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I’ve reinstalled the theme, have events that start in the future, but still can’t get any of the events to show up on the homepage – neither at the top next to the ribbon, nor in the body on the right side. Getting frustrated. Client wants a demo tomorrow. Need to at least have the calendaring issues resolved by then. When I check the Sidebar header “Next Event” settings, it still says there are no upcoming events. Argh. Frustrated with this.

Hi Brotsky,

Are you using latest version of theme? You can send us WP login and we’ll check your issue.


Yes. I re-installed the latest version, so far as I know. I will message you the login info. Thanks very much.

Hi there, I’m trying to change the color of the rollover in the drop down menus… and can’t find where to change it…


Hi colabinc,

Add following code to Theme Options -> Custom Styles

.sf-menu ul a:hover, .sf-menu ul li.sfHover>a { color:#e8e8e8; }
.sf-menu ul li:hover, .sf-menu ul li.sfHover { background:#2b2324;}

Thank you. That worked. Another question, is there a way to separate the color of the navigation bar from the color of the slider background? Thanks!


Add next CSS rule to Dashboard->Theme options->Custom styles:

.mainmenu {background-color:green}


In your live sample there is a box under the front page slideshow that includes a button to download the latest sermon. What is this section called? And how can I add it to my site?

In your live sample there is a box under the front page slideshow that includes a button to download the latest sermon. What is this section called? And how can I add it to my site?

Hi dlerro68,

It is custom widget area. It is called “Under title sidebar instance” and you can find it in “Title area settings” below the editor, when you edit post/page.

Downloaded latest theme and Events on front page now works. This time I created new test server and installed Theme. Again, the alignment for images does not work properly. When inserting an image, it does not properly align (Right, Left or Center) unless I insert Caption text.

Hi kmbold,

Could you please send us access to our admin panel via form at our profile page, so we can take a look. Thank you.


Gallery Problem with next button(Classic style)

I have a problem with classic style gallery….. Next and previous button is not working and its show just one image on one thumbnail.


Can I add fancy gallery plugin in this theme…

Help me ASAP


As you can see it works on our preview:

So I have no idea why it doesn’t work on your website, I need to see at least a link to your website.

I don’t know what is fancy gallery plugin sorry.

Hi there,

Can you please advise how to insert a table as shown on your demo site (

Cheers – Matt

Hello! I bought this item yesterday. It’s really cool theme. I choose this one after searching theme 3 full days. But a little problem has been shown up. A main menu be changed to ‘seletive’(in nav class, it is named as ‘main_menu_select’). Before writing this comment the mainmenu was automatically changed normal one once(But now It’s changed too…)

What Happen?


I need a slideshow gallery…. like:!prettyPhoto

Check this link and let me know is it possible in this theme.


Hi zohaibsunesara,

I don’t really understand what you mean. If you want prettyphotos, then we already have it in our theme. If you want to turn on thumbnais for prettyphotos its not a problem.

Hey great theme!

I am trying to ‘remove the events’ from appearing in the header section and replace with html objects.

Just wanting to know how i remove it?


Hi cloud9,

It is additional widget area in header.

As natestump said, go to Appearance -> Widgets and change event countdown widget to what you need.

@cloud 9 goto the Widgets in the appearance

I don’t have a widget to select.. Look at this. What is a problem you think?

Hi babosira,

It is not a theme problem, you have incorrect wordpress or plugins installation. Can’t help you with this. Try to install clean WordPress.

Looking at purchasing this theme and was wondering if you can do just a set of simple sliders on the homepage?

Hi cruxcreative,

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you mean.

What are the slider options for the homepage? Is it just a full-width slider or can it be customized?

Theme have option to set individual slideshow for any post/page/category/tag or set it global for whole site.

You can check more details here:


hurry up Plz TT I’d like edit my footer area with other widgets.

I need to install this theme in a directory other than the root. When I activate the theme I get an error for the contact-form.php file on line 21. It won’t install. I have tried both ftp and typical wordpress install. How do I install this theme in a directory rather than the root? Help.

Hi crucials,

You need to turn off contact form plugins. It doesn’t matter whether it is root or subdirectory. This error happens because of name collision with theme and plugin functions. It will be fixed in our upcoming update.

Perfect, thanks! I need to change the navigation font size, but can’t seem to find it in the style sheets?

We suggest you add custom CSS rules to Dashboard->Theme options->Custom styles. It will save your styles customization when update theme to newest version.

To change font sizes of main menu you can add next rule:
.sf-menu > li > a {font-size:14px;} /* top level */
.sf-menu ul a {font-size:11px} /*sub menu */


Hello Congratulations on your theme. I have a doubt. On the item details list, you inform that have html files (ThemeForest Files Included). Where is it? Thank you.

Hi Mhermida,

It’s WordPress theme, not a Site Template. “ThemeForest Files Included” section just indicate which type of files we included at package. Our documentation at HTML format, so we checked “html files” option. We’ll remove “html files” from description to avoid similar misunderstand.

Kind regards.


I’m about to buy the theme for a small music label, have two questions concerning Soundcloud integration:

1. Does the official souncloud plugin runs on this theme and can I fetch a soundcloud player in the content.

2. Can I place an audio player in the slider content along with the paragraph and a button?


Hi Miha_ta,

1) I’ve tested Soundcloud shortcode plugin and it’s work well, just set at option “Player Width” to 100%, so it will be responsive.

2) Yes, you can.


Hi again,

that sounds great, already bought the theme:)


Love the theme. Quick question. How do I change the log in page? I know there are plugins, but didn’t know if you had a way to do it without installing a plugin.


Hi Parkerumcweb,

Thanks for purchase!

You can change design of login page easily without plugins. A lot of tutorials on the web how to do it, for example:

Our theme have an option to disable theme login page styling. Look at Dashboard->Theme options->General-> Disable login page styling

Kind regards.

Loving the theme and thank you for your quick responses with my other questions. I can’t quite figure out the following issues:

• I can’t seem to find out how to re-create the full width slide show header on your demo • I would like to also re-create the three boxes/shortcuts listed on your demo; • My repeating event is not duplicating correctly. For example, our ‘Worship Experience’ event should be showing 12th, 19th, and 26th and it’s randomly off (16th, 23rd,etc…)

Thanks, Scott

Hi mlgatrent,

1. Go to slideshows -> add new, and set settings as follow:

Use feature image as background of slide: yes

Background image width: fluid

  • aslo you can set image align:

Background image vertical position: top Background image horizontal position: center

  • and content align, i.e.:

Slide layout: right content Inner content align: left align

2 Three boxes on front page is a teaser shortcodes.

When you edit page/post switch to visual mode and you’ll see shortcode buttons(icons) on editor panel. Click on teaser shortcode button. Popup with options will appear.

There are two way to make teaser:

1. using post/page: “Choose a template”.

2. using direct link to image “Type your image URL here”.

3. Please, send access to your admin panel via form at our profile and I’ll take a look.

Hey great theme love it! Just a small issue when I have take away all content on my home page I have a huge white gap between the footer and boxes. I inspected it in chrome and the style shows #sticky-footer-widget or something but I can’t find that style anywhere. I just want the white space gone. Thanks again for the support!

Hi Zechnelson,

Thanks for purchase.

It’s just a sticky footer, not a bug :) You could send email to us and we’ll reply you how to change it easy.