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Hi, is your theme compatible with 3.6 Wordpress version? Thanks!

Hi Anoopsys,

Yes, it’s compatible with WP 3.6

We didn’t find any issue with new WP version and our customers didn’t report any problem.


Hello. First and foremost, excellent themplate. It has everything we need. Mainly the timing and entailment with google maps that allow us to events and tell people how to get to the conference venue. CONGRATULATIONS!

Now, we have a small problem. We found that several options are not translated into Spanish. Use this plugin (CodeStyling Localization) but were unable to make the changes. How can we fix it?

Thank you. And congratulations again.


Hi Pabloegrande,

Thank you for purchase!

You need to post your questions on our help forum:

Our staff will try to help you.

Kind regards.

Hi. If, after I realized I had support website and you did it again my question in this way. Thank you again!

Is it safe to upgrade to WP 3.6?

Hi osheyi,

Yes, it’s safe to upgrade to WP 3.6

We didn’t find any issue with new WP version and our customers didn’t report any problem.


Thank you.


Dear customers,
If you encounter any problems or have questions once you purchased the theme feel free to drop us a notice at

Work time: 10:00 – 18:00 GMT+1 Working days only (Mon – Fri)


Presale quesions can be asked in Presale section of our forum. You don’t need to register to post in presale section!

Regards, Themoholics Team

Hi. What is the easiest way to give someone access to add an event? I don’t need them editing any pages, posts, etc. I just need to give someone access to add an event.

Hi Skh12,

You need install some user management plugin with similar options.


hi guys, quick question….

This theme is perfect. However, in the custom widget area is it possible to just upload ‘image ads’ ? Basically, I would like to have banner ads in the side bars.

thanks in advance!

Hi mhonda,

Yes, it’s possible with default HTML widget.

Kind regards.

Hello my slideshow is not functional/ showing anymore and I can’t figured out how to fix it.

need help.

Hi Neguan,

You need to post your question on our help forum:

Kind regards.

Hi :)

When i activate the theme, the system returns this: “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_plugin_data() (previously declared in /home/storage/c/ce/ef/reibrasil/public_html/wp-admin/includes/plugin.php:72) in /home/storage/c/ce/ef/reibrasil/public_html/wp-admin/includes/plugin.php on line 106”

Please, how can i do to fix this.


Hi Vborges,

Could you test theme activation on clean WordPress installation. We haven’t same issue.


Hi, great theme, I need to change the header Title in the Single Blog Posting. right now is title NEWS, where in the coding can I make this quick change?

Hi NKstudio,

It’s title of page that you assigned as blog posts listing.


Can somebody sign up for specific event ?

Hi Mickey0,

No, it’s not possible from the box.

Kind regards.

Is there an easy way to add a Download feature to the audio?

Hi jshmrcs,

It can be done as paid customization.

Kind regards.

Hi! Very good theme. I’m going to buy it, but just a little question: is there the possibility to have a page with the upcoming events listing, in which every event has a date, an image, a summary text, etc? And is it possibile to choose the number of events shown in the list? I can’t find an exemple in the preview! Is there anywhere? Thank you!

Hi Shining80,

Unfortunately, events listing haven’t all options that you are looking.

Kind regards.


It might seems like a silly question but how to update the theme? Where should I look for updates?


Hi Calanau,

You can download latest version of theme from your themeforest dashboard download tab.


Hi There,

A new client asked me to manage is website and add some updates. I see he is using Churchope Version 1.4, can you tell me the best way to add a captcha to the default contact form?

The original designer bought the theme and we don’t have the ability to update to latest version.

Many thanks in advance

Hi, Can anyone offer any advice on how to add captacha to the default form?

Hi Webniche,

You need upgrade your theme version. It’s not possible to say you at few words how to implement captcha at our theme.

Kind regards.

Thanks for the reply, appreciate it. Is there a post on this I can get instructions from? Maybe someone else asked for a captcha on the same version. If not is there a way we can get upgraded without having to pay again? My client already paid a dev to buy the theme but that dev is now unreachable…and client cannot understand having to pay again… thanks in advance

The theme calendar is all messed up in firefox and IE but looks great in chrome? . See my demo site.

Any suggestions… Also not so simple to get into the support forum.

Hi Syion,

Calendar looks good at Firefox and. I hope you solved your issue.


Is there any way to make Sunday the last day of the week in your theme?

Hi Charles2359,

Yes, it’s default WordPress option. You can check it at Dashboard->Settings->Reading

Kind regards.

Hi, There is a error when i save the theme options: Warning: fopen(/home/radicais/public_html/site/wp-content/themes/churchope/css/skin.css) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Success in /home/radicais/public_html/site/wp-content/themes/churchope/classes/Custom/CSS/Style.php on line 321 what do i do? Tks

Hi EvaristoMSNeto,

It’s not an error, just a warning from your webserver. You need to check file permissions for theme directory. Maybe your webserver user haven’t write access.


hey, one more question. I need to auto-adjust my header background, and i dont know where to do it! When i use the inspect element, it points to header-> style.php!

my websit

never mind, i did it!

I see that the calendar is in my native language now. Only the name of the month (for instance: oct) in the widget upcoming events is still in english. Any chance I can modify this?

Is there an option for fund raising events, or can I add a plugin to do that?

It’s the one thing that the customer wants badly, I didn’t see it in the list of features…

Thank You