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Hi, I have a pre-sales question.

On several pages of your demo site you have a sidebar widget showing a calendar of posts. Is it possible to put a calendar of events in a sidebar widget – like a mini version of the full calendar on the events page? I ask because I only see Next Event and Upcoming Events widgets in the Custom Widgets section of your admin screenshots.

If not, is there an events calendar shortcode that can be added to a regular HTML Text Widget?

Many thanks!

Hi gordonblackler,

No, default WordPress widget can’t show events. We don’t make calendar shortcode that fit at sidebar area.

Kind regards.

Ok, thanks. Maybe that’s a feature request then ;-)

One other question. What else can I do with the home page? Can I add more content such as 3-4 columns under the Latest News and Upcoming Events loops, or place something before the teasers? Is the home page fully widgetised? Thanks again.


Frontpage content layout on our preview made from shortcodes like columns, teasers, blog listing, upcoming events.

It’s pretty flexible way to create a different layouts.

Kind regards.

Hi, I can’t seem to get the twitter feed working on my site at Any suggestions? I’m just using the twitter username passionforgoduk which used to work.

Hi Thepaulcook,

You need update your theme to latest version.

Kind regards.

Thanks what is the best way to update theme?

Hi Thepaulcook,

The best way to update our theme is overwriting files via ftp. Don’t forget to make a backup.

At latest version you can use theme updater for easy feature updates.


Hi, I’ve done the upgrade and the twitter feed still doesn’t show…

I’ve checked your website and twitter widget works.

That is a fair rate. Any idea about how much that plugin may cost to integrate?

Hi, this is a relly great theme.

But I have a trouble with comments on pages. I want to disable them and have tried different ways (bulk action, or screen options as stated in the FAQ ) but whatever I do, the comment box still appear. Exemple on the front page :

The admin panel tells me the comments are off, but as you can see, they do show. I’ve updated to the latest version of your theme but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

Thanks, Arno

Hi Arno,

You need uncheck “Allow comments” option on edit screen of your frontpage.


Subject: SSL & the Event Maps in Slider

I have my client’s site on dedicated IP & SSL . In Chrome & IE, the map for event pages is not loading when the address is https://

Any idea how to make this page secure? Might it have something to do with src=’' ?

The page in question is below, and I still have a login for you from the last time you helped. Thanks. ;) vs

Hi mattmaes,

I’ve checked it and map loaded at both mentioned browsers. I think you found a way to fix your issue.

Kind regards.

Hi there,

I’m having some trouble activating the maps on the events screen. They don’t seem to appear. Please see:

I’ve already added “event map” for this particular event post.

Is there some setting i need to do? Appreciate your help.

I’m having an issue with setting my colors in the admin panel. I set the color and save but it does not keep that color…reverts back to original color? Any thoughts?

I figured out the above…it was a cache plugin.

Hi, I just purchased the theme and im looking for a events payment and attending list plugin to use, do you have any recommendations?

Hi haoran85,

We haven’t any recommendations of similar plugins.

Kind regards.

Hi there,

I noticed that for the breadcrumbs for the blog in your theme, it is titled “News” (

However in trying to setup mine, the breadcrumb is displaying “Blog” (

How do i fix this? Thank you.

Fixed the “blog” label thing, found it under settings under breadcrumbs.

Ok fixed my map issue too, it was a plugin conflict.


Is there a way to change the color of the NEXT EVENT font on the header? I want a white background. but the font is white so it wouldn’t be legible. NEVERMIND I FOUND OUT .

Hello there! This theme is amazing! Any way it can work with woocommerce plugin?

Hi lgjr86,

We didn’t make support for woocommerce plugin. You need customize plugin templates to fit theme design. We also provide paid customization of our themes. Our rate is 50 usd per hour.

Kind regards.

Hi, I would like to ask if there is a way to call a Youtube or Vimeo link to fetch as a post thumbnail. Is that possible? I am also looking for a way to embed Vimeo video with it’s own embed settings such as colors of the buttons, without the titles and other buttons. I noticed that the iFrame ebed code doesn’t work with your theme. Any suggestions?


Hi ericgmbh,

No, you can’t use video as post thumbnail.

I’ve tested Vimeo embed code and it works for me.

Kind regards.

How to I customize my wp login screen?

Hi wesleysoccer,

You can disable theme styles for login at Dashboard->Theme options->General and use some plugin or tutorial to customize default login.


Hi, does anyone know how to change the main content background? Is it possible to have a image as the background?

Hi Cmingay,

It’s require customization of some images that using as top background of each page and some styles. Can’t write you full instruction, because it’s more than few lines…

Kind regards.

Hello, thanks for your advice on the minify js code under /churchope/js/modernizr-2.5.3.min.js.

Could you please elaborate a little bit what you mean by “You don’t need call for same Modernizer script at your code again, your script can use tests from theme Modernizer”?

What are the “tests” you referring to?

Excuse me for bugging you on this again, as I do want to solve the code conflict with this Modernizer, but I did not quite get it. Many thanks in advance

Hi Bigrice,

You need read about Modernizer and check how it works. It’s official website: