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Hello, Nice Theme first of all. Does this theme support buddy press?

Hi dbharrison,

No, it doesn’t support buddy press.

I have sent ticket about my slideshow still not being fluid… the other images in the site are but not the slideshow.. I have installed the newest version of your template that is suppose to fix the issue but it has not..

Please respond to my support email to you so that I can get a resolution to this problem..

You can forward me the code to change and I can do it without a problem..


Again.. thanks for the answer but it does not fix my issue… the image does not layout right unless I set it as the featured background image… and then is not fluid!.. please help

Hi William,

You can try to add next css rule at /css/media.queries.css file for each devices section (they started from @media instruction):

.bgimage { -webkit-background-size:contain;-moz-background-size:contain;background-size:contain;

I hope it will help you with responsive of your background images at on slides.

Or you can send me new admin login and I’ll add it for you.

P.S. my email bounced back by your ticket system!

Kind regards.

thanks.. it kind of fixes the issue but not really.. it is out of whack still.. can you look at the front end and see what I am talking about?


Just purchased theme and attempting to install… When trying to ‘Live Preview’, this is what I’m getting

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare contact_form_parse() (previously declared in /hermes/waloraweb012/b1026/pow.strent/htdocs2/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/contact-form/grunion-contact-form.php:20)in /hermes/waloraweb012/b1026/pow.strent/htdocs2/wp-content/t

Any suggestions?!

Thanks! Scott

Hi mlgatrent,

If you’ll read error message you’ll see that you have conflict of function name with your contact form plugin. You need to turn off your plugin to make our theme work. We’ll change our function name to something more specific in next update.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

BTW , my address is www.iheartthebridge.com…

I fixed the calendar issue by creating another calendar all together with an updated shortcode. I am still having problems with the issue below that was never responded too: In the upcoming events section on my frontpage (the code is listed in the “frontpage” page) I have Sunday services set up as a reoccurring event (the first being Sunday, August 12th). The second and third and fourth events listed on my frontpage are Sunday services as well but they are not Sunday dates (which would be the 19th, 26th, etc)… instead it says Aug 9th and then Aug 16th and then Aug 23rd… which are a week apart but not on Sunday. Why isn’t it listing the reoccurring Sunday service as Aug 12th, Aug 19th, and Aug 26th ??? Just so you can see what I’m talking about please see: www.wellsvillcma.com Please advise. What do I need to do differently? Even when I have updated the shortcode it does not work. FYI I sent you my admin panel via form at our profile. Thanks

Hi Jgorham34,

I’ve answered by email. Problem was at standard time format for event, currently it support only military format.


I third the request to have the ChurcHope responsive iPad version appear as normal…not drop down menu. Thanks!

Hi ro1and,

It will be added in our next update.

Short question: Is the theme working with this plug-in for wordpress?


Thanks! Mike

Hi xepono,

I have no idea, probably not.

Having an issue with a slider where the page would not look correct. Using Safari 6 on Mac OS X 10 .8

Here is the screenshot: http://twitpic.com/afg47c

Here is the direct link http://www.natemedia.net/russell


Hi Natestump,

Can you send us WP login to your website? We’ll check what is wrong with first slide setup.


sometimes it works then sometimes not. i sent the email via your website form

Did u get the login info?

Hello themoholics, Nice Theme i really like it

i saw the post it does not support buddy press at all.

as “Author ” i want to ask you cant you make it happen if there are any possibility??

i realy need to have a “community” on this theme, what should i do?????


p.s i mean buddy press on this theme will really give you a big short

The chances is low. Even if we add buddypress support, I can say for sure that it won’t happen soon.

Actually I am looking for the member site to be done in this theme. As you know that people have to register and sign in with the user name and password e.t.c. can a wordpress plugg-in do so???

Thank you for replying as soon you can.

Hi again,

Best solution for your requirements is BuddyPress. But we checked how to make theme for it and it looks like a lot of work. Our team currently overloaded. Sorry.

Kind regards.

