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Is there a trick to the drop down menu? I set it up in the “page” settings but it is now working. Am I missing something?


Hello, I liked the theme. I’m having trouble putting the clock indicating how much time remains for the event on the main page.

Hi filipenogueira,

Go to Appearance -> Widgets, seach for “Header sidebar” at the right side and add events countodwn widget to this sidebar.

Hello, Thanks, I managed to solve! I have another question, where do I find the shortcode giving effect to videos in fancybox ?


If you want to add lightbox with video at content you need create link with url of vide and add next attribute to tag A at html mode:


I need to make kerning, leading, and size adjustments to the various styles on my pages and posts. What are the css tags for paragraph, and Heading 1-6? I’ve tried messing around with it but I can’t seem to find the right tag. Thanks!

Hi jonmcquitty,

Check CSS Tweaks section in our faq.

Is there a way to remove the top event countdown? Our client has requested that it be removed. Thank you.

Thank you, I was able to remove the countdown but I also need to remove the ribbon. is there a way to do this?

You just need leave ribbon url option empty.

Hello, is it possible to dissable that the images of the posts list, galleries list, etc … has a link.

I want to dissablethe links and the effect with the red icon over the images

Hi fborrero,

It’s massive customization. Can be done as paid task. Our rate is 50 usd per hour.

Kind regards.

Hi :) my Next/Prev navigation on front page is not showing even I activate it. any idea what is the problem? thank you


You need to check slideshow options on edit screen of your frontpage!


1.) I’m having no luck with the testimonials on my page. I’ve created testimonial categories, created testimonials, categorized them accordingly, and then placed a “testimonial” widget in the footer of my website, but no luck. It shows the title text at the bottom of the testimonial, but not that actual text that I typed… When I place the testimonial shortcode on a page it works, but not in the footer widget area (please see main page for example: . I’ve tried adjusting the footer options in the theme options category, but it’s no help. Any ideas as to what I might be doing wrong?

2.) Also on that page you will notice that the pictures that are in my teasers are off balanced. I’ve tried everything, but can’t get them centered within their columns… Any ideas?

Thanks. I love this theme!

Hi StephenKurkinen,

1) It’s happen because you are using white text color for footer widgets. You need add next css rule to Dashboard->Theme options->Custom styles:
#footer_widgets .widget_testimonial .quote {color: #545454;}
2) You are using so small images. You can try center teaser image to current column with next css rule:
.teaser_box {text-align:center;}


One more thing, thank you for your creativity to make theme so useful , is that possible you can make the calendar like normal calendar, can show previous months and events run for more than a day? not just an event a day? I need a yearly schedule, at least can stay on current date but can also view previous and future months :) thank you

Hi pinkyvivi,

Sorry, I don’t understand your question. What wrong with calendar shortcode? It have previous month and etc..

Kind regards.

Hi, Thanks for a great flexible theme.

Just one query. How can I change the ‘from’ on the contact form? When the contact form email arrives in my inbox it says its from Wordpress. I need to change it to my website name/business name.


Hi PJCCat,

If you mean subject of email, you can change it at form builder.

If you mean email from messages sent you need change your hosting settings.

Kind regards.

Please ignore my last question. I was being an idiot!

Great theme. Highly recommended : )

hi. in ie8 small pictures why looking like this.

how i can fix it?

Hi Berty,

It’s a NextGen plugin output problem.

You can try add next custom CSS rule to Dashboard->Theme options->Custom styles:

.lt-ie9 .ngg-gallery-thumbnail img {max-width:none!important}


Did you see. there is weight problem..

Hi, great theme! I’m having trouble having the homepage slideshow prev/next buttons show up. Here’s my development site:

I have turned the prev/next buttons “on” under Theme Options, but they still aren’t showing. Thoughts?

Hi ashleelittle,

I’ve seen that you found proper place for your slideshow options on frontpage.


hi. the placeholder on the forms fields cannot be seen in ie8. pls help.

Hi Rubiq,

You need update your theme to latest version. This bug was fixed at past updates.


Hi there, I have a question re setting up a gallery page and the specific short code needed. As an example let’s say I’ve got photos in three categories (category A, B and C which are represented by id 1, 2 and 3).

What I’m trying to do is place all the images on one page and have the sortable filter displayed on top. Currently when I insert a gallery short code it looks for the “terms=” so I’ve used the syntax below which does display all the images but it does not display the categories/sortable items at the top, instead just displaying the word “All” as a sortable filter.

[terms_gallery terms=”1,2,3” perpage=”12” pagination=”on” layout=”small” isotope=”on” ]

Could someone tell me please what syntax I should be using in my short code to get the sortable/filter options to work please? Thank you.

nvm – figured out that you need a parent gallery category within which all sub-categories are contained. then you specify the parent category id in the short code and it figures out the rest.

Hi c0y0te007,

Yes, it’s exactly how gallery shortcode works with filters.

Kind regards.

Hello, I put a vídeo inside the post, as the first item, but when listing the posts, it does not show the featured image like yours do on demo site Is there a way to make it work? Thanks in advance, Regards

Hi Batagliao,

I don’t understand your problem. You are talking about video that not related with featured image. Just use feature image for post, that’s all.


Ok, thanks. I thought that using a video on a post, the theme automatically would use this video as a featured image.


Hello themoholics!

We’re using Disqus on our new website. I’m wondering how to add space between Author Box and Disqus comments on blog posts? You can see that here: (there’s no space there).

Also, number of blog post comments is hardly visible and different from other text. How can I fix that? See it here: (under the blog post title).

We would really appreciate if you could help. Thank you and best regards!

Hi Destineemedia,

You can add next custom css rules:
#disqus_thread {padding-top:50px;}
.postmeta span.dsq-postid {font-size: 12px;padding: 0;top: 0;color: #797979;}
.postmeta span.dsq-postid:hover {color:#ff6633;}


Thank you very much, that’s what we needed! Great support from you! Keep up the good work!

Best regards!

Hello, how do I change the contact email on the contact form widget? I know that in the shortcode there is an area to enter it but I can’t find the same for the widget.


Hi jordanwiseman,

Contact form widget haven’t option for custom email. It use main admin email.

We’ll add option at next update.

Thanks for idea.

I tried all the tips for changing the file upload size limits on wordpress but couldn’t get anywhere. Any idea why?

You need ask about this limit your hosting support, it’s php settings restriction, not WordPress.