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Hello What is your best recommendation to update theme from v 1.3 to 2.1

hello, the ftp method with overwrite option worked well for me…Regards

What should i do if I want to delete date info in event pages? <div class="postdate"> </div>

Hello Cashthelan,

Please, post your request on our help forum and our staff will be able to assist:

Kibd Regards

I’ve set up my site using a child theme based on churchope. I have wordpress config defined to pt_BR and I’ve created new pt_BR.po and files based on churchope’s default en_US.po file. But no matter where I upload these files I just can’t seem to get the site to pick up the translation. What could I be doing wrong? thanks!


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thanks, sent new reply.

Hey there!

I wish to know how can I change the text on the top part in here: coz it says NEWS but on my installation (a solution for me would be to hide, but I wish I didn’t have to…) I can’t really change its name and it’s driving me crazy. XD

Here: Where it says “CUSTOM POSTS NUMBER PER PAGE” it should say “TUTORIALES” cause is the name of the category but it wont’ change…

What shuold I do?

Thanks for your answers. :)

PS: Love your theme! :D

Hi Creatura_Creativa,

1. You need search for page ‘CUSTOM POSTS NUMBER PER PAGE’ at your dashboard and change title of this page OR you can change blog listing page at Dashboard->Settings->Reading

2. For single post title is a name of page that assigned as page for blog listing. Category title is show only on category listing.


Is there a way to change the ‘From’? As it stands the email comes to my Inbox as being from Wordpress. Is there a way to change this?

Hi XNiloRecords,

It’s depends on your webserver settings. By default function using user input from email field of form, but some web servers mail app overwriting it with default email.

Kind regards.


the mobile navigation menu on my client’s site is hiding beneath the featured content thumbnails. is there a fix for this?

see screencap:

Hello selfagency,

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KInd Regards

I’m trying to make the time on each slide on the home page set to 2 minutes, but the theme is not reacting when I change the values in the settings.

1) How can I change the time spent on each frame?

2) It also doesn’t react when I select to put next buttons or other changes to the theme…

3) Also youtube videos do not autoplay in the slide if viewing on an ipad.

4) Also how do you insert and autoplay an self hosted video? I see the examples for vimeo and youtube but not for self hosted. Remember I need the self hosted video to autoplay.

Hello Themoholics, I can’t insert any teasers in the homepage no more. I had the same problem one mounth ago… When I am on “articles”, I need to insert 4 images on the homepage and anything happens. Thank you in advance PB

Hello Primebande,

You need to update the theme to the latest vesrion.

For further assistance please, use our help forum:


is there a button where people can click on to download sermons. If you don’t, how can you help us with one.

Thank you

Hello lakyei,

Button shortcodes with download ability persists in our theme.



i would like to have a black-transparent box around the text in the slideshow. How can i do this? With costum css? Can you please give me an examplecode? Regards

Hello Flitschi,

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Kind Regards

Hi themoholics,

I’ve read that there’s a critical vulnerability with Slider Revolution:, could you, please, update the plugin?

Hi marisoplete,

Please check this post:

And our updates log:

Version 2.0 – July 11, 2014 Revolutions slider updated to 4.5.9

Ok, thank you!

We have a serious problem with the event, we are in september 2014 and if I set up a new event for january 2015 , he doesnt consider the year 2015, and my 2015 event take place before september 2014 instead after. Suggestion ?

Hello maisongibert,

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We just installed the theme, but the widget area is disabled, we cant click on anything.. how can i enable it?


Hi Chandell,

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Kind Regards

Hi, I just updated the theme and something has went very wrong. The background color(White) just stops mid way down the pages and then it goes to the background color of the page(Black) making it so the text can’t be seen. I’m not sure what happened or how to fix it. It works fine on Boxed by I’m not wanting to use the boxed version. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello BBP20,

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I just got an email ” vulnerability in a WordPress plugin ChurcHope – Responsive WordPress Theme… ” is this true? or a spam?

Hello maverickadv,

Please check this post:

And our updates log:

Version 2.0 – July 11, 2014 Revolutions slider updated to 4.5.9

Kind Regards

IS there an update for the Revolution Slider plugin vulnerability? I do not see it in the latest theme version… I installed it and it is still showing that I have Rev slider 4.0

Hi RJWilliams,

It’s a theme version, not a Revolution Slider version. Theme version 4.0 using Revolution Slider 4.6


Just got the security vulnerability e-mail from y’all. I have version 4.0 of the theme. Am I still at risk?

I checked the link you provided to others (the blog post) but couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

I tried looking at my plugins, but the only ones listed were Akismet and others that I’d installed independent of the theme.


Hello tomolly,

4.0 is your WordPress version not a theme. The latest theme is 2.1 at the moment and it has patched slider Revolution v4.5.9

This topic has been already discussed on our help forum:

Best Regards

Unfortunately, I do not have access to the forum. I tried my username and password to this site without success.

I tried following the directions sent in y’all’s e-mail but could not find the Slider Revolution and/or Showbiz Pro plugins in the list. Please advise.


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On Mobile: All I get is a White Box when viewing a page with Revolution Slider.

I have tried several dimensions, fixed, custom, responsive, mobile on, mobile off, mobile sizes… on and on and on. Nothing shows the pictures.

Again, all i get is a white box!

Hello XNiloRecords,

Our staff has replied you via our forum. Please, check the response:

Kind Regards

Quick question, I have created a great looking site using your theme and about to post the site live for a client.

I’m finding that when the page is resized the sidebar widgets (on the right side) get cut off by about 75 pixels.

Can you let me know if this is a setting or if I set something up incorrectly?

I actually figured this out and the problem has been resolved.


just wanted to know if you will add some parallax features on next release?

Hello madylove8,

We don’t plan to add this kind of feature at the moment.