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Hi, I want to know if it is possible to add exception dates to recurring events. Our church services are cancelled during January but I don’t want to have to manually enter the services for the whole year, if possible. How difficult would it be to add a date exceptions field to the events post? Have you got any tips on going about this? Thanks.

Hi woodvorg,

It’s not possible. You need start new events from february and delete/hide old events.

Kind regards.

It’s possible. I’ll email you the code when I’m done if you like?

Hi Woodvorg,

Yes, feel free to email us your changes if you can add that functionality for events.


Hi, I’ve a problem with the slider: at the first loading of the page the height of the slider is blocked (first frame) despite i haven’t inserted any height. This Happens only with Chrome.

Can You help me ?

Thanks in advance Lola

Hi Lola,

try to use slideshow settings on edit screen of your frontpage instead at global theme options. And set fixed height for this slideshow.



is ist possible to use the slider inside my content area (not just in the header)? If not, would it be possible for a future update to extend the sliders funtionality so that you can slide images inside the main content area, or even as a widget?


Hi Themanwhoknows,

No, it’s impossible. We’ll think about your request for feature updates.

Kind regards.

2 things -

a) My previous comment on page 60 is RESOLVED .

b) Having issues with the ChurcHope Social Links widget, with the RSS field.

My site feed shows up automatically in the description above the field.

The only way to get this to work so far has been to enter my whole address in the field, “”—However it produces the following result: “”

I’ve tried entering variations, such as /feed, etc, or leaving it blank, but nothing else has worked.

Hi Mattmaes,

You need add only “” to RSS options. We’ll update widget description at feature update.

Thanks for bug report.

That makes sense now, and it worked.

Could you point me to where I could change the transition effect of the slidehow? I’ve tried tweaking the cycle options on jquery.cycle.all.js on line 463 (unminified), but that doesn’t seem to change anything. Mostly I’d just like to slides to fade into each other rather than fade out, (pause), fade in.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT : I’m signed in a different account. I’m also 12Stone. Will comment below.

Hi Alexmorrison,

1. You don’t need edit jQuery plugins functions. They always have initialization call with parameters. At our theme it located at /js/script.js

2. We disabled all effects for jCycle, because we are using own animation inside each slide and jCycle default animation not works with it.

Kind regards.

^ yup.

Hi, nice theme! Please, where can i change the height of the index page slider. I want a fixed height.

Hi emma32,

There are two places for slideshow options.

1. Dashboard->Theme options->Slideshow - it’s default slideshow options and they will be apply if you are using slideshow for every page on your site.

2. Slideshow options for individual page/post on edit screen (below main editor) - these options overwrite global theme options for slideshow.

Kind regards.


I just activated this theme and it is beautiful, but my previous made pages (from the other theme) do not show up above the slide show. What can i do to fix this?

Hi Rjacobs,

If you are talking about main menu, so you need create it after theme install.

Check included documentation about how create it. It’s default WordPress feature located at Dashboard->Appearance->Menus.


Hi, How do I change the countdown on the top of the website and link on the plus bookmark thing?! :D

Hi Htayyub,

It’s a widget at header sidebar. Go to Dashboard->Appearance->Widgets and drop or remove any widget to header sidebar.



Thank you so much for the great theme. I think the possibities are endless. I have a question on my site which I am working on. Is it possible to add a slider in the head content? My client would like some images(4-6) show up next to there logo in the head. I added the Flckr sidebar but that wasn’t big enough or what the client wanted. The site is at . . .

thanks for any help. It’s greatly appreciated.

Hi Christosbell,

Thanks for purchase!

Theme haven’t any images carousel widget as you want. Can be done as paid customization.

Kind regards.

I can’t seem to correct the email on the contact page. It’s going to the wrong email address. How do I fix this? I already corrected it in the Settings/General/email area. But it’s still going to a different address?

Hi lachellabella,

You need to use form builder shortcode button, look at buttons of main editor at visual mode.


I did that, entered in the correct email and it’s still going to the WRONG email address?

