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Hi again,

I have a problem with a clock on top. When I go to the site it shows time to the next event for instance 30 min 55 sec, but when I go to any tab and click on it the time change to 28 min 55 sec, Then When I go back to the main page it shows again 30 min 55 sec. Even when i’ll wait for 15 min and go back to the mail page it goes back to 30 min 55 sec! (even tho the event will start in 15 min 55 sec). Could you tell me what could be a reason for this issue?

Here is the url:

I also have a problem with a plugin I installed. Its called s2member and it is a plugin for professional WordPress® membership management, integrating seamlessly with User Roles & Capabilities for WordPress®,

Everything works fine except one thing. When I creat a paypal button I have a big gap between text and the button. The guys from the plugin support told me that there might be a conflict between a theme and a plugin and they can’t help me (even tho they tried a lot): Here is a site you can see the problem:

Maybe you can help me and tell me can I change the .css file to make that gap disappered. They told me to put this code into my style.css file :

table tr td br { display: none !important; }

but it is not working and the bug is still there. I will appreciate any idea I can try.

Thanks a lot


The s2members issue has been resolved.

Hi Calanau,

As I said at previous message you have a wrong timers because using some wrong settings for WP-Super-Cache plugin.

I don’t know what exactly problem at that plugin settings.

We are using W3 Total Cache on our preview site, also.


Dear fantastic Theme I’m experiencing problems with the event feature. I’ve created som events, inserted the ”upcoming event” code in a page – but my events are not visible anywhere! I’m on a deadline, so I pretty desperate to make it work. Also – I’m not able to insert an event ind the menu-bar. How do I do this? The event page does not show up!

Is it a problem that I’ve translated the theme to danish and am using this?

Smiles, Marianne

Hi Marianne,

You need assign categories for events and events must be at future to display them at upcoming events shortcode.

You can add to menu any post or taxonomy, but for some of them you need activate additional boxes. Click the “Screen options” button at top right corner of page when you edit menu and check all options.



Thanks for being so helpful! Is it possible to change the “next event in” to the title of the next event instead? Also, is there a way to change the page wrap color (behind the main content area?) Last thing, inserting .mainmenu {background-color:Red} in the custom css area does not allow me to set the menu color to a color other than the color area. Please let me know!

My website is here:


Hi NBates41,

1. Go to Dashboard->Appearance->Widgets and edit events widget at Header sidebar.

2. you need to adjust images color also, not only css.

3. try it at this way:
 .mainmenu {background-color:red !important}


Hey i was wondering if there was a way to use the insert social link short code with the email option. All it says is to put a link and it works for everything else except the mail one. Is it possible for me to use the mail option and when someone clicks it, it opens up there default mail application.

Hi benjaminrecinos,

You need use default mail link syntaxes (‘mailto:’) for this shortcode, for example:


How do I get rid of the shadow on the menu text? Also, how can I start the monthly calendar with Sunday as the first day of the week?


Hi Mesabaptist,

1. add next custom CSS rule:
.sf-menu > li > a {text-shadow:none !important;}

2. It’s default WordPress settings. You can change it at Dashboard->Settings->General: Week Starts On


I need a separate menu for the mobile version. Is this possible? How?

Hi Rezolution,

It’s require header template and styles modifications. Can be done as pad customization. Our rate is 50 usd per hour.

Kind regards.

Hi there. Our site is now live however there seems to be an issue with some links on the homepage. My browsers (Chrome, Safari and Firefox) won’t let me click on the ‘latest news’ stories. Would anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?

You can see the site @

Hi Limavadyhigh,

You have wrong column setup for latest news and upcoming events sections. You are using 2/3 and 2/3 last columns instead 2/3 and 1/3 last.


Hey there!

I purchased this theme yesterday and would really really like to get it to work as the base of my website.. I have NEVER build a website and would like to activate the DUMMY CONTENT , but i cannot get it to work!

I have reinstalled wordpress two times now and installed/deleted churchope few times, but everytime i get this text:

Warning! DO NOT INSTALL dummy data on your live website. It will corrupt your existing data. We suggest you install dummy data only on clean WordPress setup. We do not hold any responsibility if you lost existing data.

Even if i ignore the text and push the button, nothing happens! So that doesn’t seem to be totally DUMMY PROOF !!! :D

Please help me out! :)

Hi Miridius,

Thanks for purchase!

You need try click install dummy content button with clean WordPress install or try another browsers. SOme customers have a problem with this option at Safari 6, because it have very aggressive cache.

Most common problem is lack of memory that allocated to your php process. You can try official WordPress solutions here:

You can provide login details and we’ll check your issue.

Kind regards.

Just gave this theme a 5-tar rating. Love it so far! Quick question. How do I change the events calendar to start with Sunday as opposed to Monday which is the default. Thanks!

Hi Basham,

Thanks for rated us!

It’s default WordPress settings. You can change it at Dashboard->Settings->General: Week Starts On


I’m not sure what I am doing wrong, but I am trying to use the gallery page to mix videos and pictures. How do I put the video show it shows up like a thumbnail like everything else? You can check out the gallery page here : I’m also having trouble with my Gravity Forms plugin. It’s not formatting correctly with the theme. You can view that here: Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Socialmediagrow,

1. You need add feature image for post with video as cover and add video url to lightbox URL option.

2. You can add next custom CSS rules for GravityForms:
.gform_wrapper li {padding: 0 !important;background: none !important;}
.gform_wrapper li:before {display:none !important;}


Thank you very much for your quick response! This theme rocks! It works perfect for what I am using it for. I followed your instructions and the formatting is working correctly for the Gravity forms, yet there is still little dot marks showing up like a


    Also, I cannot get the video to show up as a thumbnail to show up in the gallery?? What am I doing wrong?

