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hello! cute theme;) not know of a plugin for slider login support your theme? for example with the plug-ins WP Sliding Login / Dashboard Panel, disappears sliderswhos I looks like this: ok: fail: excuse my English. I hope you can help me.

Hi chamlaty,

Your plugin changed theme markup and overwrote some styles.


I REALLY like this theme. How do you create the Transparent image as header background like example 2 on the Custom backround image for header page (

Hi mraven,

Theme Options -> Header: “Use custom pattern image for color header section ”.

hi, thanks for the theme. just wanted to ask, how do i change the colour of the menu navigator and the slideshow from its present bright red form.

Hi dragonballaf,

You can change slideshow color in admin panel Theme Options -> Header.

To change menu bg color you need to add custom rule:

I am running version 1.0 how do i go about the update? I know I need to overwrite files. Would I just download the folder again and load it in to wordpress?

Hi jeremiah3835

The best way to update our theme is overwriting files via ftp. Don’t forget to make a backup.

You don’t need to load anything in wordpress if you overwrite files.

I need to set up filterable pages. Please advise.

Thanks for a stellar theme

Hello. Very nice theme ! Just one question. Is it possible to hide the ribbon on media smaller than 960 px easily? Thanks for feedback Best regards

Hi Wayne57,

You can add next custom CSS rule:

@media only screen and (max-width: 959px) {
.ribbon_holder {display:none}


Goodmorning, I’d like how to have a feed for events. In normal situation I have only the news feed. Thanks, Carlo.

Hi ilsegnopercomunicare ,

You can show events category:


How can I hide the analytics code in the footer of the page?


Hi grunze,

You need to insert complete code, not just number.

I’m having an issue when updating the custom CSS for this theme. When I submit the changes, the admin page goes blank. On the actual website, the styling from style.css is no longer applied.

When I go to the FTP location (wp-content/themes/churchope/css) I see that the style.css file has somehow been wiped and is at 0mb, and I have to reupload the original file. Please provide a fix!

How can I securely/privately send you my info? Thanks.

Hi casting989,

Use form at your profile.

I don’t see a form on my profie, sorry. However I have determined the plugin Sermon Manager is causing the issue (as well with saving menus etc.). If I disable it, it works fine. Off hand would you know why there is a conflict? There is enough memory allotted in my config file.

How do you add categories to the event calendar? I have made several categories but they are not showing up any differently… is there a way to have them be different colors? or have the list of categories and then when you click on a category that one will just show up on the calendar instead of all of them?


Yes only one category can be choosed for calendar. You can make main category and set it as parent for other categories. I hope you understand what I mean.

no problem thanks.

The countdown timer is out of sync with the event on mobile devices. How do I fix this? We have not modded the theme.

Hi kurtfeigel,

It is cache in iOS6.

Couple quick questions regarding the calendar. I have searched FAQ , but cannot seem to find the the answer I need.

1. The “Sunday” column is displayed to the right of the calendar. Would like it to be displayed on the left. 2. Was wondering if there was a way to show more than one event on a day or the availability to pick the event you want displayed on the calendar if there is more than one event that day. 3. The calendar does not display the most current month if there are past months? It begins on the month that the setting is on for “Start Month”. Where is the setting to have it display the current month?

Thank you for your time and your effort in building this theme. It is highly functional and it has been a blessing to our church.

Hi JLLiles,

1. You can set start day in Settings -> general

2. No it is not possible, if there are more then one event it will show “more then one event” button.

3. If you want to display current month then you don’t need to set start month.

On our homepage I only want our “Latest News” to include one of the blog categories and not all. I have this in the code….

blog category=”church” perpage=”2” pagination=”” [one_third last=last]

It however is still showing all the blog categories. Please provide guidance on how to fix. Thanks.

Hi cruxcreative,

Please use blog shortcode button to add blog. And simply choose your blog category.

Quick question for you.

There seems to be a bug when working with the slider. If I select the option to not display the title then it also does not display the content. However, if I do not select the option to “not display the title” then both the title and content do display. I have worked around this by not having a title.

Is this something that can be fixed?

Thank you for your time.

Hi JLLiles,

Thanks for bug report. We’ll fix it it upcoming update asap.


Good enening, I’d live to use the Facebook’s plugin RSS Graffiti. Is it possible to see the RSS feed for events? I can see only the RSS feed for news. Thanks, Carlo.

Hi ilsegnopercomunicare,

No its not possible.

Hi there,

Hope you can help. How do I remove the padding under the image on the homepage slider – I can’t find it anywhere!!

Many thanks in advance :)

Hi webjump,

You can remove paddings in slideshow options metabox, at your front page below the editor.

Hi there,

I set the “Remove top and bottom paddings from slideshow” to ON but no change.

Hello. I am having several problems that I would like to know if you could address.

1. I am having major problems with the event widgets. The first being I can’t seem to get the Google Calendar to adjust when I insert an address. It stays on the world. Look here for an example:

2. The Countdown is glitchy on repeat services. It doesn’t restart correctly. Also, is there a way to make it go to a certain page (the Watch Live) when it’s at zero?

Hi wearesofly,

1. You can learn how to correctly add map here:

2. It is linked to the current event page. You can’t set custom link.

Is it possible to have the menu bar one colour and the image slider a different colour? How would I do this?

Hi limavadyhigh,

You can change slideshow color in admin panel Theme Options -> Header.

To change menu bg color you need to add custom rule:

Wonderful, thank you. That did the job!

anyway i can get a RTL css file?

thank you

Hi Snoo2002,

This theme not support RTL .

Kind regards.


I’m having an issue where when the home page page first loads in the morning, the navigation (both main nav & footer menus) and slider aren’t loading. It’s as if a piece of javascript isn’t loading, but I don’t get any errors. Once I reload though, everything’s fine.

Have you seen any errors similar to this?

Thanks in advance.

Hi 12Stone,

We don’t have such problems, please provide a link.