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I was wondering if I could change the “Next Event In:” timezone. My site doesn’t seem to be calculating the days, hours, minutes, seconds correctly. We are on US PST in California.

Ignore my comment, I found the issue in Dashboard > Settings > Timezone

Hey guys, I would like to show you my result with customizing the theme –, I’m quite happy with it!

The theme is super-neat, still there is maybe a problem with the twitter stream, sometimes it doesn’t load properly (last update) any help is welcome! Cheers!

Hi ericgmbh,

Nice customization.

About twitter widget. It can’t connect to twitter servers because their overloads or your webserver ip exceed hour limit of requests to twitter (it sometimes happened on shared hosting.)


First, great theme!!! Second, my website’s homepage, will not scroll up and down from my Android phone, but will scroll other sub-pages. Please let me know what I need to change. Thank you!!

Hi bhornet,

Thanks for purchase!

I’ve checked your website from Android phone (version 4.1.2) and haven’t any problem with scroll.

Did you try it on another Android?


Good afternoon! Recently, I’ve purchased the theme for my project and first of all I wanted to thank You for such great product. I am finalizing my website right now, and wanted to ask You several questions that I couldn’t solve on my own.

1) The first questions concerns the Contact Form. Where do I specify the email address that I want to use to receive the messages from the website visitors? Currently, all the messages that are being sent via the contact form are sent nowhere, as it seems. This question concerns the contact form on a contact page, and contact form on a sidebar as one of the widgets.

2) Second of all, I am experiencing difficulties with the slider. On several of the slides I am using the full-width (fluid image) background images with text over them. As a matter of fact, most of my slides are of very light colors, so the white-colored text is almost invisible on them. I was wondering, if this is possible to add a partially transparent dark background behind the text on the slides via CSS overrides in the “Custom Styles” section of administrators board?

Regards, Konstantin

Is there a list of Short Codes some place? I’d like to print them out and keep them next to my computer as a handy reference. Thanks!

Hi blujaycreative,

We do not provide shortcodes list to prevent typos, that users do all the time. If you need to add any shortcode, do this by clicking on specific shortcode button.

Kind regards.

Hi thank you for your reply.

I have one more question.

Before I upgrade word press, when I installed this theme, there were many same pages. So it was very useful.

But After I upgrade word press, I installed this theme again. But there is no sample pages. Just this theme installed.

I need your sample pages.. Where can I get sample pages?

And also, Can I put image in tap’s contens?

Hi iyfusawest,

If you reinstalled wordpress, then you need to install dummy data again in case you want same pages as on our preview. Theme Options-> Dummy data.

1) How do I get an image to display next to an event just like it does with the blog posts?

I’d like to have a page with all current event going down the page with an image to represent the event to the left…a small square image.

2) How do I turn on pagination for the news (blog) page…or turn it on for any content?

thank you

Hi dcpartylife,

1. It is not possible

2. You can set how many post to display per page in Settings -> Reading

To add pagination for pages add

in html mode.

I am wanting to have mutlple blog feeds on my site that are able to be subscribed to. I would really like to do this through categories. Is that possible.

Hi theheightschurch,

Yes, WordPress have separate feed for each category by default.

Check next article at Codex:


Hey, what do i need to change to stop the ribbon from moving up and down.. I can’t seem to find where that is located. thanks!

Hi makproductions06,

You need edit /css/main.css and comment delete lines from 100 to 102


Hello, thank you for the exceptional template!! 1. In reference to the map on a single event page, is it possible the direction form displayed by default (instead of the visitor having to click “directions” for the form to appear at the bottom). 2. Is the wonderful directions feature also available on the contact page? 3. I’m using a custom background for the home page slide show. My sub pages don’t have a slideshow, however my custom transparent background does not look the best without the slideshow. Is it possible to have a different background on the sub pages than the home page? Thanks In Advance, Paul

Hi Paul,

Thanks for purchase!

1. Unfortunately, it’s not possible from the box and require template modification. 2. Any page have an option to insert map and direction. 3. It’s require template modification.

Kind regards.

Hi, can you point me in the right direction of the file I need to edit to change the gallery thumbnail size? I need to make it smaller than the preset Small option that comes with the theme. Thanks


You can find thumbnail sizes at functions.php , search for Custom_Thumbnail() function.


How do you change the email address for who will receive the contact form?

nevermind… just figured it out.

Hi all, I don’t suppose you could provide me with the code to disable the “about the author” box on my posts?

Thanks, C

Hi limavadyhigh,

You can turn off “about the author” box in Theme Options -> Blog

Found a bug where the 1st post in the Blog (title) isn’t clickable. Subsequent blog posts are.

Hi Sgoffic,

You have some wrong markup at content above your Blog.

Could you send url with issue?


Hello…LOVE THE THEME !!....i am wanting to get rid of the “ALL” menu item on the portfolio category function. I love how the subcategories display in a menu but dont want the “all” button or for the opening page of my “about us” section to display all of the post summaries. or at the very least control of how many posts to display in the “all” category.

My page i want this is for

Please help :)

Hi DavidoLettingo,

You need edit /lib/shortcode/shortcodes.php and delete/comment next line:

<li class="*"><a href="#" class="selected"><?php _e('All', 'churchope') ?></a></li>


THANK YOU! That worked for removing the “All” title but it is still gathering ALL of the posts from every category that is a sub of The “About Us” Gallery. I Would LOVE for it to show the “Our People” Category when the page “About Us” comes up. Is there a way to achieve that? ...Also is there a way to limit the amount of posts in the “ALL” default settings?


If you want predefined filtered result on page load it’s require template modifications. Can be done as paid customization.

You can setup gallery only for single subcategory without filters, also.


Beautiful Theme but no matter what I try, I cannot get the three buttons to go horizontal on the homepage using the teaser shortcode. I’ve done everything exactly the way the site says to do them. I even copied the exact size of the buttons to make sure they weren’t to large.

Can someone help?

Hi nickfarr,

You need to use column shortcodes.

See example

Hey this is a wonderful theme - .... I have a problem, I could not get the slide arrows to appear :(

I would like to change the background color of the 2nd footer column menu. Right now it is white and I’d like it to be darker.

Hi Chuckmarshall,

You can try next css rule:

footer .widget_nav_menu .current-menu-item > a {
background-color: gray;}