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Hi there. I’ve set up the theme on my site,, but on IE7 .0.5730.11 the primary navigation doesn’t seem to work. Any top level link isn’t clickable however drop downs will display. Do you know an easy way to fix this? Thanks

We don’t have such problems on our preview

It seems to be happening on our site. I’ve disabled all plugins too. Could you maybe have a look? It only seems to be faulty on IE. Also, how could I go about adding some backward compatibility for IE7? Is that even possible?

I’ve checked your website at IE8|9|10 and menu works fine.

IE7 support require a lot modifications for styles.

Further assistance would be provided only at our support forum:

Kind regards.

HI. thank you for suprise theme for this. but, I had some problem for slide show in main and others I wnat show “next” and “prev” round button like your sample churchope theme. however, I checked “Next/Prev navigation” on in my admin setting, but It doesn’t work. How can I do it. Must I setting for another things?

Hi aodity,

You need to set them for your page, not in global settings.

im new to wordpress i don’t understand how to add images to the sliders like the demo?

Hi whitneyglenn86,

Please check this:

Also you can learn about wordpress at their official website.

Hi. I have three questions. Can I adjust less high of the Top Menu? I think top menu is too big(high) for me. Can I adjust it?

And also left side bar width… Can I adjust it?

i changed a setting that when I go to write in a post the tool bar is no longer “Easy” its very coded? I cant remember where I changed it!!! Please Help!!!

Hi jnf559,

I’m sorry but don’t understand you.

The tool bar that helps me easily create the “pages” is gone. the buttons are only in code? and not in “lamens” terms ? i can get a screen shot will that help!

In an event, I included a Facebook share button that included “send”. But when I click the send button, if there is no space at the bottom of the page, the send dialog box is mostly hidden.

Hi casting989,

You need add some space below your button, because it’s 3rd party element and theme can’t change output of it.


I am having problems with the home page slide show. I wanted to set a height and remove padding to that slideshow area, I check on/off the boxes and enter number for a height but nothing changes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for all the great support on my previous post.

Hi ,I am having problems with the Contact form. I’ve actually set up as [th-contact-form to=””] and it worked “Your message has been successfully sent to us!” And message hasn’t been sent to email address I set up…

Please tell me solution, where should I check it?


Hi falce,

If you are still got messages on another email, you need clear cache (browser and WP cache plugin, if you are using).

Are you sure that you changed email for proper contact form? Check it one more time, please.



First of all, thank you for the nice theme.

I have one question: On the page where a blogpost is displayed, a big title ‘News’ and right of it the text ‘At vero eos et accusamus et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus qui blanditiis praesentium voluptatum deleniti atque corrupti quos dolores …’ appears. Where can I edit or remove these two components?

Thank you in advance, with kind regards, Thijs

Hi thijsa,

At the Settings -> Reading you have page set as blog page. Title and description used from this page.

You need to edit “Title additional text” field to remove text. This option can be found below the editor on the page edit screen.

1) Are there any other transition effects for the sliders? 2) How can I get the arrows activated for the slider? 3) How can I download the update for the theme? Please let me know, thank you!


Hi mcassara,

1. No, our slideshow comes with custom animation.

2. You can turn them on in slideshow settings at your page.

3. You can download it from “downloads” tab in your themeforest account. Simply download our theme again.

What do I need to put in the “url” field for the RSS button? I’ve been trying to figure it out but I can’t get it…


Hi jonmcquitty,

It depends on your permalinks structure. You can try put somethings like: http://domain.tld/feed/



we realy love ure theme and want to buy it. before we have 2 qestions.

1. is it possible to make the theme NOT responsiv?

2. is there a way to change the site to a fixed witdh version?

thx mark

Hi joker66,

1. Yes:

2. It will require customization.

Hey guys!

Quick kudos: I love this theme! It’s very well put together and so incredibly flexible. It’s one of the best purchases I could have made for my organization.

This question may have been asked before already, but, you know…I don’t have the time to scan 64 pages of comments to find it. ;)

Q: Is there a way to create a multi-day event?

For example: if I have a weekend-long event that starts Friday and ends Sunday, I’d like those three days on the calendar view to show the same event (instead of having to create a new event for each day of the weekend).

If it’s not possible now, would you consider putting it in a future update?

Thanks for your help and hard work – and congrats on the sales! You guys are doing great! :grin:

- Derek

Hi fireboy63,

Thank you for a nice words.

Unfortunately it is not possible and won’t be possible in future, because it will require to completely rework our events system.

Hi. Just purchased your theme, and I love it. Great job.

I do have some questions though: How do I create galleries? When I look at your demo, I like the setup of the medium gallery (3 photos with text blocks underneath), but I’m not really sure how to re-create this.

What I want to do is create a staff member gallery page that shows all 9 staff members and their names on a single page )just like your medium gallery demo page). Clicking on their names will take the reader to that member’s bio page and other photos.

Any help you can give on how to get started with this would be most appreciated.

Thanks! Josh

Yep. I did something similar and think I have it sorted out.

On a related question: On your “big” portfolio layout, I notice that it adds a nice black button that let’s users click to see more. Is there a way to get that same button using the “medium” layout?


It’s require template modifications and additional styles.

Can be done as paid customization. Our rate is 50 usd per hour.

Kind regards.


Is there a way to edit the ribbon on the top of the page to make it a “donate now” button?

Hi michaelesh,

You can edit ribbon image in some image editors like photoshop. (ribbon.png)

i would like to edit the middle section with the last sermon file to download line….. where to modify that thanks

Why didn’t reply me?

Hi. I havequestions. Can I adjust less high of the Top Menu? I think top menu is too big(high) for me. Can I adjust it?

And also left side bar width… Can I adjust it?

Hi iyfusawest,

Didn’t answer, because here some queue for help and your question require additional code sample :)

1. It’s a bit complex thing, but I’ve ready styles to decrease height of menu on 20px less:

.sf-menu > li, .sf-menu > li>a {height:40px;font-size:14px}
.main_menu {min-height:32px}
.sf-menu > li:hover > ul, .sf-menu > li.sfHover > ul  {top:36px;}
.mainmenu_inner {background-position:0 -20px !important}

2. It’s hard to change width of sidebars because they used default grid and it’s responsive. You need make a complex customization.

Kind regards.

I am having a glitch with the jetpack share buttons. “More” pops out on the other side of the page. Same in Safari and Chrome.

Please advise. Thank you.

You need add next css rules:

.sd-content li:before {display: none;}
.sd-content ul li {background: none;}
.sd-content li, .sd-content>ul {position: inherit !important;}


Also, is there a way to customize the blog shortcode?

1) I want it to have a “read more” button. 2) Disable sharing links. 3) Include post date and category.

Thank you.

Hi chuckmarshall,

It’s possible as paid customization. Our rate is 50 usd per hour.

Kind regards.