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Hello themoholics, May I consult you with another question? One of my premium plugins now has a conflict with your minify files in this great theme. The plugin can work perfectly under WP twenty eleven.

Errors comes from:

Could you please advise me if this issue can be solved? if so, how? if not, is there any walk-around?

Thank you very much in advance

How can I remove the header and footer menus and links to create a LANDING PAGE for pay per click ads?

I need the main menu and footer MENUS REMOVED so the user can not click on any links to leave the page.

Hi Websitedevelopment,

Go to Dashboard->Appearance->Menus and delete them?

yes, but i want the menus on the rest of the pages, only landing pages don’t have menus, how do i handle this with your theme?

Hi Websitedevelopment,

It’s not possible from the box.

Can be done as paid customization. Our rate is 50 usd per hour.

Kind regards.

This may be a silly question, but 1.) I can’t find out how to vertically center text within a slideshow or page. I see slide show options to center, right, or left the content, but nothing about the spacing before and after the text. I just want it to have equal spacing before and after the text so that it is vertically centered. Please help! 2.) Also, is there a simple way to add just a few blank lines before and after text? Sometimes my content needs just a little extra space to breath. Thanks

Hi StephenKurkinen,

1. Theme haven’t option to vertically center slide content 2. You can try multiple enter on new line at visual editor.


Hi. I just purchased the website for WP but it keeps failing to upload? I downloaded twice still nothing. Any sugeestions?

Hi again.

I’ve set up my site and all is working well apart from the news page. After configuring the news widget sidebar, with adverts, search box etc it doesn’t appear on my news page @

I was wondering could you have a look to find out what’s causing this please? Have I done something wrong?

Thanks, C

Hi Limavadyhigh,

Go to Dashboard->Theme options->Blog and assign to blog listings option your sidebar instance.


Hi. I haven’t read all59 comments, so sorry if this question has already been asked – but I can’t figure out how to get the images besides the blog posts (latest news) as they are on the preview. How do I set this up?

Thank you for a great template!

Hi Rikkeholmberg,

You need use Feature image option for your posts.


Never mind. I found the answer. Thanks.


Just curious, do you have any video tutes/instructions on screenr/vimeo, etc?

I always find that easier than relying on comment sections if I hit a glitch.


Hi ChristinaTriana,

No, we haven’t any video tutorials.

We included documentation for our themes.

You can also can check FAQ section for this theme here: Or try it on our TestDrive here:

We also provide help for our customers via email.

Kind regards.

Also as a wp beginner I could really use som help on how to make galleries. I plan to upload lots of photos, make different gallery categories and have the “from gallery” widget show the different categories on the different pages, but I cant for the life of me figure out how to do this.

Is there some help files somewhere I could dive into??

Just create new gallery post for each of your photo and assign to this post category.

@rikkeholmberg As a workaround, you could place all your photos into a single category (and still retain all your separate categories). Then, when you want to post a gallery using all photos, you’d just need to select that 1 single category – the one with all photos.

Could that work?

Or, if you still want to post a certain category in one place and a 2nd, somewhere else, then do it that way. Instead of choosing multiple categories at a time.

Heh, I haven’t even installed this yet, but I’ve run into this problem with other themes, too.

There’s a readme file in the zip file, as well, for Galleries.

@ChristinaTriana Where should I find the readme file you say? There is no documentation at all in what I downloaded…

Hi Rikkeholmberg,

I hope you extracted all files from downloaded archive and installed exactly theme files. If YES , you can find documentation at extracted files.

Kind regards.

Hello, I wonder

1. if it’s possible to disable the minify js code in this great theme as it does create some conflicts with my other codes.

2. What impact would I have if I disable this js code? Any walk-around?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Hi Bigrice,

Modernizer is important script and theme can’t works well without it. You don’t need call for same Modernizer script at your code again, your script can use tests from theme Modernizer.


Quick question for you, when bullets are being used in a page with pictures, the line that gets added after each bullet is running into the image. How can this be fixed? Thanks.

Example… you can see how the lines are flowing on top of the picture.

Hi Cruxcreative,

You’ve inserted image inside h4 heading, you need to move it between h4 heading and your list.


Unfortunately that did not fix the issue.

Sorry, but I didn’t see any changes at code from last time… image still at wrong place.


Hello, is there a setting for how fast the twitter widget updates, it seems rather slow on my site.

Hi Istobbart,

Twitter widget have a cache at 30 minutes from first update. It’s require to save requests to twitter server if you have a lot of traffic on your WordPress.

You can reset cache by re save twitter widget options at dashboard. Or you can change this value at file /classes/Widget/Twitter.php search for:


and change it to:

return 60;
this value at seconds.


I am also trying to change the entire page (including the body where main text reads) to a darker color. I can’t find anything about that in the FAQ

Hi Pochiba,

You need to edit styles and some images that we made for frame content area.

It’s a complex modification to write you detailed instruction.

Kind regards.

I’m using galleries to create a staff page for my church. So far it’s working good, however I want to add staff bios and such without it being shown on the main gallery page.

Right now I just have the person’s name as the gallery post title, and their job title in the post content. However I want to add in their bio, but just want their job title part to display on the main gallery page. I tried using the more tag, but it doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas?


Hi Jordanwiseman,

Gallery previews using excerpt instead content, so you can put you text for preview at excerpt metabox and don’t use more tag.


Hey i have a question about the events on my website. I have an event today at 7:30 Pm but it doesn’t show anymore. I would think the event would disappear once its over but it disappeared before it even started. What can i do?

Hi Benjaminrecinos,

You need to check timezone settings of your WordPress. It’s located at Dashboard->Settings->General: Timezone.


I am working with a church client where and considering using your theme.

I really like what you have done with integrating the calendar into the them and the flexibility of tweaking the them as I need it. I especially like the count downs and the flexibility of colors.

However, my client needs to have multiple calendars. They also need to be able to have it sync with outlook as they are having to enter all this information several time on website, outlook ect and looking to streamline these processes when I build their new website. My understanding is that they are using outlook with exchange server.

So I began looking at some ways to accomplish this. I found this plugin that has a kick butt calendar features. Even has diff categories that could be used as diff calendars. Maintains SEO and has Social media ingratiation with Facebook. Very cool especially for a church style organization.



So I am wondering is there a way that we could somehow integrate this with your theme to accomplish the things I am looking to do and keep it all responsive design as well? It would seem like this would be a huge bonus for your theme too.


Zorro….. <a>

Hi zorro1965,

Our events system not support any sync functions.

We can do paid customization to fit 3rd party plugins to theme design. Our rate is 50 usd per hour.

Kind regards.


The readme isn’t in the latest zip. I checked. It’s in my original download, but not the one currently listed. Fwiw.

Edit: well, actually it’s there, but it’s named “index” instead of “readme,” like it was before :)

Hi ChristinaTriana,

Thanks for purchase!

It always named as index at documentation directory of our themes.


Hi, how can i get the arrows that are on the sides of the sliders on the homepage? The ones that let you go to the next slider. Thanks!

Hi Benjaminrecinos,

Go to slideshow settings and activate option “Next/Prev navigation”