header Sidebar to the left!?


Hi idesigntoday,

Yes, it’s possible, but you need edit header.php

Kind regards.

I figured out my slideshow issue! Thanks!

However, something else I noticed that I was wondering about…

I have a page simply called “Posts” that’s not in my navigation where I set my blogs posts to go to and made my own homepage. I want to use my blog for various things like News, Messages, etc. So I just inserted the blog into each page with the category using your shortcode. The only issue is that when I click on those posts the header says “Posts” instead of whatever the category is. Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you so much!

Hi Jordanwiseman,

No, it’s not possible to change that title, because your page haven’t any relations with shortcodes on it.

Why just not use post categories?

Kind regards.

I have a few presales questioins. These may have been asked before and if so I apologize!

1) Is there a boxed layout option for the site. And if so, is it possible to have the home page the fullwidth layout and the rest of the site the boxed version?

2) Can the map at the top on the events pages be disabled?


Hi Design126,

1) It’s not possible from the box. Can be done as paid customization.

2) Yes, map can be disabled for event post.

Kind regards.

Thank you for a GREAT theme. Sent a separate message for minor customization…hope it finds you well. Also, would help me understand how Gallery post vs Standard post work. And, what is best practice.

Hi RicDizon,

We’ll reply on your email asap. Have a ton of emails. Gallery post have a custom options that uses for gallery shortcodes, etc.


Is it possible to make a fortnightly event?

Hi Joshcrampton,

No, our events system haven’t this.

Kind regards.


I’m really loving the theme!

Quick question, I still have version 1.5 and I’ve been trying to upload to the new version by copying the churchope folder on ftp but it doesn’t seem to work. Is there another way to upgrade the version?

Hi Aaep2002,

Did you upload new files at same directory?

You can install theme via dashboard, but at this way WordPress reset your settings for widgets and menus.

Kind regards.

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I copied the folder “churchope” over the same one found in wp-content—> themes. over the old ones. Was there another way of doing that?

I can’t find any available update option via the dashboard, it says all themes are up to date (but it still says I have Churchope version 1.5).

Are you sure that you downloaded latest version and after uploaded files from it? Because all must works as you described.

You can send us ftp details and we’ll update it for you.


Hello I’ve bought the theme today and installed it. I wanted to update the logo on the theme and use my custom logo so i uploaded the logo file and I tried to save. When i click save, its sending me to a 404 not found page!!!! Please help! :(

Hi Ashishtadigiri,

Could you send admin login and we’ll check your issue?

Did you upload any other images for posts?


Hello !

I think I have found a bug that I would like you to solve.

When I add more then 9 slideshows to a category and show it on a page, the index indicators are hidden behind the image starting from image 2. You can see it happening here where I have added 10 slideshows to the page:

However, it works just fine for example here: where I have only added 9 slideshows to the page.

In the future I would like to be able to post up to 30 slideshows on one page.

Can you have a look at this and try to solve it ?

Regards, Jorick

Hi Jorick,

You need add next custom CSS rule:
#navcycle {z-index:1000}

Thanks for bug report, we’ll include it at next update.

Kind regards.

How you put events in the calendar? I cant find any option where I can do that. Also I cant delete already existing events in the calendar. I mean I can but when i do that it looks like they were deleted from the list but not from the calendar.

Hi Calanau,

Events calendar using events categories. So you need assign some categories for your events and after set it for calendar.

Kind regards.

When I add an event, it shows up on the calendar, but once clicked on it goes to a page that says “page couldn’t be found.” How can I fix this?

Thank you for the great help!

Hi Jonmcquitty,

You need go to Dashboard->Theme options->Events and click Save button. it will reapply custom permalinks for events. Or try disable plugins to locate which one bugged.


I don’t have a “Slideshows” navigation option like you show here:

Mine just says … Posts | Pages | Events | Galleries | Testimonials | Theme Options | Media | etc… and no “Slideshows” option.

I installed from a clean slate. Any idea what the issue could be? I have no idea how I can edit my “hero” slideshow area.

Hi Sir_foulto,

Could you send admin login and we’ll check your issue?

Didn’t see same problem before.


I would like to remove the red circle from the hover over effect on images. I was wondering if there is a feature that I am missing in the theme that allows me to turn this off, or if this is something I need to comment out. Thanks so much for such a great theme!

(BTW I wish themeforest had a way to search past comments! So I would know if this question was asked yet.)

Hi Bbolinger,

You need edit /js.script.js file and comment whole function that beginning from:
  jQuery("a[data-pp^='lightbox'], a.thumb").hover(function(){.....

Yes, we are dreaming about better comments system also :)


Please could you advise me how to get the custom image for the header area setup, and also will the slider images show as the background for the header area as well?

Hi leadfootlg,

You can upload custom pattern for header or color header area at Dashboard->Theme options->Header.

Slide featured image can be placed on slide background. There area lot of options you need to test them.


Sorry don’t think I explained myself well… I am trying to get the slider to be the background of the main menu, rather than a custom pattern or custom color?

It’s not possible to make slider under menu.