It’s not possible. You did wrong settings or at wrong place.

You can send admin login via form on our profile or website and we’ll check your issue.

Kind regards.

Hi. Im new to Wordpress> I chose your theme as my first project because i thought it was absolutely beautiful. At the risk of sounding very novice, how do I begin the install process? I have downloaded the file onto my computer. Whats next?

Hi flugo,

You need to extract downloaded archive. It contains documentation and .psd files besides the theme files.

You’ll find zip file with theme inside of this archive. Upload it via wordpress admin panel. You can find a lot of information on the web, in our documentation and also on wordpress official website.

Hello i just bought theme and really great theme but i have a problem when i installed dummy content it says 6 times

Unknown error type2: set_time_limit() [function.set-time-limit]: Cannot set time limit in safe mode ......./wp-content/themes/churchope/classes/Import/Theme/Media.php

is this important? theme working correctly but i want to be sure.

Hi Kaickul,

It’s safe don’t worry. Just during dummy content import our function trying increase time limit of script execution, but it’s disabled on your hosting.


Hello again,

Is there a way to change what the button says on the contact forms? By default it says “Send a Message.” I want it to say that on our contact page, but I’d like to use another form for sign ups on a different page. I’d like the button to say “sign up” for those particular forms… Is this possible?

Thanks again for the great help.

Hi jonmcquitty,

No, it’s not possible, but we’ll try to add this feature at theme update.

Kind regards.

Hi, Couple questions: 1) the full width slideshow isn’t working…does the image need to be a certain width? 2)Where the content is placed for each page, there is an image that looks like a tab on the top…is there a way to get rid of that? Thanks

Hello, It wired that my plugin doesn’t use modernizr under themes/churchope/js/modernizr-2.5.3.min.js file. I’ve never implemented my code with this.

Does this theme somehow do that automatically? Any hint would be much appreciated

Hi Bigrice,

Sorry I don’t understand your problem now. At past you wrote that you have a code/plugin that include modernizer again and it make conflict with theme…

Be more specific and we’ll try to help you.

Kind regards.

I am taking over a website from another designer who used the Churchope theme on

The designer used a large photo as the background of the slideshow without actually creating any slides. This creates a very large landscape photo of the customer and his family, much larger than the slide would be and the customer wants to retain this look.

The issue is on mobile. When viewing the site on a smart phone the large image (slide show background) is cropped instead of being resized to fit the smaller screen.

if I removed the background image and generate a single slide with that same image, it looks ok on mobile (perspective is off however – the slide is squished). However the customer does not like the smaller size of the family portrait when it is a slide, even if I manipulate the slide’s size to be as wide as the content area.

Ideally, the theme would correctly resize the background to fit on mobile but it does not.

I am open to suggestions regarding how to hide the background image or the entire slideshow on mobile; make it behave correctly on mobile; or some other solution.

Thank you.

Hi cedge100,

Slideshow background images don’t stretch or scale for different resolutions.

You can try use some javascript plugin to stretch background image, but we don’t want implement it to our theme, because it’s a special case of customization at your situation.

P.S. we provide help only for our verified customers.

Kind regards.

How do I change the color of the button on the “Contact Form Widget” . It seemingly ignores what the other buttons are colored.

Hi atomikjon,

That button use link color depend at which place widget use. For content sidebar it use content links color, for footer sidebars it use footer links color option.


First of all I would recommend this theme to anyone for any business! Right now I’m using it for a non-profit org. Support is also amazing!

Quick questions. 1. I want to change the color of the ribbon to a separate color than the theme color…How? 2. How can I add a description to the ribbon when I hover over the ribbon?


Hi Wesleysoccer,

You can change ribbon color with next custom css rule:
header .ribbon {

You can add title attribute to ribbon link. Look for markup at header.php file.


Hi Guys, for some reason, the next event widget has just started showing as 00 00 00 00 and the upcoming events widget isn’t working properly. It is showing one event on the widget, but none of the others, even though all of the events are showing up in the calendar. Any ideas what could be causing this?