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Since updating theme files via FTP I have not been able to get the slideshow to work. Also, I am having a problem with widgets and sidebars. Specificaly, I can’t get anything to show up on the right side sidebar. Also, I intermittently get the following message:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_plugin_data() (previously declared in /hermes/waloraweb012/b1026/pow.strent/htdocs2/wp-admin/includes/plugin.php:72) in /hermes/waloraweb012/b1026/pow.strent/htdocs2/wp-admin/includes/plugin.php on line 106

Please help!

Since updating theme files via FTP I have not been able to get the slideshow to work. Also, I am having a problem with widgets and sidebars. Specificaly, I can’t get anything to show up on the right side sidebar. Also, I intermittently get the following message:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_plugin_data() (previously declared in /hermes/waloraweb012/b1026/pow.strent/htdocs2/wp-admin/includes/plugin.php:72) in /hermes/waloraweb012/b1026/pow.strent/htdocs2/wp-admin/includes/plugin.php on line 106

Please help!

Hi Mlgatrent,

You got a lot of javascript errors from your fb-traffic-pop plugin. Try to disable it and you get slideshow work.

As i see you didn’t assign sidebar to blog listing. You can do it at Dashboard->Theme options->Blog.

Where exactly you have error that you wrote above?


disabled FB Traffic Pop and my slideshow is back… I do have a sidebar selected for the Blog, but it places widgets between the Slideshow and the blog posts…

Hi Mlgatrent,

It’s because you set sidebar instance for under title sidebar spot. Check sidebar options on right side of edit screen, also.


So how about changing the appearance of the wp-admin login screen? It’s currently branded as Churhope. Perhaps this wasn’t mentioned in docs (afaik) because it’s basic and everyone else knows how, but I haven’t found an option.

Hi Sovmed,

you can switch off login styling at Dashboard->Theme options->General.


It appears the font on the home page has changed, looks like its bold. But when I goto other pages the font is standard. Where can i change?

Hi RicDizon,

problem going from your dsidxwidgets plugin. Styles from plugin applied over theme styles.

Kind regards.

I really like this theme but when I clicked on Galleries to look at the scalables the main menu disappeared along with the slider. The gallery worked fine but there was no navigation. So you have a major bug. I am am on Safari 5.1.7. I will keep my eye out to see when this is fixed and then I will buy.

Also can you tell me how you do support and what your response time is.

Hi Hulagirl123,

Could you send url with issue or better screenshot?

Our preview have slideshow only on frontpage, so gallery pages haven’t slideshow.

We provide help for our customers and our response time 0-72 hours usually.

We also provide paid customization. Our rate is 50 usd per hour.

Kind regards.

Sorry I meant sortable galleries.

I think I may have found a bug… When my site responds to it being viewed on a iPhone it puts the menu bar into a selector drop down button where you select which page you want to view, but it has no ability to GO to that page, you select what page you want to view click done and it just stays on the frontpage.

Please help. **Please see for yourself by using your iPhone and view my website

Hi Leadfootlg,

I’ve checked your website and menu dropdown works for me.

Kind regards.

Thanks for quick response, yeah it is working for me now too, strange! All sorted cheers!

Hello. How could I use the feedburner email into a slider or anywhere in a page instead of widget. I want it inside a slider. Plaese help.

Thank you.

All the best Jeremiah

Hi Jeremiah,

It’s not possible from the box. Can be done as paid customization. Our rate is 50 usd per hour.

Kind regards.

Hi. The more tag doesn’t seem to be working when I look at my posts on the front page under Latest News.

Any ideas?


Hi Grunze,

Blog shortcode using excerpts instead content, to prevent any wrong html formatting.

You can fill excerpt field with custom text. It’s how WordPress works.

Kind regards.

I have couple of questions about contact form.

1. I would like to get the ip of the person who is sending a message via contact form. how can this be done?

2. In website field it requires the user to enter and if someone types in or it shows an error. I would like to let the form submit even if someone types in as or just How can I do this?

Hi Bharattekwani,

1. It’s not possible from the box. Can be done as paid customization. Our rate is 50 usd per hour.

2. Website field require http:// , if you don’t want it you can use text field instead without url validation.

Kind regards.

Can you share how to fix the output of the following test pages.

Home Search Results


Actually Property


The information is not displayed correctly and useless as it displays.

Hi RicDizon,

It’s 3rd party plugin output. You need customize styles for it to fit at current theme.

Kind regards.

Hi everyone. I love this theme very much. I just have one question: is it possible to show the Event Year instead of just the day and month? It could be useful for an events archive which has events during years… thank you

Hi raffaelerotondo,

Calendar shortcode already displaying year and we’ll add year to all other dates at next update.

Kind regards.

hmm… Embedding youtube video within slider issues. I have identical code, with identical options selected, giving me different resutls in different slides, and none good. 1) Tried modifying the dummy content slide by replacing vimeo with youtube link. Result: video isn’t clickable in any browser except IE. Isn’t even visible in Firefox. Tried: changing from short to long codes, etc., re-entering via th code tool. no luck. 2) Added new slide using thvideo shortcode tool. Will play in two browsers, but won’t align to the right side, even using identical code as dummy slide (column 1/2 last). 3) Added new slide and tried using standard embed, as well as shortcode embed with long and short links from youtube, and different sizing options. Result: none changed either the browser compatibility or the alignment issue.

Site is

P.S.: how do we get the left & right navigation arrows to show up? tried the nav option in slideshow theme options.

Hi, I can’t say what you did wrong because you didn’t provided the code you added. 1. You need to use video shortcode for slideshow.

2. If you want to have same slide as on our preview, you need to use column shortcodes.

You can see sample code for slide from our preview at the bottom of this page:

3. You need to set “Slide layout” for your slides with video as “full width content”, also check hide title.

4. Theme Options -> Slideshow is a global options. You need to set this options for your page. Click edit page, scroll down and you’ll see slideshow settings.

Thanks!! Main problem was not knowing there are three places to input slideshow options (missed it under “edit page”).

  • Are there known issues with youtube parameters (such as ?rel=0) in this theme? I’ve tried numerous versions of links with no luck.

Other notes:

- Fixed orginal issues via new slideshow post w/changes to page containing slideshow (formatting & functionality work)

- Never worked via replacing the dummy content, including identical code&options as the working version. Embed displays, but is unclickable in most browsers. Maybe this method isn’t intended to work. Either I can’t see where I failed, or a note to users not to try to simply replace dummy content might help (or maybe that warning is already in the docs).

Hi Sovmed,

It’s impossible add relations parameter to youtube url, you need edit next file to disable related videos – /lib/shortcodes.php: search for
var flashvars = {enablejsapi: '1', playerapiid: 'id$id'};
and change it to
var flashvars = {enablejsapi: '1', playerapiid: 'id$id', rel:'0'};


Hi, I wish to add the miniatures of the events in the list of the events, it’s possible? Thank you very much

Hi afbweb,

No, its not possible from admin (if you want to add images to event shortcode)

In fact, I wish to show the Thumbnail of the post by modifying the code in shortcode.php but my level php is really low :-( I manage to show them but I dont succeed in putting them in the flow of li … Are you sure? This option maybe really interesting for your theme!

Hi Afbweb,

It’s not fit at our design of this shortcode. But it can be done as paid customization.

Our rate is 50 usd per hour.

Kind regards.

Hi , I seem to be having some trouble with the contact form. I am getting the following error when sending:

“Something going wrong with sending email…”

Any ideas? Many thanks.

Hi Jmhayward,

It’s mean that you can’t use built in WordPress mail function. Did you get any email from your WordPress before?

Also you can look at some SMTP plugin for WordPress to set custom settings.

Kind regards.

Hi themoholics. Any ideas why the Google fonts don’t support other encoding/scripting than Latin? I would like to use one of the 17 Greek typefaces from Google fonts (like Advent Pro), but when I select the font from the admin settings, the Greek characters are not rendered with that font. They fall back to Arial and only the English/Latin characters get rendered with the Google font. Can I edit some CSS or JS file to enable the Greek script of a given Google web font?

Hi Bl333,

You need edit header.php at root of the theme directory, find next code:


and change it to



Is there some custom CSS code to make the header sidebar widget float right? Thanks!

Hi lifewordmedia,

No, it’s require to change header template markup also.

Kind regards.


I solved my previous problem but I have two more questions:

1. In the calendar we can put the events that are private protected by passwords. The question is can we have for instance two different passwords for the same event?

2. Is there a way to put a default profile picture for the users? Thanks

Hi Calanau,

1. It’s not possible for default WordPress.

2. Check Dashboard->Settings->Discussions at the bottom you can choose ChurcHope avatar as default. You can change it at /images/noava.png


Hey! Fantastic theme. I’m pretty confident I’ll purchase this for my nonprofit. I’ve been test-driving it for a little bit, and it looks great. I’ve one question, though: I’ve changed the frontpage sidebar, in order to change the text there, but I seem to have lost the frontpage slider in the process. I don’t know where I went wrong, but I can now put a slider on any page (by using the Global slider option) but not on the homepage… it just won’t appear. Any idea what it could be? Thanks!

Hi fedefracchia,

Check slider options on frontpage edit screen instead at global theme options. Theme have a next slideshow logic: 1. You can set global slideshow options for every page at theme options. Disable or enable slideshow. 2. You can overwrite global page for each individual post or page on edit screen. Same way disable or enable slideshow for current page.

So it’s extremely flexible :)

Kind regards.

Thanks for the reply. It must have been a glitch of some kind, because it wasn’t that. Anyway, I’ve already purchased the theme and am having fun exploring it. It’s really very flexible, so I’ll be sure to ask you if any new problems arise. Thanks!

Hello -

The lightbox feature (where the magnifying glass appears when you hover your mouse over a photo) is not working on my homepage ( even with me using the same code on this page (

What am I doing wrong that is causing the lightbox feature not to work properly.



Hi Craig,

I can’t check your website, because you have maintain mode activated for not logged users. But all that you need to do to get lightbox – it’s link content image to an image url.


I’ve taken the Coming Soon/Maintenance Mode off temporarily so that you could take a look at the code.




you need insert all your images from media library lightbox. Because you just copied images markup and it have errors.

Kind regards.