Could you send admin login and we’ll check your issue?


Hi two quick questions…

1. On our event calendar (through your theme) we have multiple events that we need to show on each day instead of it only displaying the first event of the day. Is this possible?

For example click on any Sunday

2. I need to add the GodTube social media logo on the Churchope Social Links widget. How can I do this?

Hi Cruxcreative,

1. It’s not possible, because it’s not fit our calendar design. If you have an idea how to place multiple events at one day on our calendar, than we’ll can do it as paid customization.

2. You need edit widget file – /classes/Widget/SocialLinks.php , add image and add custom styles.

Our rate is 50 usd per hour.

Kind regards.

Works perfectly, where are the images located so that I can put in logo in?

It’s a sprite images located at /images/sprite_social.png

Hey I’m having trouble with the insert share button short code. The twitter option works fine but the Facebook option is giving me a hard time. I don’t know if you can give me a example of a code to see if I’m doing something wrong?

Hi Benjaminrecinos,

Just use shortcode button at visual mode of editor, don’t copy and paste shortcodes!


Hi i think i know why the short code wasn’t working, i think i need to update the theme. I still have version 1.3 and right now 1.8 is out. So i read the FAQ and you said “The best way to update our theme is overwriting files via ftp. Don’t forget to make a backup.” What do you mean by overwriting files via ftp.?

You need upload new files at old directory via FTP client, to save all your settings like widgets and menus.

Read this article at WordPress codex:


I’m having trouble with the twitter widget… Every instance that I place the widget it just pops up with text that says “can’t connect to Twitter”

Any suggestions?

Couldn’t be #1, because I’ve been trying constantly since I started using this them about three weeks ago. And it couldn’t be #3, trust me I’ve checked that a billion times.

It must be #2, What do I need to do to resolve this issue?

Thank you again for the outstanding customer service. couldn’t be happier with the theme.

Could you send admin login and we’ll check exactly your problem?


Just sent you a personal message- Thanks a lot!

Hi, i am receiving the following message when i run a plugin check in Nextgen

Check theme compatibility Missing the call to wp_head() in your theme, contact the theme author

Can you help? Please?


hello again,

i uploaded the theme using the .zip method, i reinstalled the Nexgen gallery, i checked the header.php & came up w’ the following <?php if (is_singular() && get_option('thread_comments')) { wp_enqueue_script('comment-reply'); } wp_head(); ?>

any other ideas?


i forget to mention that i use a child theme but that should not have anything to do with it right?

Just disable this compatibility check feature. It’s bugged and a lot of users asking about this problem over the web.

We have few customers who used NextGen plugin without any problems.

Hi Themoholics,

Thank you SO much for your reply!

I was using safari 6 so no wonder.. I downloaded Opera 12.10 which is compatible with my Mac OS X 10 .2.8. and should be with any PC, Mac and Linus, and now got my Dummy content!

I’m looking forward to start working with this amazing looking and remarkably customizable theme! :P

p.s. might contact again.. ;)

Can I change the height of the main menu?

Hi Leadfootlg,

It’s a bit complex thing, but I’ve ready styles to decrease height of menu on 20px less:

.sf-menu > li, .sf-menu > li>a {height:40px;font-size:14px}
.main_menu {min-height:32px}
.sf-menu > li:hover > ul, .sf-menu > li.sfHover > ul  {top:36px;}
.mainmenu_inner {background-position:0 -20px !important}


Legend! Thanks.

Hi again! :)

Stupid me, but..

I would like to have a link to my blog on the frontpage, but every one i tried seems to go staight to that certain message. I could use one that goes to my blogs “frontpage” where one can find a short list of posts with the pagination. I don’t want to use a teaser coz i already have 3 small ones on top of that. Is that even possible or do i have to figure something else? :)

Best regards

Hi Miridius,

Unfortunately, I don’t understand what you exactly want. You can make a text link to you blog listing page, or use button shortcode, or make menu button.

Kind regards.


I have a few questions I need help with.

1) How do I change the size of the body text for the website? I need a custom style code for that I believe

Regarding that, I am a little frustrated at this point that you did not make the CSS files available in the editor. It’s annoying that I have to ask you for a code just to change a text size. I would ask that you make the CSS files available in the future so I can make my own changes.

2) I have my blog set up to show the entire post instead of the excerpts on the main blog page and strangely the paragraph spacing gets squished on the main page. When you click each blog post the spacing returns and looks as it should. Please advise.

Best regards,


Hi Chuck,

1. You can try next CSS rule:

body {font-size:16px;}

or for content only:

#main {font-size:16px}

If you will modify css files you can’t update this theme or lost you custom changes on each update. Custom styles option save all your rules to database and feature updates are safe. You can use any browser code inspector to navigate throw styles, if you know css. For example at Chrome browser you can press F12 key for inspector.

2. You need add next custom CSS rule:

.blogtitles p {padding: 0 0 10px 0 !important;}

Thanks for bug report, we’ll include this fix at next theme update.



trf Purchased


Uploading photos from the media library has been fine so far, but today I’ve been trying on several search engines to upload/insert photos or audio and when I press “insert into post”, the screen goes blank/white and nothing happens. I can’t insert any picture. Can you explain why? Cheers

Hi Trf,

What did you mean with “trying on several search engines”?

Could you send admin login and we’ll check your issue?



trf Purchased

I tried to see if the problem was only ocurring when I connect through one type of browser (IE, Firefox, etc.). Where shall I send you my details?

You can send it via contact form on our profile or website.