How do you setup the menu system to a gallery like you have it on the demo? I look in the wp admin at all the settings but it is not making common sense to me….

Please help!


Purchased the theme and love it, but need to know how to get the slider to stop scrolling once someone hits play on an embedded video. Assume this is possible, otherwise having a video longer than 10 seconds in the slider is worthless? Thanks.

Hi fazedone,

We are working on this feature, maybe it will be included in our upcoming update.

I viewed the demo on my mobile and noticed that the homepage slider went back and forth between being responsive and not being responsive. Sometimes you can view the entire slide and read the content and sometimes you can’t with the image and/or words are cutoff.

Are you aware of this issue? How is the fullwidth slider supposed to respond to resizing? Does the entire image resize or is there a “safe zone” which should contain all important content information so nothing is cutoff? I have seen this safe zone to be 1024 px in other themes.

I love the theme but need to make sure there are no issues with responsiveness and the full-width slider before I purchase.

Thank you.

Hi thatgirljenn,

We’ll check everything again, but there are no known issue with responsiveness.

What is display resolution on your mobile?

I checked it on 2 phones Android 2.3.3 display resolution 320×480 (LG LS670 Optimus S) and Android 2.3.6 display resolution 800×480 (Samsung SPH -D710 Galaxy S II or Epic 4G Touch)

Im trying to translate this Theme, but no matter where I put the .PO and .MO I can not see my translations on the frontend. Can you please explain in easy steps how this is supposed to be done?

Hi Fahlsen,

You need save your translation at root of theme as pt_BR.mo , for example and after edit wp-config.php at root of site, search for: define (‘WPLANG’, ‘pt_BR’);

Read more details on codex, please: http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress_in_Your_Language


Hello Mlgatrent,

It looks like you have a problem with Linksalpha social plugin integration. You can you send us wp login and we’ll check your issue.


I cannot link to the testimonials to all be on one page? I have the widget working.. but I also need one landing page with all testimonials on it.. i have tried to set the permalink but it will not allow me to….


You can’t add all testimonials to page, but you can get testimonials category link. Go to Testimoniasl- >Testimonial Categories rollover the category name and click “view”.

Hi there,

Great theme!

Two questions:

1. Is there a way to display the name of the next event? I’m sure it’s possible, but I don’t see where I can do that in the php or js.

2. When you go to a specific day on the calendar, events are listed in order of when you input them in the system. Is there a way to list events chronologically?

Hi BridgePointe,

Thanks for purchase!

1. You need edit /classes/Widget/Event.php to add next event name.

2. This bug already fixed and included in upcoming update. It will be release at 1-2 days.


Hi themoholics,

I was wonder about a ajax error I’m getting in the event page when I go to publish it. It does not seem to stop me from publishing the event but still not understanding why the ajax error is happening. I have not tested if the events are working correctly yet but will be doing that soon.

I did something different with the next couple of events i saved a map option and did not get the error when publish was clicked so I dont know lol

Hi osdesignz,

We don’t have any ajax errors, can’t say why it happened, maybe you have some plugins installed?

No plugins installed at this moment…. It’s not doing it as long as I put in a location under the map section and save it. So it’s not a problem for me at this time.

I did notice that the twitter widget does not work at this moment!

If your twitter widget can’t connect to twitter servers it’s mean:

1) you setup wrong username


2) twitter overloaded


3) twitter banned your server IP

I get the following error on my site:

Fatal error: Class ‘Admin_Theme_Menu’ not found in \html\wp-content\themes\churchope\functions.php on line 24

If I refresh a time or two, the site shows up fine. Any thoughts? This was a fresh install on a new host, not sure what is going on.

Hi Cbeck,

If you got that error not every time, it’s mean that you have a problem with php settings or your server overloaded.

Kind regards.

The map in contacts on our preview was added using slideshow. It is a single slide with screenshot of map.

To add content to the left, as i can see from your link, you need to add text widget to the sidebar.

Also how can I move my logo to the left in the header?

Hi jeremiah3835,

It is not possible from admin panel you need to edit css styles.