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Hi – Thank you for your theme. I’m working with the free trial and I love the possibilities.

Two questions, for now, if you can help, please: 1) Is there an easy way to force the slideshow into a fixed-height mode? I find it a bit annoying that the preview webpage version “jumps” around when I am in the bottom of the home page content area 2) I am looking for a good implementation of a current sermons page and a sermon archive page. Do you have a good example of an implementation of this using the ChurchHope theme? For example, I’m considering the Risen and WP-Church themes, and each of those has a built-in sermon object/type that allows for easy implementation of uploading sermons.

Thank you.

Hi owl1979,

What trial free version are you using?

1. Yes, slideshow have option for fixed height. Check all settings for your slideshow. 2. What is a difference between usual posts and sermons?

For further assistance please use our help forum:

Kind regards.


I am using the free version on your website:

1) I saw the fixed height option. I will give it a try, but since the image uploader doesn’t resize to a fixed ratio, there will be a lot of manual work to get it to work correctly. If you take a look at the Risen theme on Theme Forest, for example, you will see an implementation of a slideshow banner that keeps a fixed ratio/size, and that helps with the easy of use for the end user (who I don’t expect to have much technical IT skills).

2) Since posting media will be one of the main features, I was hoping to see a good implementation of a media management system with a friendly UI implementation. Here’s an example of what I was hoping for: I can definitely build this out by hand, but I was hoping the Church Hope them accounted for sermon archives.


This theme is broken on upload. WP reports that there is no style.css. Also, don’t think that the theme looks like this when you install it. It’s plain white and black and it’s not easy to figure out how to make it look like the live preview. I realize that I can make it any color scheme that I want, but my expectation is that the live preview would be the default scheme. It’s not.

I want to love this theme but I feel like it’s not what’s advertised.

Please, read careful included documentation. It already have answers on your both issues.

1. Read “Known problems when installing the theme” at the end of Installation chapter. It will help you understand what you are doing wrong.

2. This theme have a dummy content installer with exactly copy of live preview. You can find this option at Dashboard->Theme options->Dummy content. But read documentation before, please.

Kind regards.

I read the documentation. I imported the dummy content. Please do not tell me I am installing incorrectly when the problem is that you have some non-standard way of including your stylesheet. Just put a dummy stylesheet in the same place for the love of god. this isn’t rocket science. Your installer is broken if you have to create an entire section of your documentation to overcome the existence of a single file. You are wrong here and the correction is easy.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled it twice. Your documentation needs to be much, much better. It might help to have a native speaker review your documentation.


I hope you solved your issue with theme installation.

I’ve just checked downloaded package and it have style.css as required by WordPress. If you haven’t style.css inside ‘churchope’ directory you need download whole package again. But our customers haven’t same problem at past.

We’ve created documentation with section of typical customer fails with theme install process to help you. You just need follow instructions if you have an issue.

Yes, we are not native english speakers and documentation could be improved from this point of view.

Kind regards.


I would like to thankyou on creating such an amazing theme.

I do have a little problem, I was wondering if the ChurchHope theme was compatible with wordpress 3.5.1? Because when I updated to wordpress 3.5.1, I have been having issues with the header (some form of error script appears) and the text throughout the website is mis-aligned.

Please view my website on

Thank you, Amar


You need update your theme version to latest.

Kind regards.

Hi I love the theme. I added a SSL cert to my site and now the slider wont work?? Please help?

Hi gilgfx,

I think you have a some JS errors from plugins that prevent running slider. Try to disable third party plugins.

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Kind regards.


Where is the php file which defines the contact form?

I need, when a user clicks on the submit button, to end in a landing page.

I’m investing a lot of money in PPC ads and I need to install Google Analytics in this Landing Page.

It is any way to do that?

Thank you very much.

Hi BencomoTF,

You can find contact form html markup at /lib/shortcode/contact-form.php file

For further assistance please use our help forum: Kind regards.

Hello themoholics

I noticed when using Safari 6, the slideshow .gray_line does not slide down completely below the slideshow which is 520px H. It slides 70px further when the browser is resized. I tried Slideshow fixed height but no luck.

Do you have a fix solution for this?


Hi Phillee,

Further assistance would be provided only at our support forum:

Kind regards.

Will do. Thanks

Hi, I have problem with my image gallery…

For example… I made new page called Gallery and I want that looks like “Classic gallery with pagination, full width”. When I upload images to gallery and insert shortcode, my gallery is with very small thumbnails, and when I changed size in Settings -> Media, nothing is happening.

What to do?

Best regards, Milos Dostanic.

Hi Mdostanic,

Further assistance would be provided only at our support forum:

Kind regards.


Where can I change the brown background color on the drop-down menu? For some reason, I cannot find that color option anywhere.



Also, is there a way to add additional space between each navigation tab so that they are evenly spaced out? Thanks.


Hi KevinWebb22,

Further assistance would be provided only at our support forum:

Kind regards.

I can’t find help on your support forum. Do I have to create a separate login?


Dear customers, we’ve made our support forum, to make your life easier and provide more dedicated support.

We do NOT respond in comments section anymore, only at support forum!

So if you encounter any problems or have questions once you purchased the theme feel free to drop us a notice at

Work time: 10:00 – 18:00 GMT+1 Working days only (Mon – Fri)


Presale quesions can be asked in Presale section of our forum. You don’t need to register to post in presale section!


Why use support forum?
It is organized and have search, what makes support easier and faster.

Why we don’t respond in comments section?
Our support stuff don’t have access to our themeforest account.


Themoholics Team

Hello I am wondering how to change the customization on the log on page to include our own colours, and logos as the current configuration would confuse some of our users.

Also It would be really great if you could release a mail-chimp newsletter sign up widget with the same style of form elements, as the standard mail chip plugin looks pretty nasty compared to your design. I guess I could copy and paste code etc into the mail-chimp plugins CSS style sheet?

Regards Tim O’Brien – Webmaster Charisma Christian Ministries

Hi Design4kessnz,

Further assistance would be provided only at our support forum:

Kind regards.

how to remove th_events which is at ”+ new” in admin bar? tnks

Hi Kasaro,

It’s how WordPress works by default. Maybe you can find some filter to remove custom posts items from ”+ new” option.

Kind regards.

Hi there.

Is there anyway of displaying past events or is the only of doing that setting as a repeat event?

Just wanted to see if could keep past events listed on the events page.

Thanks, B

Please tell me what I’m doing wrong…

I Sent You an Email … cant use my purchase code in your forums .. says its invalid or already in use.. nor my user name not my email works to request password.. ?

I need help.. please check your email ..


Hi, I bought the theme couple of days ago and I can’t login into the dashboard to modify my website.

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 30720 bytes) in /data/31/2/27/106/2516595/user/2756870/htdocs/Hosting/Chuncho/wordpress/wp-admin/includes/misc.php on line 468

Hi Artestudio,

You need atleast 64 mb of memory for WordPress, you have 32 as I can see. You need to ask your hosting company to increase memonry or change hosting provider. For further assistance please register at our help forum

Seems like customer services is gone ..

They Say the offer support only through the forums, but i keep getting an error using my purchase key.. sent them an email through the author page but havent got any response…


are you experiencing the same error?

Not Similar.. I can modify any of the Header Theme section .. it takes me to a 404 error page after saving.. and still no response from the author..

Hi jonheres,

Please check your spam/junk folder. We’ve sent you several emails already.

Date and Email address.. i cant find anything… still waiting ..


This happens because of your network security settings on your hosting. The fields cannot contain http:// in _Post queries while submitting them.

So delete http:// in “Call to action header ribbon URL” field and the problem will be solved.

You can also communicate with the administrators of your hosting provider regarding this issue. Thu, Feb 14


Go to “Downloads” tab in your ThemeForest account. Download “Licence Certificate” for theme Open Certificate file and copy purchase code.

Best Regards! Fri, Feb 15